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  • poll: What was/is the cost of your wedding (excluding engagement ring, wedding bands, & wedding dress)?


    $5,000 < cost

    $10,000 < cost < $15,000


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    • Wedding: May 2016

    We’re looking at around 25k, maybe a bit under as my dress and accessories are factored into that number (~2k). Our biggest costs are the venue (food and drink not included) and photography.

    We have a 90-person guest list and are having a barn wedding in a rural area very close to a large city.

    We’ve hired a day-of coordinator, who is costing us $1,175. Her fee includes two meetings in the run-up to the wedding day along with an assistant’s time on the day of.

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    • Wedding: December 2015

    1) the wedding cost us AUD$30k

    2) we invited 135 pax, 115 turned up

    3) overseas wedding for us (Bali) and it was in a resort

    4) yes and no – we have a friend who used to be a wedding planner and lives in Bali so she offered to help us out FOC (but we did pay her of course!)



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    1.) I’m going to say 25-30k.  I didn’t count, but just ballparking low it was at least 27?

    2.) We had 98 guests, invited around 135?  This was actually a great turnout considering it was a destination wedding for 80% of our guests!

    3.) We had our wedding in the Tampa Bay area.  

    4.) Yes – however she was “discounted” because she works for the venue.  She was a DOC, and I think she was around $750 with the venue.  She was several thousand without.

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    • Wedding: December 2015

    1) not including the black budget…(dress/rings etc), purely wedding stuff. 27K

    2) 190 invited (may of who we knew wouldnt be able to come). I was hoping for 150, 120 ended up rsvping yes. of which 115 came. it was domestic destination in VT in december.

    3) MTI resort, which had a cancellation 6mo out so they offered 50% off site fees food and bev for the weekend. (anything on our bill). This turned a 40K wedding into a 27K. We were so lucky. We had set a budget of 25K.

    4) Wedding planner/day of coordiniator came with the site, she did work with me via email as much as possible before hand.

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    $5,000 for 50 guests in central Florida (invited around 70 but many lived out of the state and would have had to travel very far). We had a luncheon reception which saved us a ton of money. I did not have a coordinator except the person at the venue. 

    This did not include our honeymoon costs either.

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    • Wedding: December 2014

    We didn’t have a preset budget, just tried having something that didn’t seem outrageous and this is what we ended up with:

    We spent around 9,000, 100 guests. we are in central CT. Here is some of the break down:

    had a relative that is a DJ so had him play music, just not loud, dancing music until towards the end When the kids requested to dance…otherwise there wasn’t really the room. We did give him a nice gift.

    Church hall reception, no dancing (except for first dance after we were announced).

    Church, priest, hall rental, organist, etc : 900

    catering: 5,000 (buffet, friends and family discount-think we paid 25 per person but the taxes and fees also add up)

    Rentals: dishes, silverware, glasses, a few extra tables: 750

    cake: 400

    Bar Service: 800. beer and wine, soda, water, 1 bartender

    Photographer: 500-got her for a steal on thumbtack.com. She was even surprised at how much she agreed to do it for! DH also bought and expenisive album for her for about 450 (As a surprise for me) 

    I DIY’d candle centerpieces but wish I would have gone with real flowers…even DIYing

    My dress at DB was 500, his suit from Lord and Taylor was about 300 but he will be wearing many more times 😉

    Hair and makeup for me and my 1 bridesmaid: 300

    Can’t think of any other specifics… 


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    1. Around 5,500.

    2. 90-100 (I can’t remember the exact number)

    3. Country Club

    4. nope 🙂

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    • Wedding: October 2015

    1. Our wedding cost around $60,000 without dress, rings, etc. Over half of that was spent on the two things that were most important to us: great food/open bar and a wonderful photographer.

    2. We had around 140 guests.

    3. Our wedding took place in the dowtown area of a smaller city (Durham, NC) in a renovated tobacco warehouse.

    4. We did have a wedding planner! I was never the kind of girl that dreamt of a wedding and she was a lifesaver because I did not want to deal with the hassle and stress of planning a wedding.

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    • Wedding: August 2014

    1) $45,000  (excludes rings and honeymoon) each of our sets of parents contributed $10k and we paid for remaining $25K  

    2) invited 120 had 105

    3) in a city (fairly expensive city in Canada) at a botanical garden

    4) yes we had a wedding planner who cost $5,000. Best money I ever spent. 

