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I don’t think you shouldn’t have it at the beach just because she wants to have hers there.  You need to do what YOU want.  You shouldn’t change it just because it’s apparently what she "wants" now, too.  I would say, maybe change up your centerpieces a little bit and don’t tell her.  And then stop sharing your ideas with her. If you don’t tell her what you are doing, she can’t copy you. 

As much as it sucks, I’ve always been of the mindset that copying is the highest form of flattery.  Think of it this way, she must think you have really good taste! (Although it is unfortunate that her wedding will be before yours)

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My best friend (MOH), her cousin did the same thing. She got married before her cousin did, but I reckon she had the same dress, colors, ring cut (except her ring "was bigger"; I’m mocking the cousin) Topper, everything! My Maid/Matron of Honor just shook her head and said "It’s sad when someone can’t be creative, and come up with their own thing."

If it were me, and my cousin wanted to copy me….I’d give her false & off the wall ideas that I was planning. But that’s me. I’m sneaky like that. lol

I do have a cousing getting married this year too. I got engaged before her, but she has her own style, and I have mine. We’re just worried that one of just will think of something, and the other will copy it, and not even realize it! lol

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Heh, I’d do the same as amanda V. Tell her I’m making my Fiance wear a cape, and that a trained eagle was going to fly the rings down the aisle to us during the ceremony.. and that I’m going to wear a replica of a dress worn by a queen of england 4 centuries ago.


(I’m NOT knocking anyone who’s doing these things – it’s just so far off from anything I personally would do.)

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That sucks!  I am sorry you are having to deal with the drama.  Above all, I second mandalynn17– you should absolutely have the wedding of your dreams, regardless of what your cousin does.  When I stress about using an idea similar to someone else’s wedding, it’s mostly bc I don’t want to offend the other bride.  Since your cousin is the one being sneaky, who cares what she thinks. 

Also, I probably already know the answer, but would anything good come from sitting down and having a talk with her?  Maybe you could help her brainstorm ideas different from yours?  If that doesn’t work, I would definitely tell her about the trained eagle thing, lol. 

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How does your cousin feel about this? Is the copy-catting need coming from the aunt only, or from the cousin too? I just wonder why they think it’s so great to do exactly the same things as you. It’s really weird.

Regardless, you should have the wedding that you want. Keep your real details under wraps, and throw out decoy details when pressed. On the whole, avoid talk of wedding details. You can say, oh I’m considering "X" and let X be your second or third choice option—not something ridiculous, because she won’t believe that and might get suspicious and catty as to why you’re not sharing with her. Then when the day comes, you can actually go with your first choices and they’ll be different than hers. Also, you have the leeway of going to her wedding first and then making any other changes you want before your day comes. In a way that ensures that you’ll have a more personalized wedding—if yours was first there’d be no stopping her from copying every last detail.

But I wouldn’t change your location just because of her. First, tons of people get married at the beach. Just because your cousin might also get married there does not mean that it is a bad idea all around or that people will think one or both of you is a copycat (and regardless, they probably already know about the forced competition between you two). Second, if you change to a different type of location, she’ll probably change hers too and you’ll be back where you started!

Good luck 🙂

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Wow. She’s even trying to find the exact *house?* Wow.

I think you’ve gotten some good advice — just wanted to offer some sympathy. Sheesh. 

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That is pretty crazy.  I agree that you should give her some decoy details, but maybe only if pressed as Chelsea morning suggested.  If you can’t talk to her about it that is.  Good luck-I’m sure it will turn out okay, and as Chelsea said, you can always change things after you see her wedding!  Keep it at the beach though if that’s what you want!

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I had a cousin like that..Years ago when I married my x, I had planned a gorgeous wedding.  And about 10 mos later she got married.  She actually called me to ask if she could have the same music played at her wedding and could I tell her who did my flowers, etc.  Luckily the florist and I were (still are in fact) friends and he changed things up to suit "her".  I took it as flattery, but when she called asking where could she buy the SAME dress I stopped it right there and then.  I told her that I didn’t find it great that she was wanting to do the same exact things down to a T, and that everybody would def 

If it were me, I’d hit the nail on the head.  This is an ongoing situation and if it’s not addressed and dealt with there will be a SECOND generation of copycats and distrust when you both become moms and have kids..for she’ll keep it up.

I’d arrange for you and your mom and her and her mom to have a sit down talk.  Remain calm and nice, maybe taking them out to lunch.  Discuss to her how you had previously designed your wedding, colors, even the venue and that you do NOT wish to have a double wedding, and you do NOT APPRECIATE their efforts to thwart you or your mom’s good ideas and planning.  Since this has gone on for years, I’d be cordial, but if they’d lose their cool with me, I’d plan my own ideas and not discuss it with them…such as sending out SAVE THE DATES well in advance with THE SAME VENUE on it..and I’d make darned sure that everybody in the family knows the score if your cousin does not listen to reason and respond decently and carries out her copycat wedding.  Hopefully she will be nice and maybe just bringing this behavior to their attention will thwart it, but if it does not, then I would send out the STD’s, and then tell her it’s her time to change plans..


