Cordless Vacuums and vacuum strategy

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wildflowerz :  ooooooooooh let me tell you ’bout my best friend. It’s the Shark IonFlex DuoClean cordless vacuum. It’s freaking amazing! I have a toddler and a heavy shedding dog and I use it every single day. It’s a great cordless vacuum (folds for storage so you don’t have to find a wall to hang it on like the Dyson, has 2 rechargable batteries to extend your cleaning time, and you don’t have to hold the button to keep it on) and it has attachments to also be a great handheld. It can easily handle everything you’re talking about plus it works very well on hard floors. It’s very lightweight so it isn’t a big deal to carry it up and down stairs. 

I swear I don’t work for Shark I just really really really REALLY love my vacuum. I’m a weirdo. 

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I have the Dyson animal and I love it. My house is all hardwood and tile with one area rug and I do my entire house with it. I have two dogs, one of which is a golden mix and it does a great job of getting up all of the dog hair. It has different attachments so I can just snap them on and off to do the floors, the area rug, the couches, the car etc.  I never use a broom amymore!

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I absoutely love my dyson stick vacuum. I use it for my whole house. Wood floors downstairs, area rugs and capeted room upstairs. It’s so easy to do the stairs too. I highly recommend it. So lightweight to take up and down the stairs. 

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So, we’re waiting for our wedding to buy any larger home purchases, since a few are on our registry. But I NEED a new lightweight vaccuum. I thought this one was cordless (Eureka), but it came in yesterday and it’s corded. Nevertheless, I vaccummed my ENTIRE HOUSE in under 10 MINUTES and I only had to change the plug location once. It was $30 and I’m seriously considering taking the roomba off the registry and just use this thing forever.

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I, like LilliV, also LOVE my shark IONFlex! I love that it goes from hard floors to carpet super easy, the battery life is pretty good, plus the second battery is clutch. I also feel like a bad-ass when I click in the battery (yes, I’m aware I’m a total dork). We have a short haired dog that sheds constantly! And dusting the end tables and console tables used to drive me up a wall. But, now I use the dusting attachment, and my world is changed! It sucks it all right up, and it sucks up all the hair in my bathroom as well! Plus, I got mine at Kohl’s for 30% off the sale price and used Kohl’s cash so it was really cheap! 

The other thing we have to keep down the dog hair is a roomba, but that does NOT do well on my hair. It gets really caught up in the little rollers. So we keep that one upstairs just to keep the kitchen and common areas clean, but we don’t let it go into the bathroom or our bedroom becuase it just gets choked up on my longer hair. 

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I have a Dyson V6 and love it. I would love to get the V10 but no need as the one we have is still going strong. I have a westie and a cat who both shed and my hair sheds everywhere too and it has no trouble getting it all up. Even when my mom’s collie has been here, it still doesn’t struggle and we’ve had it for 5 years now. 

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Sunshine024 :  I also feel like a bad-ass when I click in the battery (yes, I’m aware I’m a total dork).

I completely relate to this sentiment lol. I feel like I’m arming up for a battle against the dog fur tumbleweeds and cheerios (which I always win because the vacuum is so awesome lol) I got mine via a black Friday sale on QVC, but honestly even full price is still about half of what a Dyson costs. My other corded vacuum is also a Shark but now I just leave that upstairs (where we have some wall-to-wall carpeting and a super thick pile shag area rug that the ionflex doesn’t do that great with) since it’s not as good on the hardwoods on the main floor. 

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My Dyson V6 works great, until it doesn’t. Battery is like 14 minutes, and the end of the roller (the cap you remove to take the beater bar out to clean it) literally melted so it randomly flies off while I’m using it. Not ideal for a $500 vacuum. I’ve had it for less than 2 years. I will say it doesn’t lose suction, and doesn’t spit dirt everywhere on hard surfaces like a lot of vacuums do. I miss my Shark and will absolutely go back to that when the time comes. 

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I have the Dyson v10 Absolute and it’s the tits. 

But I’m a bit shady that the v11 came out 2 months after we bought it. That thing apparently can suck like crazy. In one test it picked up 101% of dirt from a brand new carpet. Lke, they got a new carpet, rubbed sand into it, and this thing not only picked up all of the sand, but dirt that DIDN’T EVEN EXIST. 

So yeah I’m on team Dyson. I have a 3×2 house with 2 living areas and each room is massive. It handles the house no problem. I use lowest setting for tiles. but highest for carpets (as we have a retriever and his hair gets really stuck). Battery lasts the whole time.

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I have the Dyson V8 and I’m obsessed with it. I have 2 regular corded Dysons and rarely use either one anymore. The V8 is just so light and maneuverable and I use it every single day. 

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We have the Dyson V8 animal and it’s amazeballs. We got it two Christmases ago and it’s been amazing. We have two dogs (one of which is a husky…. Fur city) and two cats and this bad boy is amazing. I use it everyday (sometimes twice a day) and it can get our whole house. I do have to empty the canister twice. One time for each level in my house but that’s nbd especially with how much per hair we have in our house. It’s lightweight and easy to carry and is seriously one of our favorite gifts! 

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I have to jump in on this. I have a magenta shark lift away I got from ny registry. Not shunning this vacumn but I cant lift it! So since I can barely lift it or carry i cant speak for that. I couldn’t figure out how the attachments worked either, embarrassing to admit but true

If you are looking for a cheap small and lightweight best friend that even gets bugs and tiny specs I HIGHLY recommend the bissell featherweight stick vacumn. It is not cordless but it converts into the handheld version, the rolling floor type and another style. I think its $25 on Amazon. I’ve used and abused this thing crashed it on the floor a million times since I am clumsy and it’s still working the same as the day I got it. My aunt is an obsessive cleaner (she has this 1 and a miele) and when visiting her I saw this baby in use and wanted one for myself since it’s thin extremely light and versatile. Use it every day. Ive used it on things vacumns should not be used for since I’m lazy and exhausted after 12 hour work days.. like bag twist ties, onion skins etc. and never had any problems. The miele was a literal dream, the shark and other vacumns have this off smell after using but not the miele so I will be getting a compact version for myself later this year for serious carpet vacuuming. But for small stuff I am sticking with the bissel 

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I saw this thread and immediately felt the need to brag about my shark ionflex but I see others already have! I seriously love that vacuum and recognize how weird it is to say that. I’ve only had it for a few months but it’s just so dang easy to get out for quick cleans. I don’t use it on my carpet except for area rugs and carpeted stairs though definitely could. It does a great job for my hardwoods and tile. Having 2 batteries is great (and being able to store the vacuum where there isn’t a power outlet works for my space) so if it dies I don’t have to wait to recharge. This is the only cordless vacuum I’ve ever used though so it could just the type of vacuum I like as much as this model. It does convert to a handheld which is handy (haha!) though it maybe isn’t quite as easy as just a simple handheld vacuum. For as infrequently as I use that feature though, it works just fine.

I really wanted to buy a Dyson – just because I’ve heard such good things about them. But when researching there were just so many good things about the shark and some mixed reviews for the Dysons that I just couldn’t justify the added expense as it seemed the cheaper/older models had more issues. Totally happy I went for the shark!

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