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@pineapplez17:  Thanks for the bit on combo gifts.  I guess one thing that I hadn’t thought of comes from your example…

If someone regularly gives $ 25 for Xmas and $ 25 for Birthday, but they give you only a $ 25 Combo present that sucks.

BUT if they were to give you a $ 50 present and call it a combo (or that gorgeous Coach person that another Bee mentioned) HOW would anyone know that it was actually a decent gift to be given ??

Using your logic

Lol, as I said there always someone worse off than yourself.

I’d be quite happy with the $ 25, $ 50 or Coach Purse being a post-Christmas baby who all too often got / gets the “Sorry, I’m broke” line.

I’ve gotten to the point where I get truly excited about a card…

Still tho it would be nice sometime to get a decent Bday Present.

Ha… I think I know what I want when I finally turn 60 (in a few years) I want a damn party… I haven’t had a Birthday Party since I was a little kid.

That’s it as I get older, and as everyone knows Old People can say a lot more stuff and get away with it (Etiquette be damned, said the well versed “Etiquette Snob”… lol)

I want a frickin’ party.  Hopefully where people will actually show up with a present & cake (lack of cake post-Christmas also sucks… “we made cupcakes… cause we are on a diet”)

Yup I can see it now…

Birthday Party for my 60th

And my 65th (turns a Senior Citizen)

And 70th… lol because it ends in Zero

And 75th… cause it sounds good

And 80th… cause THAT IS a major milestone

And 85th… cause I’m still here to terrorize the neighbourhood (lol and WBee ??)

Yup Etiquette & Protocol be damned I am going to make up for lost time.

Sealed *Shut the front door face*


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I feel this way whenever husbands try to gift their wives things for the house for their holidays. My best friend’s husband texted me a few weeks ago asking what kind of present he should get his wife for her birthday…so I’m like rattling off a bunch of things I know she’d like and he’s like “great ideas Kay! Thanks so much.” Cool. So a few days later I text him and I’m like…”what did you decide?” He says “oh I forgot she’s been wanting a new sofa for the den so we’re going to pick one out this weekend”

*blank stare*

um…you mean a sofa that you’re gonna park your ass on in the den that you spend all your time in playing video games? awesome. I love sharing my gifts too?

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@Overjoyed:  I have unwittingly done this, to my mom, no less. I was beyond broke this year, so I decided to go to Ross and get her something nice for less than $10, as that was all I had left on a gift card. I thought I scored a great deal on a really pretty dress for $5. When I gave it to her, I realized it was on clearance because the zipper was busted. I swear I inspected the dress in the store, but the lighting must have been bad, because I didn’t see the broken zipper.

So now the dress is just sitting in her closet. I’m hoping it doesn’t take me until her next birthday to buy a new zipper and get it sewn in for her 🙁

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My SO’s dad’s wife seriously wins at bad gifts. One year she got me a doll scarf. Not joke. I actually have never owned a doll, let alone at my age now. Another year she got me a book on christian spirituality… I’m Jewish.

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Gift? No.

Tip when I was working as a server? Sadly yes. I’m sorry sir, but I do not consider your phone number a tip. For the record I wasn’t interested in you before you stiffed me, but now I’m going to sign you up for spam texts. 

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@Overjoyed:  Aww ((hugs)). That’s a serious sucks about your mom. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you that she’ll be behaved for your wedding!

As for bad gifts…ExMIL is the queen of awkward, random, unwanted crap. She used to gift me around 4-5 items for each gift holiday. It sounds great except that they were normally crap from the dollar store. Again, I wouldn’t mind that either since I love me some good dollar store finds, but it felt like she went out of her way to find the stuff I wouldn’t use like ever and, most confusingly, stuff she could mock me for using. For example, she got me this towel/headband thing that kept your hair out of your face while you cleaned it I guess. It was harmless at first, but I knew I’d never really use it. The second I pulled it out of the gift bag, she tells me how silly and unnecessary all of the face chemicals are, that she just washes her face in the shower and that’s it. Um, k thanks then? I still have that thing and use it to clean the toilet.

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My cousin gave me a set of paper dolls for my 16th birthday. I mean, I hadn’t seen her in about five years, so she probably still thought of me as a little kid, but… I did age five years during those five years, ya know.

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my aunt buys us the ugliest cheap jewelry sets (think aqua blue fakey crystals earrings and necklace sets on silver link chains) when she’s rich and has plenty of good taste jewelry on herself. classy right! my mom told her point blank please stop buying it. LOL

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@AlwaysSunny:  omg spam texts is genius LOL! i also bartend mwa aa aahh

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