Constantly freezing at work

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Sugar bee

Long silk underwear

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Busy bee
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Ugh. I completely sympathize. I froze for years and it was dreadful. I wore a lot of heat tech long underwear underneath more formal clothes. Colored or textured tights can work pretty well over long underwear if you’re smaller. I prefered hiking socks or fuzzy socks and definitely layered socks and just wore nice boots. Cashmere is really good for making hands/feet feel warm.

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Bumble bee
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I also get cold all the time.

– Hot water bottle is a life saver (mine even has a cute little cashmre ‘sweater’ so it doesn’t look like an ugly rubber thing)

– My office allows me the blanket-scarf look, so I usually leave that hanging on my chair. It has armhole cut outs so I can still type and work productively while staying wrapped up (using it as I type this…)

Last, if they continue to push back, I’d get a doctor’s note if possible. I have Raynaud’s so if my core gets cold – even if it’s 60+ degrees – my circulation cuts off to my extremities. I genuinely HAVE to stay warm which is tough as I am also very slight, have bad circulation, and therefore am always freezing.

I never had to go to the extent of a doctor’s note, but if my employer didn’t let me drape a blanket over my lap, use my blanket-scarf, or use a hot water bottle I would absolutely pull that card in saying “tough luck guys – this is medically necessary”.

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Busy bee

I ask temperature related questions during an Interview! Lol. I am always hot and would never work in a warm environment. Ever. 

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Honey bee

pusheenpizza :  And no blankets?! Thats bs then I’d ask them to provide you with a solution then.

I have a blanket at my desk. It’s either arctic or sweaty hot here so I dress in a million layers and have a blanket.  

But for real 60 is ridiculous.  And I run hot. 68 is a good middle ground and I believe the energy company says it’s a good temp to save energy and keep cool. They need to provide a solution. Can you switch offices with the person who was hot? 

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Bumble bee
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The staffers in my department often have this issue and heaters are not allowed.  I gifted them all a microwave corn bags to use on the back, lap etc. to help keep warm.  It helped some!

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Helper bee
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Not overly surprised by the space heater not being allowed. 

SUPER shocked you can’t even have a freaking blanket. There are SO many little lap blankets you could buy that wouldn’t even be noticable if you sit at a desk that your legs are under or is like a cubicle. 

Not sure where you are located but buy some Hot Hands (namebrand) or hand/feet warmers! They can be found in the sporting goods/camping section. I primarily use them for hunting and other fall/winter activities but these could probablly be sooooo handy for you. You can slip them into your pockets, sit on them, if you have a body pocket, put it against your body and even the feet ones are sticky, so they stick to the sole of your shoe and insulate your feet! 

What about a heating pad? This may be a stretch if they don’t even allow a space heater or blanket but surely you could find one that is the same color as your desk chair so its subtle (maybe even a wireless, battery powered one). Sit on it and if your bum gets too hot you can just set it on top of your legs very sneakily. 


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Helper bee

I’m always cold too. They make mug warmers that plug into a computer and I typically have a cup of tea at all times. 

Instead of a blanket or shawl, what about a poncho? You can get them in cashmere to stay warmer and look more “professional” than with a sweatshirt. Not sure how that would work with the whole hiding thing, but they make open ponchos(?) so it’s more like a baggy cardigan. 

They also make a usb heated mouse, and if you really want to get fancy, they make heated (and massaging) office chairs. 

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Helper bee
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kmbumbee190618 :  The Hothands are a great idea! I’ve used them while winter hiking and they work even in those temperatures.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I hear ya, I remember getting so cold at work that it actually just pissed me off all day and made me really snappy at people cause I was so uncomfortable.  I don’t have any solutions that work for you (I got a HUGE dish space heater to put under my desk and wore a freaking down jacket when I was in the labs)… but just hope you find a solution.  And who the hell is your boss to tell you what you can/cannot wear?!?!  Is dress code mandated by the company?  You can’t even wear something to keep yourself warm when no one else is around??  That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard.

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Helper bee
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I did not read all comments so sorry if this is a repeat.

I had the same situation, a colleague of mine requested AC to be cooler and I have a vent right above me. Since he did this, I went ahead and called building maintenance and asked them to turn the vent above me off. It’s helped massively and no one has noticed.

Also 60-65!?? 70 min is normal. I feel this is EXTREME. 

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Sugar bee

I think you need to push back with your boss. Basically tell her that you’re freezing and she has blocked all your efforts to stay warm. Quite frankly her complaint about the baggy clothes is asinine. I would just point blank ask her what the hell you’re supposed to do if you can’t even dress to keep yourself warm.

I really think I hate your boss. She sounds like one of those big people in a little job who thinks it’s her business to make everyone miserable by focusing on the nitpicky shit no one really cares about.

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Buzzing bee
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pusheenpizza :  Hothands makes body warmers. These can usually be found at camping stores like REI, Dick’s, Gander Mountain etc. They are VERY large heat packs that are self adhesive and stick to your clothes to warm you. 

Please keep us posted. So many bees have given wonderful advice. 

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Helper bee
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First off, I totally sympathize. I get cold all the time at work too, though it’s gotten a little better since the person guilty of setting the thermostat so cold moved offices. My building also doesn’t allow space heaters, but they do allow personal fans. So I bought a space heater that looks and acts like a fan, it just happens to blow hot air. No one has noticed that it’s actually a heater for 4 years. I’ve also worn fingerless gloves in the past to help with typing. Warm drinks also help, especially if you use a thermos that keeps them warm all day.

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