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Honey bee
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I am not against cosmetic surgery in theory but the procedure you are considering sounds very extreme and the thought of it makes me wince!

Who are these people telling you your teeth stick out or pointing out something wrong with your lip?! The first step before considering any kind of surgery is to get these people out of your life! 

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Busy bee

I personally like a unique smile! There are too many “toothpaste commercial” teeth. My.teeth aren’t straight, one of my front ones is twisted. But I modelled for most of my life with no issues. 

People are too hung up on idealized beauty.  Don’t let it skew the view of yourself. 

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Sugar bee

My sister had her jaw broken and reset to fix a severe overbite about 2 years ago. The recovery was pretty brutal. She is 100% happy with her smile now but the jaw surgery completely changed the shape of her face and it took her a while to get used to. It also made her nose a lot more prominent and she was very very self conscious about that for quite a while too.

Her surgery was covered by private health insurance, it would have been $20k otherwise. Had it not been covered, she wouldn’t have had it done – she waited 12months just so it WOULD be totally covered by insurance. Happy for you to PM me if you’d like anymore info. 

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nerk :  doing that will make your jaw and chin bigger. Look in the mirror amd force your lower jaw forward so your teeth meet, if you don’t like what that does to the shape of your face then I think it would be a huge mistake. I have a huge over bite too but I think if I had it fixed it would make my jaw look masculine in comparison to how my face is shaped now so I’ve never really considered it. I’m not downing cosmetic surgery though, there’s plenty I’d love to do if I was rich and not scared of botching or waking up in the middle of the procedure. Maybe try getting filler shots to make your lips bigger and see if that fixes it, at least that is reversible if you don’t like the results. Also anyone who is just randomly pointing out things they deem wrong with your face is shit-trash, don’t hang around shit-trash.

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Helper bee

My aunt had that done. Her teeth were glued together for I THINK 6 months. She was also a teenager at the time. Lost a ton of weight only being able to eat clear liquids basically. That would be a hard time for me personally.

I think people need to eff off and grow up. Pointing out peoples’ supposed flaws isn’t appropiate at any age. The misery you have to go through is not worth pleasing other people. 

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I have a big overbite. They gave me braces as a kid but I didn’t wear them properly and gave up (big regret)

I have looked into having them done now and they did mention breaking the jaw and resetting. It would also not be covered by the NHS as I am an adult so I would have to pay for it. I am still deciding on what to do and might try normal fixed braces again first.

Not much help, but I am thinking the same as you too. FWIW, my husband has always said he would pay if I wanted it done, but that he doesn’t really care one way or the other.

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Sugar bee
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nerk :  I got breast implants about 7-8 years ago, I liked them at first but the weight of the implant, plus gaining some weight over the years has caused them to sag so Ill be getting a lift in a few months. If I could go back again I probably wouldn’t have done it, my dad had just died and I inherited some money and was being incredibly irresponsible trying to buy happiness.

But, that’s just me. A lot of my friends have had cosmetic surgery (boobs, nose) and LOVE their results and feel amazing. I think it just depends on the person, what they had done and WHY.

I would be hesitant to have my jaw broken and reset… that sounds intense. Have you gotten a second opinion, perhaps there are other options?

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I have had a very similar procedure to what you’re talking about. I had orthodontial work performed on me nonstop from the age of 7 to 20, but by the time I was 10, the expander had done a TOO good of a job and teeth spacing, compiled with baby teeth being lost and adult teeth growing in totally random places, messed up my mouth incredibly. The orthodontist performed a surgery to shrink my jaw back and it took months of pain for my teeth to be forced to grow normally. Reminiscing of the pain STILL makes me wince. I only ate soft foods for almost a year (from only mush to slowly moving towards meat cut up in REALLY tiny pieces).

I was mortified. Being ten is a rough age for a girl, let alone having a messed-up mouth. 

This isn’t to deter you from getting the surgery – only you can determine if you need it. However, my situation was EXTREME (before the surgery I was crying nonstop from the pain of having teeth literally grow in the roof of my mouth) and yours doesn’t sound so extreme.  

