(Closed) Constantly anxious about whether or not the pill is working..

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MAybe consider buying plan b, as a back up for the times that you dont use a condome to give you something extra..

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@abcdefghijj:  Honestly, I totally understand your concern.  The pills that make you skip your period may not be the right option for you.  I know it wouldn’t be for me.  I like to know things are working the way they’re supposed to and getting my period every month when I’m supposed to is part of that. 

If you don’t consider switching pills, you may waste a lot of money on those expensive pregnancy tests!!

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I can totally relate. We always used 2 forms of protection (condoms & pill) but the few times we didn’t, I would constantly worry about if that tiny little pill was really doing its job. I just had to keep reminding myself that the pill had done its job since I was 17, and I had to trust it!  Now that we are married I don’t freak out as much because an accident wouldn’t be the end of the world. My best advice would be to always use a condom, for your own piece of mind. 


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@abcdefghijj:  oh I spot on the pill very rarely. It’s no big deal, though first time it happened I freaked out lol 

If you don’t feel secure being on the pill, perhaps you might want to consider another form of BC?

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From what I’ve heard from others who have tried the extended-cycle pills, spotting is totally normal but a kinda annoying side effect of these pills. You are almost certainly fine but like other posters have said, your anxiety is totally understandable and shows why these pills may not be the best choice for worry worts–myself included! I think other posters are also right in that you may want to double up bc and use condoms too or possibly look into a less anxiety-inducing form of bc. I would talk to your doctor about your concerns and see if he/she can a) calm your nerves/explain what’s normal or b) recommend another form of bc for you. I switched to an IUD several months ago and while it’s not for everyone and no bc is 100% reliable, I feel like it has taken a huge weight off my shoulders in terms of worrying about unplanned pregnancy. Good luck OP!

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Try not to worry .. I was on the pill (all different types!) for 15+ years and no babies. I know it can happen, but it is very rare. If you are very concerned I would do what some pp’s suggested and use condoms or even a spermicide as a 2nd form of protection.

I would also suggest a regular 21 day pill, where you know you’re period will come on schedule every month, preventing the worrying for months on end. 🙂

All the best! 🙂

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I’m on an extended cycle pill, and spotting is completely normal when you start it. I have random spotting for almost the first year I was on it! It just takes longer for you body to get used to an extended cycle. If it makes you nervous though, a 21 day cycle pill will give you the reassurance of regular periods.

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I’m only on the pill, and we don’t use another bc method, and I haven’t gotten pregnant in the 5+ years I’ve been on it. I’m sure you won’t get pregnant since usually pills OR condoms is enough.

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@abcdefghijj:  First off, spotting is completely normal with a pill like the one you’re on.  I had to go off of LoSeasonique (which was a 3 month pill) because I kept spotting on it.  It was ridiculous, like having my period every day.  Heh.

Second, why don’t you look up the effectiveness studies of the BC you’re on?  That might make you feel better.  It may also help you to read the exact mechanisms your BC uses to prevent pregnancy.

Finally, if you’re still worried, just use a condom in addition to the OCP.  If your partner protests, tell him that it makes you more relaxed.  If you get pregnant while on OCP and using a condom, IMO you are meant to have that baby.  Haha.

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I think switching to a 21 day pill would relieve a lot of anxiety.

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For starters, when you bleed on the pill, it’s not a real period. You can’t have a real period on the pill. Therefore, any bleeding on the pill does not mean, like a real period, that you aren’t pregnant. Incredibly unlikely, but it’s not a for sure thing. 

I’m like you and am always worried about if my pill works. I’m on extended therapy too, which, according to my doc, is like .000000000000001% more effective. Here’s what I do: I make sure I always take my pill at the same time, make sure my medications don’t interfere with the pill (very few meds-even most antibiotics do, but it’s always nice to make sure) and I always, always, always, make sure my pills don’t get too hot or too cold (so I don’t leave them in my car or anything. I also use a back up method (pull out method) to ease my fears. Between those two methods, the chance of pregnancy is practically nothing. However, I used the pill as my only method for years and was fine.

And, unless you have a slip up with the pill, do not take Plan B! It’s basically an extremely large dose of birth control and it will mess you up and is not good for you. Now, if you have a slip up with the pill, like you miss a few and have unprotected sex, Plan B is a good idea, but don’t take it unless you have to.

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I actually worried like that too, but I refuse to have monthly periods, so I switched to the birth control shot (DEPO). The shot and the pill have “the same” success rate, but only when the pill is taken at the exact same minute every single day without any slight deviation from the schedule. I only have to remember about the shot during a particular week every 3 months, and it performs as effectively as possible for hormonal birth control. My favorite thing about it though is that they recommend you stop using it a year before trying to conceive because even after the 3-month active time frame, it still makes a pregnancy so much less likely. Just something to consider if you don’t want kids any time in the next couple years :). I love knowing that I get higher effectiveness and temporarily reduced fertility. 

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