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Busy bee

I went through the same thing when I was previously engaged.

I would stop sharing ANY ideas with her, and like above posters, I would give her bogus ideas.

My mom told me to stop stressing over whether someone is copying me and just pay attention to the details at her wedding. My mother got married before all of her friends, and now she wishes she could have done it last, and improved upon their ideas. Since you have plenty of time between hers and yours, just see what she does, and improve it.

If she’s that much of a competitor, I would TELL her that you’re considering another venue, and see if she changes hers, like chealseamorning said.

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I second the advice of beffielou. It sounds like this has been a long standing issue and this might be a great time to address it in a kind, non-threatening way. It is clear that your cousin looks up to you (imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, after all) and it’s likely that she thinks your ideas are trendy, cool, exciting, beautiful, etc. How about talking to her about the issue at hand(you feel burdened by her copying) as well as the secondary issue (you both want to have beautiful weddings)? Perhaps when your cousin knows how this makes you feel, she will be less likely to repeat her behavior. Finally, you might offer to help her plan her own unique wedding. This could be a great bonding experience for both of you and could show her your support while also helping you have the unique wedding you have been dreaming of!



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Man, even the house??  I would not only stop sharingwedding details, but details on your life in general, that she’d liekly copy. 

I love the idea about throwing out some decoy.  And the way Chelseamorning put it, it wouldn’t exactly be like lying.  But I’m dying at what maryjane said!  Too funny.

I would still have the beach wedding, if you want it.  Is it a destination deal?  I would think it would be more welcomed by your guests in November than June, anyway.  And I would consider changing some things like the centerpieces.


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Bee Keeper

Wow.  That’s balls.

I would tell her you have COMPLETELY changed your mind, and then give her details about another venue, location, everything.  (Borrow from other Bees here who have posted their details!)  Then you can see if she really is copying everything.  I would definitely tell her it bothers you, and let her know that you won’t be sharing any further details if she intends to keep it up.  And even if she says she won’t, I would still tell her your third or fourth choice for everything.  She’s sneaky and I don’t think it’s flattering that she is doing this, I think it is underhanded and mean-spirited.

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I would TOTALLY do what MaryJane said. But I’m so like that, too. Can you send her a link to a different house and say, "oh i wanted to help, here’s the one we’re going with!" and let her eat dirt basically?

You can always change your mind on other stuff. I probably would…i’d think "Hmmm how can i go above and beyodn what i already have?" and roll wtih it. 

Tell her you got X wedding dress, too and totally keep yours secret!

Is this cousin’s mom your dad’s sis or your mom’s sis? Depending on how close they all are, you could sic your mom on her. I totally would with my mom. My mom would rip into my aunt about that so fast everyone would be embarassed FOR my aunt.

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I am sorry but the first thing I thought was "funny" because I came to work to explain to the bookkeeper here about my weekend. Which is way too close to this story.

I have a cousin too, a cousin in a family just like this, sort of.

More like when my mom died my aunt said how hard it was on her girls.

WTF??? I was young teen and that was MY mom!

When asked about my wedding last year, I said that it would be this year. So, then 4 months later my cousin is engaged and planning for the same month. So, then I just started to telling everyone that we were waiting, that it would be like a year from now. So, now they are all surprised we are doing it in Australia in 5 weeks. 

And when asked why so far away, I say so that it can’t be critisized by unloving people and leave it at that.

I say "throw her off the trail", give her a recommendation of a house, but not your house, give her one that is WAY expensive. Heck, give her a different beach. Give her the opposite colors you are having, and by NO MEANS let her know about your dress. Keep that under lock and key. Stay far from the competition, it’s unloving. And this is a very loving period of your life, it is YOUR wedding day.

Clearly is lacking creativity. And maybe you could just say, perhaps you could get a little more creative with your wedding. What a bore it will be that people will know how I’ve planned my wedding and all you are doing is copying. 


I am sorry to say but it sounds like everything is a competition. And DO NOT tell her when you plan on having children. Just saying.


Good luck!

I am not letting my aunt or my cousin see my dress, not because I think they will try and find the same dress but because of the crap they have to say about it. 

Like, "are you wearing white?" 

I should say, "none of you f*$%#@^& business" or "yes, you know I haven’t been married before and I have no children born out of wedlock" but that just seems mean. But if pushed I might just say it.

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