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I bled for a month straight after insertion and had much heavier periods the whole time I had it in (almost a year), unfortunately it moved out of place and my body tried to reject it, so I had to have it removed.

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Blushing bee

I have copper IUD, inserted a few months ago. I have had heavier periods and this is coming from someone who already had heavy periods and severe cramping. But for me, it’s a price to pay to have birth control that I don’t need to worry about for 12 years. The doctor said it could last up to a year but about 3 months on, my periods are somewhat back to normal. 

A few things to note, I’ve never had kids, so maybe different experience; also having sex while on period helps stop bleeding and eases cramping A LOT.

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Buzzing bee

awakemysoul:  I think she means your period will be generally heavier for 4-6 months.

I’ve had my copper IUD for about a year and a half. I’m nulliparous. In general I did not have severe pain or too severe bleeding. The first month or so I think I had a week of light spotting. Following that, I had 3-4 extra, random spotting days for about 3-4 months. My periods were pretty heavy for the first 6 months, but have eased up. I’ve always had heavy periods and they’re still slightly heavier, but not as heavy as they were those first 6 months. And after a year of having periods of various lengths, my body seems to have settled on my normal period length + a few extra days of very light spotting at the end of my period and as a result I have slightly longer menstrual cycles (so that evens out and I don’t think I’m really bleeding more days out of the year).

Overall, I really like my copper IUD and I am happy I have it. It’s a more reliable form of birth control than the pill and my side effects have not been hard to deal with. They certainly haven’t been as bad as some of the side effects I’ve seen in friends who are getting on the pill or switching to a new pill or trying to get off/take a break from the pill. Seeing those emotions come out of my friends in college due to BCP scared me a lot.

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FutureDrAtkins:  Constant bleeding from the IUD is not normal and 4-6 months of bleeding isn’t normal either. Anyone whose body reacts so severely to the IUD should definitely have it removed. I’m glad you were able to, and presumably found a method of birth control that works much better for you.

missjz:  Wow, this sounds horrible! I’m so glad you had it removed and are doing better now.

lookingforadvice77:  This is similar to my experience. I never had >2 weeks of bleeding, but my 7 day period/28 day cycle pre-IUD went to ~7-12 day period/28-33 day cycle for about a year and now I’m at probably 10-11 day period/32-33 day cycle. Before I had the IUD, I’d have 4 days of medium/heavy bleeding and 3 days of light bleeding. My 4 days of medium/heavy bleeding have stayed consistent, but I have more light bleeeding/spotting days. I also think my cycle got longer because of the extra days and I think I’m bleeding a little more. It’s kind of weird, but I haven’t experienced any extreme side effects and I’m happy. 

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I’ve had my copper iud for almost 3 years now and I had spotting for about 2 days post insertion, then my period came about a week early and was super light. The next month, holy Jesus it was the most insane period of my life. Cramps and heavy flow. I NEVER used to get cramps, and my flow was always light-moderate.  

After 3 or 4 months my period regulated, it’s still way heavier than it was pre-iud but it’s manageable and I don’t get cramps often. The flow is more manageable when I exercise regularly during the month. Taking a vitamin e supplement seemed to really help with flow, cramps and spotting between periods those first few months. 

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I have mine since march, I had a bit of pain and cramping for the few hours fallowing and then it passed, my periods are a bit heavier and more painfull than they used to be but they are getting better with time. I used to feel like I could feel it all the time but that has gone away with time. My biggest issue is my SO hits the string which is stilll hard and it bugs him, and if I am on top or we are a bit the rough I spot afterwards but it passes quickly. 

The nurse that help when I had mine done said she had mild discharge and bleeding for 4 months before it started to get better. I hope it gets better in time! I wish you all the best!  

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awakemysoul:  I gave birth in January and got my IUD in August, so I allowed for at least 6 months for my cycles to be normal again (for me) before sticking something in my body which could totally mess it up.  For me, the insertation was easy, and so far nothing out of the ordinary.  I did have one day in my period where I felt like I was bleeding the niagara falls, I bled through 3 super tampons within 4-6 hours.  But after that one heavy day I’ve had light days.  That excessive bleeding is normal for me (even without the paragard) just not as heavy.  So I guess in my case I was lucky to have an easier time with the paragard.

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My SIL had one nad had to have it taken out because it caused really heavy periods and a lot of cramping and spotting.

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awakemysoul:  My first three periods after getting my copper IUD were super, duper heavy.  I also had bad cramps (I never had cramps ever before). Then it got better. It’s still heavier than on the pill, but I was really really light then, but better than it was in the beginning.

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I’ve had mine for 3 years.  I’ve never given birth.  I never have any spotting or bleeding between periods.  My periods are heavier, but I went straight from 8 years of hormonal birth control to the IUD, so I don’t know if the heaviness is just how I am without hormonal birth control, or if they actually are heavier.  They’re not so heavy that they cause a problem, I just had to adjust the timing that I empty out my cup (I use a cup instead of tampons or pads and I love it, but that’s a conversation for another thread!).  I empty it 3 times a day instead of 2.  Easy.

My boyfriend said he used to be able to feel the IUD during sex (I don’t even know how that’s possible, but he said he could feel the actual plastic stick-like thing), but he hasn’t said that in well over a year, so maybe it was just at first.

It’s scary reading the horror stories… but I really love my IUD.  I plan to get another one inserted after I’m done having kids, which should be in a few years. 

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I have had my copper iud for 2 years now and I love it. I’ve never had kids, btw. Initially I had really bad cramping and the first few months I had terrible cramps during the first couple days of my period. What helped was taking ibuprofen (4, 200 mg probably twice a day for a day or two) and a heating pad! 

Before I had the iud I was on BC pills so I was used to a light 3 day period so it took some getting used to. 

Honestly, before I was on any bc my periods were average-heavy and lasted about 7 days but were very regular. Now that I’ve had the iud for so long they are exactly the same as before I ever was on any bc. I just have to listen to my body to know when my period is going to come now versus knowing it will be the 15th of every month, haha.

Also, it’s awesome not having any hormones messing up my emotions. I’ve suggested getting an iud to all of my friends because I love it so much!

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