(Closed) Conversation Starter… Tatooed name then DUMPED! What’s your story?

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My Father-In-Law got a guy’s inital tattooed in the shape of a butterfly on her hip…..they aren’t together.

She cheated on him (b/c she thought someone else was cuter) I think and now has someone else’s baby (then thought of telling the tattoo guy that it was his b/c he would have taking care of it better even though he knew it wasn’t, the kid looks exactly like the dad).

Long story crazy. Stupid.

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My story is similar. .  I at one point did some plus size modeling and did a pin-up style shoot. He loved everything that was 1950’s based, so I asked the photographers for one of the pictures for him as a gift. He loved it so much and he hung it up in his living room, which was a little strange, but still cool. Well we broke up and about a year later got back together. A about a week into that he came home with a tattoo. There I was right on his arm. He had that picture tatooed on his body. So every one he dates now gets to actually see me all the time 🙂 I couldn’t imagine.

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@lwilliams107: After the tatoo, we did end up getting engaged, but obviously I broke it off. So from what our mutual friends tell me, he’s really honest about it.  He tells them I broke his heart and stuff. awkward.

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I must be really boring. I don’t think I have any crazy stories!

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I dated a guy in high school for two years and broke it off before I left for college because I knew he wasn’t the one and I wanted to experience college independently and not with a boyfriend back home. We were in really different places, I was 18 and he was 22 (my parent’s were okay with the relationship because they had known him since he was a kid), anyways, he recently got married and PMed me on facebook with the link to his wedding pictures and said “This could have been you.” Implying that I was missing out because I’m not married yet and he got married first. Even more awkward is he married a girl from my high school class. I know who I’m going to be avoiding at my reunions…

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This didn’t happen to me but my friend…

My friend was dating this girl for about 2 months. None of us really liked her because she was a little nuts (like jealous of his daughter because he loved his daughter type of nuts). Well one day she gets it in her head that if she tattoos his name into wedding vows on her side he will love her forever. About two hours after she tattooed the wedding vows with his name inthem he dumped her because again its alittle bit nuts to tattoo someones name on yourself after only dating for two months. Yeah that was a fun situation for him.

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My ex was Presbyterian, I’m Catholic.  We eventually broke up because of the difference (the things he said against my beliefs were UGLY).  He had bought an engagement ring, but thankfully never proposed.  We broke up in May…come August,  he started hanging out at the Catholic Student Center at my university.  Very strange considering he supposedly hated Catholics, was no longer a student and at 27, was significantly older than anyone else there.  By April, he had converted to Catholicism.  I still to this day (four years later) wonder if he did it for the right reasons…

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I’ve got a crazy story [kind of long].  When I was about 19, I had this really controlling boyfriend, Ken.  I was getting ready to break up with him when I met this other guy named Lance.  I had been trying to let Ken down easy, breaking up with him by degrees.  Not smart in hindsight.

One night, Lance and I had been hanging out (strictly platonic-we didn’t even kiss), having one of those marathon conversations when you’re first totally infatuated with someone and can talk all night.  We were at my house and about 1 am, Ken calls and asks me to come over, which was an odd request that he’s never made before.  I tell him no, it’s too late.  Twenty minutes later I hear his car pull up (it was an Audi and the engine has a very distinctive sound).

Oh shit!  Lance and I look at each other in a total panic.  Should he run out the back?  No time-the back gate’s locked! I shove him in my brother’s closet.  I answer the door and Ken pushes past me, asking me “where is he?”  I’m playing it cool though.  I tell him that no one is here, that he’s crazy.  He goes tearing through the house and all the while I’m like, “C’mon let’s just get out of here and go to your house”, trying to distract him. Well, he gets to my brother’s room, the last one he hasn’t searched, and opens one side of the closet door (it was one of those bi-fold doors) and now I’m panicking. But I still maintain calm.  What can I do at this point anyway?  Just pray. lol

And they were really answered this time. Ken had opened only one side of the closet, fortunately not the side Lance was hiding in. Thank God. Really. lol  Because that’s when he finally turns away from the closet agrees to leave to go to his house.  I have no choice but to lock Lance in the house (he had to jump the fence to get out).  I broke up with Ken for good the next day.

This was truly like something out of a movie.  And I really should have gotten an Academy Award for my acting that night.  I have never had to think so quickly on my feet-fear is obviously a great motivator.  lol Things could have gone all kinds of wrong (as it was they almost got into a fistfight a few weeks later. Boys! lol)

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Wow! I would never ever tattoo someone’s full name on my body. We were thinking about doing our first initials after the wedding, but now we are leaning more towards a symbol. 

The only crazy thing I have is after Mr. Tattoo and I broke up the first time (21) I was in bed with another guy and called out Mr. Tattoo’s name when I came. ha ha ha. I haven’t seen that guy since. 

My friend has a tattoo on her ass that says “propery of XXXToddXXX” with a pair of lips under it. Yeah, they broke up 2 months later and she refuses to do the doggy style position with anyone unless it’s in the dark and she won’t turn her back to anyone while she’s naked. 

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