(Closed) Could I be ovulating 2.5 months after having baby?

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zebra10 :  also- you said you “sometimes pump and give bottles but usually i do breastfeed every 4 hours” 

This is not following LAM and you should definitely not rely on breastfeeding for birth control due to the fact that you are not correctly following the method.

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girl, use condoms. New partner, new baby — you do not need to be worrying about a pregnancy or an STI right now. 

Also, take some time to learn some basic sex ed. I don’t mean that rudely, but the things you’ve said about EBF and pull-out are things that I learned weren’t true in conservative midwest 8th grade health class. Read some literature on birth control — ACOG has some that talks about birth control methods specifically postpartum. 

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You’re weirdly determined to make bad choices. 

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saratiara2 :  seriously. beginning to question if this is even real.

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Five months ago you were still with your husband. Four months ago you were still considering getting back together. Three months ago you gave birth. And you don’t think an irresponsible, unreliable form of birth control with a new partner is any sort of problem? 

You need to start prioritizing the baby you already have but rarely consider. 

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saratiara2 :  Right? Every single post this person makes is complete craziness. And the baby that she desperately, desperately wanted has been nothing but a mere afterthought since basically the day she got pregnant. She almost never listens to what we say either so whatevs. 

OP, continue having unprotected sex with this new guy you barely know. You probably won’t get pregnant because your ex’s sperm was weaksauce so…it all makes perfect sense. Who cares about sexually transmitted diseases AMIRIGHT?! Mommy needs to get laid! 

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TheGridMonster :  I agree but it can’t be denied that this is quite a level of dedication we don’t normally see. Normally one or two posts and gone.

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I know two women who found out they were pregnant at their newborns 6 week checkup. They were breastfeeding and hadn’t had a period yet so assumed they were fine. 

I think the pull out method can be effective but only if you are in the, meh it’s okay if it fails category and you’d be thrilled if you got pregnant tomorrow. If I had a 2.5 month old and was going through a divorce I’d be very strict about birth control. IUD maybe?

When I was dating, a male friend of mine once said, unless you are in a serious committed relationship if he’s not using a condom, he’s disrespecting you. And bee that hit me hard at the time. HPV, STI’s, Pregnancy, You as a woman have to deal with the consequences of unprotected sex. 

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zebra10 :  THE PULL OUT METHOD IS NOT BIRTH CONTROL. NEWSFLASH USE FRICKEN GOOGLE AND EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!! Many men have semen in their pre-ejaculate which wouldn’t be covered in the pull out method. That method fails quite often. It’s better than nothing I suppose but at the very least, you need to use condoms if you don’t want the risk of having another child right now. 

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zebra10 :  Why are you arguing with the people on this post who are taking time out of their day to answer your question and try to educate you? You can easily google this stuff, but here are REAL mom answers and you refuse to listen.

It doesnt affect us at the end of the day if you have another kid or not. Do what you please, they are just telling you (what you can also confirm with google) that you CAN. Sure, there is a possibility that you wont get pregnant – but why risk it? 

If you dont mind the risk, go ahead. 

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OP, the pull out method can work somewhat, if you have regular cycles, know your body well and are a very knowledgeable with all things fertility related and abstain during your fertile window. OP, your situation is NONE of those things. Your cycle is unknown and not regular because you’ve just recently  pushed a baby out and you have no clue about fertility because think the pull out method is foolproof and you didn’t realise you can get pregnant whilst breastfeeding and without your period having officially returned after childbirth!!

For the love of God do not accidentally get pregnant to your work friend!! Sort your shit out and get your life in healthy order before you bring another child into the world. It’s not just you anymore and your poor decisions and any potential fuck ups can impact on the wellbeing of your child!! You can play roulette with your life as a single unencumbered adult but you are no longer any of those things! You chose to bring a child into your life….Now make choices base on the best life for them and not just you. Wear a Condom!!!!!

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Risking another pregnancy aside, if you guys didn’t get tested and he’s HIV positive, that’s something that can be passed onto your baby through breastmilk. Please for the sake of your child abstain from unprotected sex unless you’re in a committed relationship and both you and your partner have been tested. 

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Why are you worried about ovulating, if the pull out method as you do it is so foolproof? 

Seems like this thread was made for no reason.

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I’m sorry, I just can’t. You jumped into a relationship with the father as soon as your horrible relationship ended, and despite numerous red flags you went ahead with marriage and having a child. Then you stayed with the father for a bit while also having an emotional affair, and tried to save a non-salvagable relationship with someone you didn’t seem to care about that much because you had already moved on to your friend, who was also married. Now you have just got rid of the father, and are now seeing someone else (possibly the work ‘friend’), and you are having unprotected sex with that person.

I can’t understand why you make the decisions you do. I’m starting to wonder if you have all of your mental faculties because the thought progress you seem to have is just completely abnormal and disturbing. I am really concerned for the life your child is going to have, and I do not say that lightly or to be cruel. You need a therapist, today, and to stop seeing men until you can become mentally healthy. 

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Who the heck would be looking for a new partner while heavily pregnant or just after giving birth?! Somethings in this story dont add up

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