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@Miss Tattoo: my old boss actually had lasik 20 years ago, and hasn’t had any issues, except now she has to wear reading glasses. I’m not eligible for lasik because my prescription keeps changing, but I think once I get older, I may resort to it.

I have a ton of imperfections about myself that I hate, but I have learned to live with them. I have horrible undereye circles due to severe allergies and thin skin, that no amount of makeup with make then go away, but it did soften them. I stopped wearing makeup when my husband and I started dating, because he liked me better without it. Luckily, glasses hide them for the most part, but I don’t know that I would want to look at me without makeup or glasses! he still thinks I’m beautiful, and honestly, who am I to judge what he thinks? He married me, and is very much attracted to me.

Maybe I’ll think differently later on ,but I’ve always thought that cosmetic surgery would only be necessary for me if medically needed

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@Miss Tattoo: Great examples. I have literally put young teens and women next to me at my desk and shown them just how easy it is to change a photo — b/c people know there is “airbrushing” but they have no idea just how easy it is, and exactly what can be done. It’s shocking to watch.

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@blu77: yeah I know! I SUCK at photoshop. Seriously. Mr. Tattoo is a graphic designer and what he can do with photoshop amazes me! All you have to do is look on youtube for before and after shots of models in photoshop.

Magazines should really put disclaimers on their photos.

*This model has been photoshopped. Her legs are actually 3 inches bigger. Her boobs are actually 30% smaller. Her lips have been inflated. Her hair has gray spots. Her skin is really not this flawless…even with the best makeup we still had to airbrush over dark circles, wrinkles, red blotches, ect. OH! Yeah and her waist? It’s really a 32 and not 24.*

Then women can see that this is not realistic. Especially since a lot of people think Kim Kardashian is perfect. Clearly she is not. Have you seen her WITHOUT makeup? Most people wouldn’t even do a second glance.

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I think the thing that bothers me most is when people have some kind of “enhancement” and then insist that others need it too.  My sister had implants a few years ago and now she gets all of her “implant” friends to harass me telling me I need.  Um, no thanks.  I’m happy the way that I am…..and so is my Fiance.  🙂  Besides, I don’t want to be 70 with perky boobs.

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OP, appreciate where you’re coming from with this post, but as someone who has had plastic surgery, it’s almost… but not quite… just a little offensive.  People are surprised to hear that I’ve had work done, and I’m thrilled with the results.  I didn’t do it for any reason other than, well, I simply wanted to.  I had/have no self esteem issues that cause/d me to feel like I had to get this done – it was just something I wanted for myself.  I felt beautiful and confident before surgery, and I feel exactly the same after… no more, no less.

Everyone’s allowed to feel exactly as they want about any topic under the sun, but this is almost a negative post for those of us who have had surgery – are we no longer attractive?  Damaged? Fake?  I’m the same girl I would’ve been had I not gotten the surgery 4 years ago. 

Men choose to use rogaine or get plugs, go to the gym to get huge muscles, buy flashy sports cars, wear Prada shoes… maybe everyone should embrace their hair loss, ‘average’ bodies with guts and pooches, drive sensible family sedans and wear Keds.  My point is that most people – and I do realize there’s a large population of people doing it for outwardly appearances – do these things for themselves.  It’s completely personal and not because someone’s telling them they need to do/have/be it.

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@scottsouth:  I am assuming you’re a guy, and so I want to say this to you:

If you really want women to feel more comfortable with their bodies, to feel more beautiful and youthful at all ages, then STOP TELLING US!  WE are not the problem here.  How many men do you know who’s first impression of a woman is ALWAYS based on her looks?  How many men do you know who look at porn, who drool over these digitally altered “women” and expect their girlfriends to look the same?  How often will you see a guy drool over droopy, saggy, or small breasts over big and perky ones?

Point is, if you want women to stop judging themselves, start telling men to quit judging them first.

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I have implants and if I had the choice to do it again, I sure would! I’m a little vain and I love that about me.

Once I stopped maturing I noticed that my ta ta’s were not going to get any bigger and so I started thinking about it. Probably when I was about 18. But I decided that I would not go see a surgeon unless I knew that if he said that he couldnt do it(for whatever reason) that I would still be comfortable in my own skin. I waiting 8 years until I was as confident as I was going to get and I had also made the decision to not have children. I finally had the money and the confidence to go and get them done, so I did.

I can honestly say I didnt do for anyone else but me! I dont care about what society, men or magazines think. I wasnt swayed by air brushed pictures of perfect women either. With or without them I know I am a beautiful girl and I love what I see in the mirror. My ta ta’s dont look fake or unproportiate and I barely show them off or tell people. I also dont push anyone to get them. It was a good decision for me and Im glad that other women do things to make themselves feel better about their image.

So I feel sorry for you that you feel sad, because Im sure not:D

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Honestly, I also found your post a tad judgemental. I don’t think that ANY person, man or woman, should tell another person what they should and shouldn’t do with their bodies. Like KristenGettingMarried, I think this thread is very negative towards women who have had work done. I think that the fact that you chose to single out a group of strange women on a website and put them down for their personal decisions rather “sad” myself.

I am a woman who is planning on getting breast implants. I don’t have some sort of deep-seated inferiority complex. I don’t have self-esteem issues. I don’t hate myself. I want them for the same reason I got tattoos and dyed my hair blue, to make myself look more attractive to my own eyes, to hell with how attractive I look to others. I see plastic surgery as just another form of body modification. Some people cover themselves in tattoos, some people split their tongues, some get piercings and some do plastic surgery. It’s all the same to me.

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@Miss LusterDust: but then I just think how these other guys haven’t seen me naked, and imagine them feeling duped or something if they did.

I have it on good authority, at least from my guys friends, that all they are thinking is, “Holy crap, she’s naked.  I might get layed…”  Smile  I don’t know how true it is, but that always helps me calm my nerves.  I think, in general, we are way harder on ourselves than guys are.

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@scottsouth: I wouldn’t worry about it. Someone is always going to be offended. You are sad that some women think they have to enhance themselves to feel good. That’s not being judgemental. And even if it is, you are human. Do we shun all the men who won’t mess with a woman with fake tits? No, because that’s their choice. Same thing goes for everything.

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