(Closed) Copper IUD – what was your experience??

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Helper bee
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I have a copper IUD at the moment and love it!

What are your fears about them? 

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When I had the copper IUD, the doctor didn’t put it in correctly. I was in agony for months and had constant bleeding and pain during sex. I went to back to my doctor at the time but was told my body just needed to get used to it -_- But as we found out when I decided enough was enough, it wasnt sitting correctly and it was so painful to get taken out. I’ve had issues with pain during sex since (2 and a half years).

So from my personal experience I never recommend it to anyone. In saying this though, I’ve not had children so it could be different for you

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Bumble bee

My period got much heavier (like ALOT heavier) and longer- but I can’t be on any type of hormone or I go nuts. Really- I’ve tried them all. Haven’t had any issues with the cooper IUD other than the above. 

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I have had mine for almost 3 years without any issues. Seriously, I love it.

I will likely use this form of BC forever! 

I have had no kids yet

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Helper bee
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I got mine inserted at Planned Parenthood by a very experienced gyno. I wanted to get it done by someone who does this daily, and she was wonderful!

As for pain, it wasn’t horrible. I went a few days before my period, so my cervix was soft, and I took a few advils before my appointment just to take the edge off. Once they started it took about 3 minutes. They measure your urerus first to make sure the IUD will sit correctly, then if it will, they insert the IUD. The gyno had me cough when she did it… not sure if that helps or just makes you think about something else. I was thinking it was going to hurt worse than anything I had ever experienced, but it wasn’t horrible. It cramped, it wasn’t a good feeling, but it didn’t make me scream or cry or regret all of my life decisions. I was able to hop right up and drive myself home right after, and for the rest of the day I had mild to moderate period-type cramps. I also didn’t experience much bleeding at all, and my periods haven’t changed a bit. I have two other friends who have a copper IUD and their stories are very similar to mine.

I’ve had it for a year and a half now, and I will never ever go back to anything else! The only time I notice it is when I check the strings after my period every month to make sure it’s still in the right place.

Before I got mine I read any review I could find on the internet, and there’s so much negative stuff out there! I think it’s because people who are happy with it aren’t going to go out of their way to talk about it. However, I know what it’s like to be exactly where you are, and so please feel free to ask me anything about it! I really hope this was helpful!

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Helper bee

My biggest recommendation to people with the copper iud is to check your strings once a month after your period to make sure it hasn’t shifted. I had mine for 3 years (loved it), but never checked my strings. Then I started having random cramps when I want on my period or ovulating. What I didn’t realize at the time was that it shifted out of place & I ended up pregnant. It wasn’t too painful to get put in our taken out, but there was some discomfort, however my doctor told me the discomfort was because I had never given birth before.

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Bumble Beekeeper

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sugarcloud :  Cramps and L_O_N_G  Periods.  But this was decades ago, so maybe it’s changed some?  

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Worker bee
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I have had a copper IUD for the past 7 years, two years after my son was born. Periods were crazy heavy for the next 12 months. Like ultra absorbent tampax tampon plus an overnight pad kind of heavy. I nearly had my gyno remove it because it was so hard to manage. But it started to lessen and so I kept it. My periods have shortened to no more than 5 days.

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Bumble bee
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I love my copper IUD. I got it after I had my son, had it taken out to TTC,  got pregnant 4 months later with my daughter, then had it put in again after I had her. My periods are heavier and longer but it’s really no big deal to me. Way better than all the side effects I had from every other method of BC I tried. 

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Worker bee

I’m not gunna lie, having it fitted wasn’t exactly a wonderful experience but it was bearable and over quickly, my first period afterwards was really heavy and painful, and I was thinking oh god what have I done 😂😂 but it’s settled down now and although they’re still heavier than they used to be its nothing dramatic. I love it now!

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I got bad cramps for the first couple of months . And periods are wayy heavir/painful ( like i get cramps when i am ovulating too so i have cramps 15 of 30 days of month)  and longer but i like it

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Sugar bee
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I’ve had it a year and a half pretty much. Insertion was not a big deal. I was given a script to take to dilate my cervix beforehand since I’ve never given birth. I also took recommended amount of ibuprofen beforehand. There are maybe two moments of sharp pain but the whole process is so fast that it’s not worth making a fuss over (in terms of my experience). I do have a high pain threshold.

My periods went from 7 days long to 9 days long. I used to be heavy bleeding 1-2 days, moderate 3 days, and light remaining days. Now I’m extremely heavy bleeding 5 or 6 out of 9 days. I can only use the overnight thick pads because the bleeding is that heavy. 

My cramping was always only bad on the first day and then moderate for the rest of my cycles. After the copper, I cramp the week before starting, cramp horribly (horribly) during, and cramp the week after I’ve ended my period. My cramps alone are so intense but to top it off…the back pain and soreness is almost as unbearable and I experience pain that follows to my anal muscles (tmi, but yeah..). My actual vaginal area gets shooting pain during my periods as well on the IUD. Literally, knowing I can handle higher amounts of pain than most and experiencing what I do, it does have me slightly more concerned for actual birth and hoping on some level that it can’t be much worse…because I feel like if I could measure the level of pain then it would have to be pretty up there. I’ve even resorted to trying to do the hypno exercises in working yourself through the cramps lmao.  

The only reason I have put up with it is because I’ve been so stubborn to have only hormone free and I really like the concept of a IUD in theory. 

Some things work for some and less so for others. You may be like countless others that have a great experience with it or you may not. I would say you need to give it at least 6 months to preferably a year to give it a chance to “settle”. I keep hoping if I get to two years it will settle but I’m thinking that after a year it’s not going to change for me.

Good luck.

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Buzzing bee

I have had this in for about a year now. I switched it from the implant (which I recommend), but I am not sure how it is in regards to skin. 

This one has taken a lot of adjusting as I used to not have periods and now I have very heavy periods. I mean they are really heavy, at first, it was really hard to adjust but now it isn’t really a big deal. I tend to have more cramps, It feels like I can pinpoint exactly where my cramps are starting from. I used to only have back pain of my period and now I have cramping too. Midol usually takes care of it, but it can still hurt. 

It took me almost six months to get regulated on it. I was honestly contemplating taking it out and I had an appointment scheduled and everything, but by the time it rolled around I was doing better on it so I ended up cancelling the appointment. 

Getting it out in sucks. You can feel the Gyno pulling on your uterus which feels like a horrible horrible cramp. I had cramps the rest of the day that it was put in, but u was able to go to work. The cramps significantly lessened after the first day but I still had them for three or four days after it was put in. 

I would recommend it, but it would not be my first recommendation, like I said I really liked the implant (nexplanon), but we switched over to this  due to other health issues that I had. I do like this one, but compared to nexplanon i have had more issues/adjustment time on this one. I would still recommend it though. 

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