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I’ve had the copper IUD for 3 years now and have been using it as our only form of birth control. It works well and is more conveinent than condoms or the pill. My boyfriend says that he can ocassionally feel the strings, but not often enough to worry me. My periods are now usually 8-10 days long as opposed to 6 days. They are also heavier and more painful. I may switch the the hormonal IUD soon. 

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I don’t know if this actually pertains to your question. But I have an IUD, it isn’t the copper one but it is the Mirena. It is supposed to be good up to five years, and taken out easily before the five years or once the time is up to be change (without complications before removal)

So far I am happy with it for the most part. My daughter is about to be nine months, and I got it at my seven week check up. My boyfriend and I had issues with the strings being too long during intercourse when I was on top (tmi?) But I got the strings trimmed and haven’t had an issue or complaint from him. I have read and also heard of complications and it being risky to have. I don’t know if you have children, or if it works the same way, but have heard it is easier to get after children then it is before. But I will definitely say it was VERY uncomfortable and unpleasant, actually brought tears to my eyes even after having a baby. I did have cramping and spotting for a few hours, which the nurse gave me midol for. It was unpleasant haha. Just be prepared for major discomfort.

The reason I got it was because I am TERRIFIED to have another child so close to my daughter, I am TEERIBLE at relying on myself to take the pill, and with other birth controls, it seemed best and easiest as far as hormonal changes and weight gain/water weight. I experience mild cramping due to it “supposed to be my monthly” and also spotting which is normal. I just use thin panty liners when it happens. The longest it has happened for is about a week off and on, shortest like two hours ha which was recent.

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A friend of mine had one fall out and then she got pregnant haha… But that’s not the norm, I also know a baby conceived after both a vasectomy and tubal ligation.

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I had a copper IUD inserted about a year ago, and I’m very happy with it.  We use it as our only source of birth control.

ETA: It’s made my period a day or two longer than it used to be, but it’s not any heavier, and I don’t get any cramping.  Insertion was unpleasant and I had about 4 hours of heavy cramping directly afterwards, but since then it’s been great.

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I had the copper IUD as well because I couldn’t handle hormonal pills after 10 years of being on them. It was our only form of birth control and I have to say I LOVED it!

So much better than having to remember to take a pill or using condoms (which I hate). My husband could feel the strings most of the time but they didn’t bother him, it was just different.

I was one of the lucky ones where I didn’t have any change in my periods really. I was still only 5 days with two fairly heavy days but nothing crazy. I also don’t really get cramps either.

The insertion itself I will not lie was painful though. Take a few ibuprofen a few hours before to help with that. I also had really bad cramps for a few hours (and had to have my husband drive me home it was that bad) but then after that it was great!

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mrsrhyno:  I got my copper IUD because I was having some really unpleasant emotional side effects from being on the pill.  I’ve never had a kid, never been pregnant, and insertion wasn’t as bad as some stories on line made it sound.  Far from pleasant, but not mind blowingly awful.  I actually didn’t end up getting it inserted on my first visit because my uterus started cramping so bad that they couldn’t get it situated.  I didn’t feel any pain, it was just apparently contracting and saying ‘No!’ (I think it was because the first doctor measured my uterus like 3 times and kept getting different measurements, so she got a second doc to come in and measure. So my uterus was already a little “WTF”).  Second visit the doc used a numbing shot on my cervix and it was actually painless, just a little pressure and took less than 5 minutes.

I’ve had it for about 3.5 years now, I haven’t had any problems with it at all.  I got it about halfway through a pack of birth control pills and when that pack ran out, the IUD became my sole birth control method.  I LOVE that I don’t have to remember to do anything, except for check my strings, which I do about twice a month in the shower.  DH has never mentioned being able to feel the strings, but I’ve never told him that they’re there to feel lol.

For the first 6 months I had bad cramps and really heavy long periods (7-10 days, 4-5 heavy).  I found that adding a vitamin E supplement to my multivitamin really helped to calm both down.  

Now my period is down to a day of light spotting, 2 heavy days, 2-3 regular/light days and then a day or two of spotting.  So 6-8 days total.  Cramps are minimal, I only get them if I don’t exercise much in the couple weeks leading up to my period and if I’m dehydrated.  So great motivation to get a little active and drink my water!  I don’t really remember what my periods were like before I was using the pill but I think it was about 6 days of medium/light flow.  So not that much heavier now that it’s settled in.  Only period symptoms I have now are sore boobs, and a really sore lower back for the first couple days but I have always had both of those. 

I’m planning on getting it out in the next 6-12 for Darling Husband and I to TTC, after we have a kiddo, I’m definitely going to get another IUD.  I may try the Mirena, my BFF had one and liked it, and the lighter periods thing would be fun.

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I’ve had the copper IUD for 1.5 years now and I love it. This is my only option due to health reasons. It’s also the only form of BC we use. This version of the IUD lasts up to 12 years.

Insertion really hurts but I definitely think it’s worth it. Especially if you’re a dumbum like me and would be very forgetful about taking pills everyday and such. My boyfried has never felt the strings and has even asked “Are you sure anything is there?” LOL! 

Periods with copper IUD are suppose to be worse. But honestly, I’ve always had severe period pain and bleeding – I haven’t noticed a difference. If you’re usually light, there might be adjustments that have to be made. 

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The site IUD Divias at: http://iud-divas.livejournal.com/ has a lot of good info from many women who have used one. They even have a whole section/forum devoted to paragaurd.

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I had one for 4.5 years. My periods were a lot heavier and more painful – but they were super light and pain free before hand. It was hard to deal with it but the pain would only last about half a day and honestly, for me it was worth it to not have to worry about BC for the rest of the month.

It hurt like hell getting it inserted and I eventually had to have it inserted under anesthetic because i had about 4 people try on different occasions but again, totally worth it!

I had it taken out to TTC and fell pregnant within 2 months of trying so all in all i’d recommend it and will probably have another one once i’ve given birth.

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I’ve had it for 8 months now. My periods are heavier and I have more cramping. However, I knew that would happen going into it. I love that hormone free aspect so it’s entirely worth it for me.

My partner doesn’t feel my strings. If yours complains of feeling them quite a bit then I would follow up because the strings probably need trimmed a little more. 

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I have a copper IUD. It is one of my only options for birth control since I experienced a potentially fatal blood clot while on the pill. I found the insertion to be unbearable, however I also wasn’t able to take ANY pain killers before or after because of the blood thinning medication I was on. My periods were always long and heavy and I haven’t noticed any change to that, but I do cramp up more than I used to. I find that even that is pretty irregular though, like some periods are totally fine and some really suck. I really do highly recommend it, though. It is super convenient. 

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I had one for ten months and I loved it.  

Pain after insertion for a day was pretty bad but after that I had zero pain zero cramps and somehow my periods became lighter which I have no idea how that works with the copper but hey I loved it. 

Then at the end I had heavy bleeding for 3 days straight,  ridiculous bleeding.  Tmi but I filled a night pad within every half hour in the days,  same as night,  I honestly thought I was going to die.  

Went to the ER and discovered it had fallen too low and dislodged so had it removed which was painless btw.  So either the bleeding was caused by it moving or the really heavy bleeding caused it to fall I’m not too sure tbh. 

I say give it a try.  But now that I’m off it and back on the implant I wouldn’t go for any iud again,  it’s just too invasive and too scary for me now. 

But like I said while I had it I did love it.  And my partner never felt them even though when I checked them I thought they were really long,  so I’d say they’re thin and soft so shouldn’t be an issue. 

Good luck

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