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I’m working on it too. I’m on week 6. Don’t you worry, the way you push through to the next level is not not get overwhelmed. Take it one day at a time. In small bites.  Try to enjoy yourself, get something great to play on your iPod and download the C25K app to keep track of it (if you haven’t alrady). Do whatever you can to make it “fun”. And make it “your time”, per Mr Bee’s plan. I listen to self-help tapes and business/professional growth stuff as well as music.

You’re doing awesome on Day 1. 90% of the battle is getting out the door. If Day 2 is too daunting, do Day 1 again and again. Soon your body will be tricked into wanting more exercise. More running. Now when I pop out of the door I’m tempted to just start jogging even during my “warm up walk” phase. That is becuase I DIDN’T GET AHEAD OF MYSELF. Even when I thought I could do more, I just stuck with the plan. Like I said, small bites.

Also, on your rest days, take a walk instead. Just practice that “getting out of the door” part as much as possible.

Week 6 day 3 is next for me, and it’s a 25 minute job without stopping. Wish me luck and let’s be here to support each other.

It’s not as bad as you think it is. Try to enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to go backwards and do an easier day. Maybe you do Day 1 for a week. The important thing is that you do it. Do it at your own pace.

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I’ve learned that it’s EXTREMELY important to get proper running shoes!  Let someone analyze your gait to see if you need specialized shoes. 

 I was at the end of Week 2 when I literally crumbled in pain.  My knees became so stiff and swollen, they popped constantly, and I hobbled for several weeks crying in agony.  Granted I’m about 70 lbs. overweight, but apparently I overpronate (roll my ankles in when I run).  And I had been using my old Nikes that didn’t provide the support I needed so desperately. 

I remember being soooooo excited when I saw this C25K program, and I wanted to succeed.  But until I can buy some proper shoes, I’m just waiting…..like in another area of my life, lol, ahem.  But my other pals who started the same time I did are now running in their first 5K races, and they’re doing amazing!  Stick with it, repeat weeks if you have to, and have fun!  One of these days I swear I’m gonna succeed.  Good luck and happy running!

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I second the notion of a quality pair of shoes that are the right fit for your foot!  I also tell everybody who’s trying ot become a runner that it’s okay to SLOW DOWN.  If you can’t maintin the jog for 90 seconds you’re probably trying to go too fast.  It’s okay, too, if you have to repeat weeks.  The key is consistency with getting out there and slowly increasing time spent jogging vs. walking.  You can do it!  I went from being the fat kid who couldn’t run a mile to a half-marathon runner. 

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I actually prefer runnig in the cold. You warm up pretty quickly.

For temps around or below freezing, I usually wear my running pants, a thermal shirt, a t-shirt, and an outer layer that comes up on the neck. I also wear an ear warmer and running gloves. I don’t really have a problem with my face getting cold, but I do always bring a tissue. The cold makes you want to run, because it warms you up!

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@MsBrooklynA: keep it up! i did this program earlier this year and ran my first 5k in june. it does get surprisingly easy. i went from not running at all to pushing 5 miles on a good day . don’t be discouraged. i had to repeat week 5 like 3 times before feeling comfortable enough to move on. but soon enough you’ll be running longer and you’ll look back on this first week with amazement. just keep doing the best you can do each day you’re running.

proper shoes is a must. you’re feet will thank you for it and you’ll be able to run further. i live in california so i can’t help on the running in the cold tips. you can check runner’s world or active.com for tips. c25k also has a facebook fan page that links to different running tips throughout the day.

there was a c25k thread but i don’t know what happened with it. feel free to pm whenever if you want to chat!

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