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Busy bee
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I know that gets annoying…

I’ve stopped asking.  I cook what I cook and that’s what he gets.  If he wants something specific he’ll pull it out from the freezer or buy it.  Otherwise I choose.  Bonus for being the cook.

Although I often cook things I don’t like, especially meat.

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Helper bee
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I don’t do it!  Fortunately, my manflesh likes my cooking in general, and is grateful just to have someone cooking for him.  I’m veg and he’s not, and I don’t even like to have meat on my pans, so I just cook stuff I like (with his preferences in mind, like no spicy stuff) and he eats it up.  If he decides he has to have meat, he has a little George Foreman grill that he uses to cook his own.

I get making a special favorite dish for someone if it’s their birthday or something, but otherwise why go to all the trouble of cooking things you don’t even want to eat?

Could you maybe tweak someof the recipes to make something you both like?  Like (just an example since I don’t know what your preferences are) if what you don’t like about Shepherd’s Pie is the meat, try making a version with lentils and barley, or if you don’t like the potatoes, use squash or turnips, you get the idea.

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Sugar bee
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I have the opposite problem. My Fiance does most of the cooking during the week because I work longer hours than he does, and it’s either “insert variety of stir fry meat with variety of sauce from a jar/sachet” or it’s sausages/chops with mashed potato. He will only ever cook vegetables if they’re frozen ones.

I really can’t complain because it would be kinda ungrateful, but sometimes I want something that isn’t meat and/or contains fresh vegetables. I know I’m a better cook than he is (for a start it’s like a hobby for me, whereas for him it’s a chore), but he makes a big deal about me “cooking from scratch” as if I’ve just accomplished some gigantic feat. I’ve volunteered to teach him how to cook some easy things with fresh ingredients, but he’s not interested. Sigh. 

As for your situation, I would stop asking and cook what you want to eat. My Fiance used to look generally appalled when I served him heaps of salads and fresh vegies, but eventually he got used to it and now quite likes them. 

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Bumble bee
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Ladies dont be upset with me but I love to cook and if my Fiance ask me to cook and it is something I dont like it wouldnt bother me because most of the meals I did cook I dont eat. I have cooked those same dishes for years and I am sick of them. He is happy that it is not military food. 

For the women who cook food for their FI/husband and dont like the meal make yourself a nice salad. I eat salads at least 3 to 4 times a week. I get creative use tuna, shrimp, fish, etc to make is tasty. He is not home now but I still cook for my girls.

I know it can be frustrating but when you are my age and you have raised children it doesnt have any affect on me.

Just think, for those that will be having children you think cooking him something that you dont like frustrates you? Imagine a child that wont touch the food you cooked because they will tell you that it looks nasty…You will find yourself making something else for him/her to eat because you want him/her to have a healthy diet.


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Helper bee
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I’m vegetarian and he isn’t so this happens a lot.  Four nights a week or so he eats vegetarian with me, but the other nights I just cool two dinners. No big deal!

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I cook things for Fiance that I don’t like, but generally, we stay on the same page. Our tastes are pretty much the same.. but sometimes I have to prepare mine & his thing separtely.. because he dosen’t like vegetables at ALL, no tomatoes, onions, luttuce, celery, or anything thats “green”.

So when I make something, I have to basically, make 2 things. For instance, when I make chilli, I make a batch that I love with onions & kidney beans, and for him I have to make something without onions or kidney beans.

Same with taco salad.. I make it like it should be made, then I have to make him another that’s without vegetables.

Sometimes, it gets to me, and he’ll back off if he’s being overly picky. And when I’m in a bad mood, he’ll just tell me to make whatever and pick out whatever he doesn’t eat.

He’s seriously a picky eater.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I dont put up with picky people in my house.  I do all the shopping and cooking- so my husband and 2 kids eat what i make. 

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Buzzing bee
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haha, I understand. I’m vegan and he’s not, but we worked that out a long time ago. He requests stuff I can eat; I just don’t like it. It doesn’t happen too often, so when he really wants something I don’t love, I make it anyway. We come up with a weekly menu together, but it’s up to me to decide what we have when. He feels bad asking for a time consuming meal when I’ve just had a hard day at work, so we cut that part out.

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Sugar bee
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There are only a couple of things I like that Darling Husband doesn’t.  If I really want to eat one of those, I make him a dish of baked chicken and wild rice.  It’s easy to make, and it’s his abslolute favorite–I won’t eat it myself, though, because I hate it.

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Sugar bee
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Fiance and I are not very picky and 98% of the time we eat the same thing. When we don’t it’s because I don’t like as much spice as him, so if he makes chili he’ll wait until I take my portion out before adding all of the jalpenos. Sometimes I’ll cook with celery which I hate the flavor of, but often I’ll leave it out of recipies if I can.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I don’t make things that I don’t like.  I do like eggs though and Fiance won’t eat them (by themselves) so sometimes I make eggs just for me alongside what else I’m making for breakfast.  Fiance isn’t really too picky otherwise…I can’t think of anything I’ve cooked that he really won’t eat.  I make a lot of vegetarian things (most of the time I do) and he likes them just like he likes everything else.

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Helper bee
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My Fiance used to not like when I made dinners that were too similar in a row. 

I make a meal plan every week and show Fiance before we go shopping. If there is anything he wants to change or a meal he really wants that week he will tell them then. 

That way, we avoid the “what’s for dinner” conversation!

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Bumble bee
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I cook everything and Darling Husband eats what I cook. If he doesn’t like it, he’s welcome to fix himself something else. I think he’s just grateful that someone else is planning/shopping/cooking…do you feel like he’s ungrateful, or just inconsiderate to your preferences? I think you should just stop asking what he wants.

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Sugar bee
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My husband & son (3) eat what I make & don’t complain. They each have an item or two that they really hate (liver, hard boiled eggs on salads), so I avoid that, but, otherwise, if hubby has a craving, he picks it up on the way home or treats me to dinner out 🙂

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