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I would get it checked out.  Could be really bad sinus headaches or migraines.  I have the same problem myself and got a bunch of nerve blocks in the back of my head and get them a lot less often now.

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Unfortunatly some people just have chronic migraines or other headaches that never have a diagnosed “cause”.  There are definitly more options for treatment then taking excedrin, so I would recommend going to see the doctor and start discussing it.  My sister has prescription pills for her migraines, one that if taken at the onset lessens the length and severity and another that is a more general pain killer if she doesn’t catch it early enough. I’ve also known people who have had success with chiropractic care to relieve migraines.  The most extreme case I know of was a woman who came into the bar where I worked. She had chronic migraines that they thought were triggered by sinus pressure/pain. (not sinus headaches- the sinus pain triggered a full blown migraine)  She actually had reconstructive surgery (kinda like getting a nose job) to change the shape of her sinus cavity and stop it from triggering migraines.  Even though you probably don’t have anything major wrong, you definitely could feel a lot better if you pursue this with a doctor. 

If it makes you feel any better, I get migraines too, and now that I’m pregnant, I can’t take anything for it. Cry  Well technically I can take tylenol, but since it has no effect whatsoever, I just skip it.  I’m counting down the days until I can take excedrin again, instead of having to just “suck it up”.

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Okay, so, migraines have no known cause, so if you got checked out and there was nothing wrong with you that’s because you have migraines and there are no signs they can check for. Diagnosis is based solely on patient reporting.

I know a huge migraine trigger for me is aspartame, so if you drink diet sodas, check sugarfree gum, etc., stop for a while and see if that helps.

Some people get migraines because they are diabetic or borderline diabetic. Have you had complete blood work anytime recently?

If your headaches are this bad, you need to try the perscription meds. Imitrex works great for me, but there are other options and you have to do by trial and error. There is nothing on the market right now proven effective to prevent migraines, but medicine can help you reduce the severity.

Most importantly though, you need to work with your health care provider to figure out what triggers migraines for you. This is key because each migraine you suffer increases the risk of stroke later on in life, so treating them once they occur is not enough.

Common tiggers include caffeine withdrawl, chocolate, artificial sweeteners, aged cheeses, dried frutis and nuts, soy, strawberries, citrus, alchohol, and nitrates (like in hotdogs and deli meat).

Anecdotally, some people say magnesium suplements help. I am also convinced that exercise has helped me control my migraines.

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It sounds like classic migraine symptoms to me (I’ve had them since I was 12.)  I have all kinds of triggers, like peeling citrus fruit, particularly oranges, most North American chocolate, bananas sometimes, stress for sure….and hormones.

For a period of about 2-3 years I had a full-blown migraine complete with huge vomiting as a pain response and elevated blood pressure (again pain response) every time I ovulated and every time just before my period. It was miserable.

Do you notice if you eat anything or smell anything before? Aspartame is a common trigger too, and some people can’t stand the smell of certain things, like honey or mint for instance.

What you need is good sleep, balanced diet, and lots of water.   Try keeping a log to see if you have triggers.  If you were experiencing pain in exactly the same place all the time, I would go get a CT scan done. If you can’t get them under control go and see a neurologist – they do have some meds that minimize the frequency and severity of them.

Good luck and feel better soon!

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Tension headaches are very common with tooth grinders; I would bet money this is part of it.  Because your headaches are chronic, I’m inclined to think tension headaches, too.  Do you own a mouth guard?  That can help tremendously.  Figure out how to deal with the tooth grinding, also make sure you stretch often, and don’t spend too much time hunched over a desk or computer.  


Magnesium deficiencies are another common cause of headaches.  Magnesium deficiencies are quite common among Americans, since we don’t often get enough greens and whole grains.  Eating clean might help improve your condition.

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Oh, and skip the exedrin. The best OTC medicine for migraines is naproxin sodium (Aleve), but you do have to take it with food, which can be difficult during a migraine.

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@mrsSonthebeach:  The research I have read says that only migraines with aura increase the risk of stroke, but they don’t know whether that is due to the migraines themselves, or to other risk factors like high blood pressure or smoking.

@futuremrsk18:  If you haven’t been working with a health care provider to lessen the frequency/severity of your migraines, it’s time to start. There is no reason to suffer like this without trying some options for prevention and/or treatment.

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Does the medicine you take help? Nothing over the counter helps mine; I take Maxalt. It is magic and makes anything disappear in under an hour!

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sounds like migraines, but you should always get checked out if you have any concerns.  you likely don’t need any cat scan or mri as long as you have a normal exam.  see your primary medical provider and they can either order tests, give you medication, or refer you to a specialist/neurologist if they think it is necessary.

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My mom gets them for no apparent reason. Has for years. She has a prescription that helps (Immotrex, I belive). 

Go to the doctor about it! It could definitely be nothing, but you need to know that. 

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Another thing I thought of is if you take Excedrin regularly, like several times a week, the headaches may be partially due to caffeine withdrawal until you take it.

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I recommend trying an upper cervical chiropractor. It’s much different than “regular” chiropractic and much more effective. 

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