    Big ticket items were approx $12,000 for catering (included staff but excluded booze- we were able to bring our own booze in for the open bar), $4,500 photography, and $4,000 for my dress (but I sold it after so made back about 1/3). 

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    • Wedding: November 2015

    1) How much did/does your wedding cost (not including engagement rings, wedding bands, and wedding dress)?


    2) How many people were invited?

    Invited 230, 170 came.

    3) Where did your wedding take place (country, metropolitan area, suburbs, etc…)

    Popular town in MN. Nothing like the twin cities though.

    4) Did you hire a wedding planner (cost included in question #1).

     nope, did it all myself.


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    • Wedding: May 2017

    1) How much did/does your wedding cost (not including engagement rings, wedding bands, and wedding dress)?

    We did the full-on budget, even going down to gifts for the bridal party, parents, etc. We are at about 17-18K after everything.

    2) How many people were invited?

    We are inviting between 100-120 people.

    3) Where did your wedding take place (country, metropolitan area, suburbs, etc…)

    We are actually getting married in a castle, so that is what most of our cost is attributed to (9500 food and beverage minimum, set-up fees, service charges, etc.) It is in a very small city.

    4) Did you hire a wedding planner (cost included in question #1).

     We didn’t see the need to hire a wedding planner. We booked our vendors, and everything has gone well otherwise so far. We have a coordinator through our wedding venue to ensure things run smoothly on our big day, but she is free of charge.

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    • Wedding: September 2016 - Simsbury 1820 House

    1) How much did/does your wedding cost (not including engagement rings, wedding bands, and wedding dress)?: Not including those things, under $15,000 (includes honeymoon)

    2) How many people were invited?: 56 including us so really 54

    3) Where did your wedding take place (country, metropolitan area, suburbs, etc…): More suburb, New England, small B&B

    4) Did you hire a wedding planner (cost included in question #1).: No


    Bands and dress were probably about $3,000 total.


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    • Wedding: May 2015

    I never had an exact budget, but I’m not a huge spender either so that’s why. 

    1) How much did your wedding cost? Not entirely sure because my parents paid for most of it, but I would say around $13,000-$15,000 if I had a guess. I live in Michigan where weddings aren’t overly lavish by any means. It will really depend on where you live. The bulk of my budget was the reception place and the food.

    2) How many people invited? We invited 200 and I believe around 170 came.

    3) Where did your wedding take place? The country….church which was free for us and then had the reception at a silo turned into reception building.

    4) Did you hire a wedding planner? No wedding planner. I don’t really think in this day in age you need one with all of the resources you can find on your own, but then again I have done event planning for my job so I felt more comfortable with it. The nice thing is that our reception place had a coordinator working with me the entire time and was there for the entire event. Made things go more smoothly I think. She made sure the cake arrived, etc. I really encourage you finding a place that has this or get a day of coordinator if you don’t want to pay the full price for a wedding planner.

    Good luck and have fun! 🙂

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    • Wedding: November 2016

    1) How much did/does your wedding cost: We have a couple of vendors to book, but are looking at 30-35k, not including rings, dress, honeymoon, and rehearsal dinner.  It will probably be another $10-15k for the items excluded.

    2) How many people were invited? We’re still finalizing the guestlist, but are hoping to keep it around 120-130. I expect some declines, but will be budgeting as if 100% will be attending.

    3) Where did your wedding take place: Outside of D.C.

    4) Did you hire a wedding planner: We hired a DOC (requirement for our venue) and she’s been wonderful!

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    • Wedding: August 2015

    Ours in total, including rings and dress and all that was about $18,000.  We invited 250, but had about 215 show up.  I am in the Midwest in a suburb.

    Venue of course was the biggest expense.  Although what worked out in our favor to keep our budget down for so many people was that the venue provided everything — we could choose what kind of decorations we wanted, we had the caterer through them, the DJ through them, and we chose the food through them, included in the package deal was the full beverage package (sodas, teas, juices, lemonades, coffees).  An all-inclusive venue sometimes seems out of reach but when you really crunch numbers a lot of times you can save a TON by having everything through the venue.  It is much cheaper.  We worked with the owner of the venue to plan everything out and we also had a day of coordinator to make sure everything happened at the right time.

    If you’re looking to save money, a separate wedding coordinator in my opinion is kind of a waste.  It’s much easier to do everything yourself and to make all the decisions yourself.

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