If I were you, I wouldn’t get the surgery, but honestly, that’s just me. I’m biased with a fear of oral surgery now XD

Public Service Announcement to all you parents: if you’re a German with massive teeth and married an Irishman with his tiny jaw, your kids will be MESSED UP. XD

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My dentist has also said that this procedure would be the only way to fix my bite. As a kid, I had a device that was on my upper palate, that my mom had to tighten every day with a key that she turned in the device. It was painful, but did correct some of my severe overbite. I also had braces for a while, but keep in mind, braces are the primary cause of gum recession, outside of genetics, and gum recession cannot be corrected without gum graft surgery (which I had a few months ago). Changing the way your bite is surgically would also impact your bones and likely result in gum loss over time. 

Likely because of the device I had as a kid, my jaw now “locks” if held open too wide and for too long. 

So, I’m not having the jaw surgery, and I would advise against it. Every surgery has a risk and possible side effects and complications. And in this case, I don’t think it’s worth what the surgery would accomplish. 

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Honey bee

So I might have to have jaw surgery in the future to fix my TMJD. I too had braces to fix an overbite and developed TMJ syndrome. I also feel my jaw is slightly uneven and I hate it. I tried to get surgery but the insurance said nope. So for here’s what Ive found:

You’ll want to see an Oral Surgeon specifically. For cosmetic make sure the doctor is board certified IN cosmetic surgery but also has experience in jaw surgery in general. 

Think about the risks and ask what they are. For mine is was a small risk of nerve damage (theres a large nerve in the jaw you don’t wanna nick but hence finding a surgeon that does this all the time)

For cosmetic I’d get a consult and see if they do the images so you can see an estimate of what it would look like. This may cost but it’s worth it. 

Its ok to get a bunch of opinions and then sit and think. I’m in the process of thinking about a 3rd opinion for my jaw. 

My surgeon said they rarely have your mouth wired shut anymore so if that’s a major fear, ask them before you freak out. My initial surgery that I was supposed to have there was zero wiring shut. So you gotta ask  a lot has changed in this field. 

If you do get the surgery stock up on liquid meals and things you can heat up while you recover. Of course follow doctors orders with regard to what you can have when but all the blogs i read from those that had it  it was to have liquid food ready. You are not going to want to make  broth then, so do it before. 

That’s all I’ve got. Keep us posted!


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I had surgery very similar to what you are describing. I had a bad overbite, and pretty terrible TMJ because of it. My jaw would also lock up sometimes. So mine wasn’t about cosmetics, it was about function haha. Anyway, I had braces leading up to it, then had the actually surgery the summer after my freshman year of college. Plan on not leaving the house for like… a month. You do have your jaws wired shut for about a month, and your face will SWELL like no body’s business. I don’t think any big surgery is a super plesant experience, but I am happy I had it done, as I don’t have jaw issues like I used to. I also don’t think it changed the way I look – but I know it can for some. Good luck whatever you decide! 

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Honey bee

rosebee17 :  Not to derail but did it help the TMJ syndrome? Can you tell me if they did the disk removal  or a full joint repair or replacement? 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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nerk :  

I vowed years ago not to age gracefully, but to fight it with everything I have, each step of the way.  I don’t worry about feeling vain.  I am vain. It’s who I am.

In service of my vanity, I have put myself under the knife a few times. Plus regular Dysport injections (the new Botox, results show faster and last longer). I have had fillers in the past and I will again if it becomes necessary.

Dh totally does not mind the expense.  He was warned that early on that I’m high maintenance and certain things just have to be done, ie hair, nails, surgeries . . . He loves the results, always more than he expects.

By far, the most important part of any cosmetic surgery is choosing your surgeon.  Never, ever, ever let anyone who is not a board certified surgeon inject anything into your face or do any cutting.  In some places, non-certified doctors advertise big discounts.  Not worth it.

I adore my surgeon. It was a worry that when we left SoCal, maybe I wouldn’t be able to find anyone as good as what I was used to.  I was so wrong. My doctor is incredible.  He is a gifted surgeon, an artist, and one of the nicest human beings you could ever hope to meet.

I found him via word of mouth, which is exactly the right way.



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sweatergal007 :  It did! I don’t have the discomfort or jaw locking up anymore like I did. I don’t think they replaced the joint or anything – I think they cut my jaw and just reset it. Not positive on the speciifcs though, sorry! 

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