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I am a vegetarian but Darling Husband and our 3 kids are not. So I make myself a seperate meal every night. On occasion Darling Husband and the kids will eat what I have made for myself but that is rare. I find recipes that have 4 servings and just save the rest to eat for lunch/left overs on days I just don’t feel like cooking for myself. I suggest doing the same for FH. It is alot more work then if I just ate meat but that isn’t going to happen so I am willing to put the effort in. It takes time to get used to making 2 seperate meals everyday but you will get used to it. I have been doing this for 2 years now and it has gotten alot easier. Also on nights I don’t feel like cooking for myself or eating a left over I just eat something simple like Tomato soup and a grilled cheese. Be careful of what soups you buy in a can alot of them are made with chicken or beef broth so they are not meat free so make sure you read the labels. If you have any questions PM me.

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Not really the same but SO and I are both on a Paleo style diet.  It works so great to give us energy and help us stay active at great weights that this is the motivation, but sometimes it is REALLY monotonous trying to find things for dinner.  Good luck!!

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I’m a pescatarian, engaged to a man who doesn’t like most vegetables. We recently came up with a list of almost a month full of meals, a few that I’ll list here.

Seafood options are easy: crab cakes, tuna steaks, and shrimp done so many ways we sound like Bubba from Forrest Gump.

Pasta dishes/casseroles are good to make veggie versions of for both of you. Baked potatoes with broccoli cheese for both, or veggie chili for you/regular for him.

Tacos: fish for you, something else for him (if he doesn’t like fish)
Burgers: veggie for you, regular for him.

Stir fry: add tofu or shrimp to yours, he can cook a chicken breast in a foreman grill for his. 

I recently got “vegetarian meat & potatoes” from the library, which has some great options. “The flexatarian table” also could be a good.

I think you’ll find it really helpful to sit down with Fiance, come up with a list of your favorite meals, and see how you can adopt them. Hopefully he likes fish, it’ll be a lot easier for you. If not, find ways that the cook can make say 80% of the meal the same way, then add chicken or shrimp at the end, in two separate dishes, etc. Good luck!

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I have a friend who is vegetarian so we end up customizing meals quite a bit. We will make pizza, tacos, salads, stir fry, and just include different meats or none at all. Even spaghetti can be vegetarian, just make a separate meat on the sode for your FH.

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My Fiance is a vegetarian and I am not, I mostly don’t cook meat at home. If I’m really craving it I do something like make up a batch of meatballs, and then when I make a pasta dish I can add them to mine, I also will have nice sausages in the fridge. Meat that can be added to an otherwise vegetarian dish. Stir fry of vegetables, serve him and then add a few slices of steak to mine to finish it off that sort of thing. Honestly though, I’ve gotten used to not eating a lot of meat at home and it hasn’t really been a sacrifice. 

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My Fiance and I are vegetarians at home (outside of our home, he eats meat). You could make burritos or tacos (beans, rice, veggies, avocados, cheese, corn, ground beef) and just not add the beef to yours. Or salads where he can add some grilled chicken, and you could add soy chicken. Pasta with marinara sauce and he can add ground beef or meatballs. Quesadillas that he can add chopped chicken to. Make your own pizza with your own ingredients of choice on each half. 

Also, a lot of vegetarian soups are hearty enough that he won’t even notice the difference. My favorite (and the fastest!) is to heat up some olive oil with garlic and red pepper flakes, then add a few cups of vegetable broth/stock until its almost boiling, then add fresh or frozen tortellini until they’re cooked. About 30 seconds before it’s ready, I add a handful of fresh spinach leaves and basil leaves. Let them wilt down, pour it into two bowls, and top with parmesan cheese. Mmmmm….

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I’m in the same situation as you!!  It’s tough!  I guess we’re lucky because my boyfriend gets home from work about an hour before me so he just eats dinner then when I get home I’ll usually make a salad or something.  Have you tried the imitation meat, specifically Yves Ground Round? ( I think that’s what it’s called).  It’s just like ground hamburger and its great in spaghetti or tacos.  I bet your fiance would like it!  Good luck.  And congrats on your new life decision!!  I’ve been doing it for a little under a year now and love it.  At first I was going to go totally vegan but that was too challenging for me.  But eventually I’d like to give up dairy altogether.

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Also, Morningstar makes AMAZING “chicken” patties and “chicken” nuggets and even corn dogs which are SO GOOD!  Tastes better than a real corndog, I think!  These things aren’t super healthy (they are all breaded) but still, they are yummy.

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I have a vegetarian friend that comes over quite often for dinner.  I usually cook her the same as we’d eat, in another pot, and substitute the meat for something else – usually mushrooms, unless she fancies tofu, and then she brings it over for me to lob in the pan.  If you look at a lot of recipies, you will see that you could adapt them for you/DH.  Where it says add chicken/beef/pork/etc.., you could add seafood. 


There are lots of fish which have a meaty texture.  IF Darling Husband fancies a steak, have a tuna steak.  If he want’s a chicken casserole, make the base and then in one pot add some chunky cod for you and in the other some chiken for him.

I also found this website which you may find interesting for ideas http://imarriedanomnivore.com/


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This blog: brannyboilsover.com has a lot of recipes that are veg, and she shares how to add protein for her omnivore husband. More recently it’s more meat centric, but the earlier recipes might be very helpful to you.

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