(Closed) Considering breast implants, anyone who had it before having kids question?

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@cwineing:  well, I’m going to be the one who comments on what seems to be the obvious. That’s a lot of surgeries you want, and 34B isn’t exactly small. I’m sure some ladies will chime in and answer your surgery questions, but make sure you really want to do this, and that it will actually make you happy. Or will you just be thinking about the next one on your journey to perfection?

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I personally have never had this kind of procedure, but I know 2 people who have.  The first person I know, went too large IMO.  She was a small A cup that went to a D cup.  The other friend has amazingly natural looking breasts, however, she spent $10-$15k on a very good surgeon in LA.  She went from a small B cup, to a large C.  In fact, I knew her for about 2 years before I found out she had work done (she told me).  The only thing I remember her saying about it is, don’t look at your chest for the first few weeks after the surgery.  She did and ended up fainting.

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 @cwineing: I think $4k is low for a BA. Keep in mind, you’ll get what you pay for. I’m not even going to touch on the number of surgeries you want bc I think that’s best left to a professional.

i have had my breasts done so to answer your questions…

depending on which method you choose to get implants will determine if you can breastfeed.

for instance, going under the muscle – you can breastfeed as the procedure doesn’t actually disrupt your mammary glands (Besides moving them around a little).

my procedure was great, no complications. Definitely don’t regret it. Had them done when I was 18/19. My SI didnt mind it at all neither does my Fiance. 


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Honestly, after you have kids they will get bigger.  I think you should wait until after you have children to make a decision like that.  I also know a lot of guys don’t like them.  

ETA:  I had jaw surgery in high school as well as a chin implant at that time, done for medical reasons.  It was horrible.  I was wired shut for 8 weeks, and due to complications they had to go back and break both jaws again.  The hospital bills were over 70K, so I don’t recommend it.  The pain was also unbearable, and your teeth are soft/can move around for many many months after. 

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From what I understand, if you plan on having children in the near future it is best to just wait until after. If its going to be awhile before you consider having children then its okay to go ahead. There are really no proven risks to your future children. It also should not affect your ability to breastfeed. The only concern is that sometimes, but not always, the changes you go through during pregnancy can impact your surgery results.

ETA: Was a 32 B before I was pregnant, I am now a 32 C. Sooooo yeah.

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You have lots of questions and should direct them to a qualified plastic surgeon. 

They can feel different than natural breast tissue – that may or may not be an issue for you. 

The capsule can harden and scar causing a variety of problems. 

Ask the surgeon how it will affect breastfeeding and/or cause difficulty with mammography for early detection of cancer as you get older. 

You may want to think about when the money will be best spent.  AFter several pregnancies things may get a bit saggy.  You may get more bang for your buck if you wait until after you’re done childbearing so that any procedure will provide a lift to help counteract the sagging. 

I work in the OR, and I think the surgeons tend to go too big.  I think if they would stop a size smaller they would look better and more natural.  Surgeons, however,  tend to say that women come in wanting BIGGER to the point of looking overdone.  If you decide to proceed make sure you have a good understanding with your surgeon about what end point you desire.    

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As a 34 C+/D, I would recommend against it.  I don’t know your body type, but I’m tall (5’11) and narrow and I think mine are a little large as far as looks go- I have to be careful what clothing I wear to avoid the boobs taking over my body look.  Vee necks are often out, it’s hard to find cute swimsuits that are also family-appropriate, sports bras are a pain (always too tight or not supportive enough), a lot of sundresses look scandalous or if they have the shelf, don’t cover my bra.  Etc.

Also, it’s a pain in the ass to find bras in 34d (all the really cute ones usually go up to 34c and then jump to 36) at least here in California (don’t know where you are) because the average American size is getting so big.  

Obviously no one here is going to change your mind, but I think your money would be better spent going to therapy to come to terms and love what your body currently is, rather than trying to change it.  Just because you’ve wanted this for years doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do for your overall and mental health. 

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before you have more than one procedure in your face, please remember heidi montag!

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@bebero:  +1

@kgirl91:  +1 …I’m 5’7″ 120 lbs and a 32Dirty Delete and it sucks to find proper bras and clothes. Not that you’ll really need a bra once you get a BA but think about wearing cute little sundresses, do you want to have to those altered to fit?

I’m not saying not to do it, just research like crazy before you do.

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My future SIL had implants many years ago and is currently breastfeeding her baby.  It hasn’t caused any problems for her that I know of, and she breastfeeds exclusively, no bottle.

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My friend had them done (she’s a D now). I dont know about the mechanics of it, but I do know that 1) she subconciously thought getting bigger boobs would make life better/easier, make her happier, etc. It did none of these things. I also think she thought it would help her catch/keep a guy. Again, hasnt done that. In fact she has a huge problem of attracting the wrong kind of guy who is only interested in her boobs. Has trouble being taken seriously at work.

She says she’s happy with them, but from an outsider, it hasn’t made her any happier. Now her self hatred it focused on other parts of her body. Luckily, she doesn’t have enough $ to do anything else, but she is always complaining about her body.

I think she would have been happier in the long run if she had used the money to go to therapy.

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@cwineing:  ill tell you what I know about plastic surgery, because Ive researched it for myself, plus have several friends who have done it most post baby…


#1, never ever skimp on a plastic surgery job. You get what you pay for. Sure, you could save yourself $3-8K…but in the long run, you could end up with skin that doesn’t look right, bad scaring, bad placement, etc, so do your research, visit lots of doctors, ask around thru people you know because about 30% of women now a days have had something done.


#2, if you ever plan to breastfeed….might wanna think twice, it could affect it when you have kids.

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@KoiKove:  yes also everything you said LOL


I’ve considered it AFTER having had 8 biological kids…i’m very fit, 5’9 and a size 6, ive lost over 80 lbs…my boobs don’t look awful, but  id love more volume, but its for ME, not for anyone else (FI is actually against the boob job, but he is ok with tummy tuck, i’m having one done this winter)

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I am a 32-A.  Tiny.  And I would like to discourage you from this surgery.  There is no reason at all that is good enough to alter your body and choose to have it cut open and operated on.  Whatever the case-  whether it’s your preferences, your self-esteem, your false hopes about your future body…  it can all be fixed without surgery.  I have a very small chest, and I have learned to love my body, so does my dear boyfriend of 4 yrs.  

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