(Closed) Considering going organic… Anyone have experience?

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@Stormchild:  Darling Husband and I have been eating (*MOSTLY*) organic for the past two years.  I have absolutely noticed a huge difference.  Stuff I wouldn’t expect.  Darling Husband used to get horrendous heartburn after drinking orange juice or eating pineapple.  Like, he wouldn’t be able to sleep lying down.  A few months after we switched to organic he had a glass of orange juice and had NO problem!  Same with pineapple!  Conventional food does not taste good to me anymore.  Good luck!!!

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I’ve been as organic as possible for years now.  It’s really become a standard way of life for me.  Local farmers markets are a great place to start.  We just came back from a vacation to the UK and were really impressed by how many markets there are and the range of food available locally!  Eating organically has helped me with some of my food allergies.  I used to have bad reactions to honey (my throat would swell up), but I can have organic honey without a problem.  My sister’s mouth used to burn when she would have bananas and she thought she was just allergic to bananas, but she doesn’t have a problem with organic bananas.  It can be quite a lifestyle shift, but once you get on it, you really notice the difference.  My best advice would be to make sure you stay away from what they call the “dirty dozen”: the 12 foods with the highest pesticide use.  You can read more about them here:  http://www.thedailygreen.com/healthy-eating/eat-safe/dirty-dozen-foods#slide-1

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Just be prepared for the cost difference. Now that I’ve lost my job it’s been painful. But we are TTC, so it’s important to eat clean.

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Have you tried giving up dairy? A lot of times skin issues are associated with it. I have horrible eczema and have found it to clear up on its own when I avoid dairy products. When I first started researching what could be causing my skin issues everything I read pointed to dairy being the culprit.

I try to buy organic when I can, but its just too expensive for us to completely jump in.

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^ Yes cuttng back on dairy has helped my skin immensely, and adding a zinc/copper supplement has only made things even better! I still eat cheese and yogurt but not much milk for me except the odd cream in my coffee when I’m feeling indulgent.  

I get hormonal acne mostly on my chin, no surprise dairy is full of various hormones, and scaling back has really, really helped! 

There are some places where organic is easier to find, with decent prices – but for me it is simply an unattainable expense, so just be prepared for that. I do what I can with what I have so I support local producers and try to eat more veggies first, but organic takes a back seat. 

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We’re lucky in that our favorite grocery chain has their own organic brand–it’s really not that much more expensive than the stuff we used to buy, and it’s on sale frequently. Their dairy products are hormone-free which is great, since we can’t afford to pay $6+ per gallon of milk. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

I would look closely at your countries certification for what is considered organic and to look closely at where the product comes from especially products in packaging (jars, packets, tins). Organic is kind of like free range. It is often not exactly what you think it is.

Simple things like the table water used by a farm that is organic can be the big difference between whether it is truly organic or certified organic. There are millions of other factors as well such as the neighbouring farms or industries.

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Mr TTR & I live in Canada.  We eat “some” organic veggies… with our long cold winters, a good deal of produce in Canada has to be imported from the US or South America… which makes even just regular veggies expensive from October thru to June (May thru September is our prime months for local produce).  Organics are typically 2 to 3 time the price.  So that definitely effects our bottom line

Which means that we usually make some compromises…

After seeing a Tv show on organics I came to learn some organics are better for you than others (if money is limited, then this is where you should start)

The most important ones to change over are those items that are high in water content… or don’t have a hard skin that would protect them (can be washed / scrubbed) or you’d have to peel etc.

So… Organic Lettuces & Greens would be an obvious and FAR BETTER choice from Regular Lettuces & Greens.  (Other good veggies to switch out for Organics… Celery, Green Onions, Tomatoes, Peppers, Mushrooms etc).  Veggies that wouldn’t matter so much… Turnips, Potatoes, Carrots etc.

Same with Fruits… so where organic would make a differences would be things like berries, cherries, rhubarb etc.  Not so much for apples, oranges, pears, bananas etc.

As well some items altho not maybe identified as organic could very well be (or very close to it).  For example, if you know of a Hydrophonic Grower in your area… a lot of those Growers don’t use a ton of chemicals… so their produce is a lot more organic than not.  And some Greenhouse Growers are also similar.

Consequently… our shopping has changed.  Mr TTR and I have therefore make it a practice to stock out grocery cart with as many organics as we can realistically afford (or in truth how best we can justify / swallow the mark-up at our local grocery store… be it Summer* or Winter)

Lettuces & Greens isn’t a huge price difference (guessing that a lot of the ones marked organic are actually being grown hydrophonically or in a Greenhouse somewhere). 

Tomatoes we have a Hydrophonic Grower in Eastern Ontario, and there is a HUGE Indoor Mushroom Grower as well.  So I buy local for those products year-round.

*And in the Summer we buy more of our Produce at the local Farmers’ Market than in the Grocery Store… so even if the produce isn’t all organic… we do realize that it hasn’t been pumped full of chemicals etc, so it is able to make a week long trek from somewhere on the back of a truck (like much of our produce does here during our Winter months).  Much of the product available in Eastern Ontario & West Quebec is coming from farms where the items are picked and sold within a short short period of time (same day, next day, or a day or two)

But some fruits & veggies from the FAR BETTER FOR YOU list we really have to weigh the differences seasonally.  For example, I may be willing to pay twice the price for Green Onions at over $ 1 a bunch… but I’m not crazed about spending $ 5 for a Pepper in the dead of winter for an organic one… when I’m already having to pay $ 3 for a Non-Organic Pepper… when in the summertime in Canada, I can buy the same Pepper (Organic or not) for somewhere in the 25 to 50 cents range !!  (In the middle of winter, a lot of Peppers imported into Canada seem to be coming out of Mexico or South America)

Hope this helps,


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Buzzing bee
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@Stormchild:   i would recommend looking into eating non gmo food too, but going organic is a good start :).

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@Stormchild:  I found this on Pinterest, might be of some help to you:

You might want to check out the blog listed on the bottom of the graphic for more info.

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@vorpalette:  do you mind sharing the store? I live in Mn and am wondering if there may be one near me? I would like to buy more organic but having a store brand that’s cheaper would be a huge help!


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@Stormchild:  I hope it helps you! Just in case you don’t know, you might see “hormone free” milk / dairy products. All this means is that there are no added hormones, there is no way to remove naturally occuring hormones from milk, of which there are plenty! 

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