(Closed) Contacts! What should I know about them?

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Well, besides basic care? They all fit/feel differently. I personally LOVE my Acuvue 2’s but have tried a bunch of other brands. (I’ve been in need of them since I was 12!) Acuvue is my favorite because you can’t feel them, but they aren’t TOO flimsy. I tried on a pair of some new kind and they were so flimsy I couldn’t even get them in my eye – and I’m a vet, obviously.

Also – I know you aren’t supposed to, but I sleep in mine every once in a while. Not a big deal.

And my actual “advice?” Carry around your glasses and some contact solution/case just in case. 🙂

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I have been wearing contacts forever!  They can be expensive, so be sure you have a good insurance plan.  You pretty much forget you are wearing them… Just don’t sleep in them- unless you get the kind you can sleep in… make the morning very uncomfortable!!

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They can be hard to get into your eyes at first because it feels completely insane to be poking yourself in the eye.  Try pulling down the bottom eyelid, looking up and pushing them in your eye.  When removing, look up again and lighting pinch but not with your fingernails.

Try using some solution to moisten them before putting them in your eyes.  Work your way up to a full day wearing them.  Don’t sleep in them, unless they are the kind you can sleep in (and even then try not to too much).

Replace them when you are supposed to, not days or weeks later.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!  I’ve been wearing them for 10 years.

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Be patient. It can be frustrating until you get the hang of inserting and removing them. I use the removal technique where you pull the lens down to the bottom of your eye, so that it wrinkles up a bit and is easier to grab, then pulling it out. That can help prevent any accidents from tugging on your cornea.

Don’t slack with the care of the contacts. Most people get lazy about the ten seconds of rubbing on each side of each lens every day. Believe me, it makes a huge difference in comfort if you just take that time to scrub off the crap that builds up on them. And don’t sleep in them!! Your corneas get scratched that way.

One thing that is ok, though, is stretching disposables longer than you’re “supposed” to. If you’re taking great care of them, it’s fine to wear one-month lenses for two months. I’ve done it for years with my optometrist’s blessing.

Don’t waste your money on the cleaning solution – the off-brand multi-purpose solution you find at the drugstore is great. Just make sure it says multi-purpose – and again, be conscientious about rubbing and rinsing the lenses daily.

If they suddenly feel incredibly uncomfortable and your eyes start watering, try not to freak out, and remove them and inspect them. Chances are they either have a rip, which you’ll be able to see, in which case you should throw the lens away, or they have a speck of dust or eyelash under them, which you can just rinse off.

I’ve been wearing lenses daily for 15 years, so let me know if you have any questions.

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I love my dailies. If you don’t want to wear contacts every day, or your eyes are extra sensitive, they are a great option.

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I personally hated leaving mine in overnight, I think it depends on how dry your eyes are. Be sure to change the solution every time you use them, too :).

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Totally agree with MissAsB- When you first start, it’ll take a while to ut them in. I started in high school and it took 30mins each morning til I got the hang of them. Now it’s like 10 seconds.LOL

Acuvue 2s are good too. The hydroclear- not good at all. NEVER sleep in them and always have glasses/contacts with solution with you going on trips,etc. I forgot my case once and almost had to go to the store at 1 in the morning.LOL

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I always carry solution and my glasses with me just in case. I only been wearing them more recently because something happen to my favorite pair of glasses and didn’t have any of the right prescription glasses at home.

But each person has a different tolerance in which brand they can wear. I actually wear the Acuvue Oasys with Hdryaclear. But I have worn regular Acuvue and the Freshlook brand. Couldn’t wear them after a while because they irritated my eyes. Make sure they give you a proper fitting to see if the contacts will work for you or not.

For some, the contact solution you use does matter. I can’t use anything but the Bausch & Lomb contact solution. I had used other brands before also and they irritated my eyes.

Good luck!

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You will probably love them!  I have been wearing mine for about 15 years and can’t imagine going back to glasses full time.  Above posters have pretty much said everything that needs to be said.  If you suffer from allergies you may not enjoy them as much.  Just know, if you have difficulty in the beginning it probably wont take long for them to become like second nature and you will wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner!

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@MzMarzipan: Oh I have to agree with the allergies.  One of the reasons I’m getting LASIK next month.  Can’t handle the contacts anymore!

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I LOVE my contacts!!  I’ve been wearing them for almost 10 years and I still wear glasses at night, but I will never go back to glasses exclusively. 

This is SO hard to explain, but sometimes my contacts get turned “inside out” (meaning the side that normally touches your eyeball is the side touching the inside of your eyelid… I hope that makes sense!).  When that happens, they definitely don’t feel right, it’s like I have an eyelash in my eye.  What I do is to take it out and look at it.  If it’s not rounded up, but looks flatter than normal, then it’s on the wrong side.  I would just put it in the other way and see if it felt better.  That’s just something that you’ll recognize the more you put them in, but it happened to me a lot in the beginning, and I wish someone would have told me. 🙂

It’s also REALLY hard to get your contacts out when they’re dry, so put a few drops of solution in before trying to take them out!  I’ve ripped contacts trying to pull them out of my eye, and not only is it very painful, but it’s annoying to rip a perfectly good contact!

There’s a lot of really great tips on this thread!!  Enjoy!!  Contacts are great!

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I wear dailies, but not every day. I cant wear regular contacts (weekly or monthly contacts) because they make my eyes produce too much fluid and it builds up in my eye!

The dailies are much more dry than the regular kind but IMO they are easier to get in but much harder to get out (because by that time they are very dry on my eye)

It is SO difficult to put them in at first. Everyone who has contacts kept telling me it wasnt that bad but I had a really hard time with it! Just be confident and accept the fact that yes, you are basically poking yourself in the eye!

The one benefit of dailies is that I never have to buy contact solution, but at the same time they are more expensive. The great thing about dailies is that I can wear them on the weekends or when going out but I wear my glasses on a regular basis.

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