(Closed) Corporate Bees, did you get a raise/bonus this year?

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  • poll: Did you get a raise or bonus this year?

    Yes I got a raise and bonus

    I got a raise only

    I got a bonus only

    I didn't get either and I normally do

    I didn't get either, but that's normal for my job


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    I voted ‘other,’ becuase I won’t know until March 30th.  I’m hoping to get a raise and bonus, but I don’t think they will be close to what I’ve received in the past.  I work in the insurance industry and last year was the toughest for our company yet.  I’m really hoping we’ll see some improvements this year.  It’s scary.

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    I’m in NYC – both my husband and I received raises and bonuses. However, mine was smaller than years past due to a career change at the ending of last year. My husband is in an industry that either withheld raises or cut salaries for the past few years (still giving a bonus however – just smaller), so we were grateful for the more “normal” raise and bonus this year.

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    It was a major bummer for me, as I was expecting both a bonus and a raise to help pay for the wedding, and got neither due to the economy. After the wedding, if I haven’t gotten a raise, i will be looking for another job, this job pays me way less than I’m worth at this point, and I can barely stay afloat every month.

    Crappy all around

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    I work for a small law firm. I got a bonus but no raise. My bonus was a bit smaller than expected, but it is hard for me to talk about averages since I have only worked there for 2.5 years. I’ve gotten one raise since I started, at the 18 month mark, of 7%. I got the same bonus this year that I got my first year, but my first year I had only worked there 3 months before bonus-time and this year I worked the whole year. My second year was kind of an anomaly because I closed a multi-million dollar case by myself so my bonus was a lot higher than it would’ve otherwise been, about 8x what I got this year. 

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    I got both a raise and a bonus this year. The bonus wasn’t affected at all by the economy and the raise may have been affected a little bit. Overall, I am pretty pleased with what I got.

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    Yes, I got a raise and a bonus. However, both were a joke and more like a slap in the face. My raise was $500 – 1.3% to be exact. That was bullshit. My bonus was a decent amount but then like a month after I got an email (so did a few other coworkers) stating that they overpaid my bonus so the amount they overpaid will be gradually taken out of future bonuses! Such BS!!

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    I got both a raise and a bonus (I also got both last year).  Those have been the only two years I’ve been in the corporate world so I don’t have experience beyond that.

    My bonus this year was very comperable to my bonus last year but my raise was higher.  They said that I was a bit below where I ought to be for the salery so my raise was a bit higher to get me more in line with where I should be.

    ETA: DH has also gotten a raise and a bonus both years he has been in the corporate world (although his bonus this year wasn’t as good as last years – last year’s paid at over 100% of standard and this years only paid at 20%).

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    I got a raise and a “bonus”. My bonus was seriously less than I got my first year out of college, I don’t work in finance for the personal satisfaction people.

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    I received both, but with modifications. Last year we got no bonus so getting one this year was a surprise. They alloted to pay 45% of the bonus plan. So for instance, my employees are usually entitled to 5% of their salary. This year they are entitled to 45% of the 5%, however as their manager I can allot one 30% and give their 15% to a better performing staff member. I chose not to do that, as I thought people only getting 45% of it was enough reducing.  I am entitled to 45% of my normal 12% bonus. I got 65% so obviously one of my peers lost some percentage points. Good for me 🙂  Raises havn’t been figured out yet but HR has informed us they will be doing something.

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    I got a raise and a bonus at the end of last year, although I don’t really count the raise as a raise. It was much larger than any raise I’ve ever gotten, but I moved into this position as an internal transfer mid year.

    The salary for my new job was quoted to me as almost double the salary of my old job. I got a partial salary adjustment mid year with the understanding the rest would come at the end of the year.

    However, at the end of the year I got a very small additional bump and a bonus. Even with those two added together I’m still 20% under what my quoted salary adjustment was supposed to be (and what all my peers are paid).

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    I got a raise, albeight a small one, as for bonus they only way you make bonus where I am it is if you are say a machine. The expectations for bonus is so high no one makes bonsus anymore

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    I got a bonus at the end of last year whereas the year before I did not (it was a bad profit year).

    Last year I did not get a raise and this year….I did and didn’t.

    They’re trying out a new method (or so they say!) based on personal/professional goals that we set for me. So much like getting licensed automatically means a significant pay raise. We will set smaller professional goals for myself and each time I reach it will be a small raise.

    We’ll see if they follow up on it!

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    I did but I am significantly underpaid so it wasn’t much and a little insulting. I was able to see the bonus/raise spreadsheet for the company though and some people made bank. It was sickening considering how many people we laid off. We have around 20 directors and the bonus most of them got was almost double my salary.

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