(Closed) Cop wives: do badge bunnies exist?

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I took a sociology course on policing. It is true that they have the highest divorce rates. Infedeility is one of the reasons they divorce. I also know several police officers. Some have cheated, other have not. I think it all depends on the person. 

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I can’t imagine the panties are going to drop just because someone is a cop.

 @MrsPanda99:  I could say the same for rock star, athlete, etc., but apparently it still happens.  I think it really depends on the person/relationship rather than the profession.  I’ve never heard the term “badge bunny” before though. 

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@MrsPanda99:  My Future Brother-In-Law is a cop and apparently when he was right out of the academy, he had his go around with the “badge bunnies.” He would let the uniform go to his head and the fact that girls would throw theirselves at him. However, he’s settled down now and has been with the same girl for many years.


I really think it just depends on the guy, but it may be hard for many to continuously turn down these girls who want them. Just my opinion.

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I wouldn’t want Fiance to be a police officer for NYPD, simply bc it’s dangerous, but I do happen to know of a lot of police officers who are serial cheaters. I dated an NYPD cop for a short time maybe 8 years ago…he recently got engaged, and attempted to FB message me to “see how I was doing” and cheesily referred to me with a pet name of some sort…creep. I read a few different studies that talked about the trauma that POs face on the job in bad areas, and how they can develop power issues and are also way more likely to partake in domestic violence. I also know a few police officers who adore their wives more than anything, and would never be dishonest…but, the stats aren’t pretty.

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@MrsPanda99:  I hate to lump them all into one group, but I do think this is largely true, for many of them…

I have a friend who was married to a cop, he decided to split because he didn’t want to keep it in his pants. She went on to date 2 other cops after her split with him, and both were not good guys, also didn’t want to keep to just one girl.

Again, not ALL police officers can be generalized like this, but I do think it’s quite common.

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My source is entirely anecdotal, but our armed security department at my work is mostly former police officers (either retired or they left the force to come work with us). There are 15 people in our armed security office – all but 2 of them are former police officers. Of the 13 former cops, 10 of them have been divorced.

I’m not sure what it is – sure, the schedule makes cheating easier, and I think people who are more likely to take risks are more likely to be police officers. I think being in a thankless job makes someone likely to be looking for approval/attaboys elsewhere – think about it – if you’re a cop, with crappy hours around crappy people all day, you come home and your wife unloads on you about the annoying the kid did, the car needs work, etc, etc, etc…and then you meet some skanky girl who tells you how big and strong you are…I could see how it happens.

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I know and work with several LEOs. There is a certain personality that is attracted to, and succeeds in that field. Someone who is cocky/confident, and is drawn to danger and risk. I know plenty of pilots and cops, and it’s not a matter of women throwing their panties at them, it’s a matter of them actively pursing women (this is MY experience, and like everything else, there are exceptions).  Frankly, I would never contemplate a serious relationship with a cop.  Great to have as buddies/friends, but I would never marry one for a whole host of reasons, infidelity being just one of them.

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My sister is a cop’s wife and yes badge bunnies exist. At the cop bar he frequents there are a lot of women there, most of them very unattractive, hitting on married and unmarried cops. My Brother-In-Law has cheated on my sister with a badge bunny, who was also married (and he found out later she was making her way through the whole unit!) but through counseling they have gotten through it. They are a lot happier now and taking care of each other like married folks should.

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It happens.  Badge Bunnies, Buckle Bunnies…THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

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@MrsPanda99:  I only know a sheriff and he’s a straight arrow, but I was at the Cheesecake Factory waiting for a friend, and the ladies next to my table we talking about a cop that one of them was having an affair with, how she’d meet up with him and get all nasty in the back of his cruiser when he was supposed to be working…problem is, she mentioned his name and department…like…6 times…so I called the lieutenant and enlightened him…so there’s one guy that didn’t get away with it at least.

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