Could I be pregnant ?

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Kristin Lee Whitehead Moore :  you’re pregnant!!!


no but seriously… nothing you could tell us would really let us say yes or no. I don’t mean to sound mean, but I have no idea why these posts show up multiple times every week.

Even if someone wanted to guess, there’s so much we don’t know. Is your period late , was the bleeding earlier than expected period, do you know when you ovulated, what other symptoms are you having… but still nothing anyone can say with any more accuracy than your own thoughts.

If you think you might be pregnant just take a test. There are plenty of cheap tests out there for these situations. 

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Take a test – it’s going to give you a much better answer than anyone here can give you. They don’t cost very much so I don’t see the point in wondering (and probably getting stressed) when you can get your answer for a few bucks.

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Kristin Lee Whitehead Moore :  how do you know you should be on your period? Did you track ovulation? If you’re just going based on average cycle length it’s going to vary now that you’re not on the pill. The sure fire way of knowing when to expect your period is to know when you ovulated because your luteal phase would be about two weeks (although this can vary depending on the person too but I think for most people it’s two weeks)

And it may also take a few months to get regular periods although some people are regular right away. 

So in short, if you’re wondering, get a cheap test at the dollar store and see what it says. 

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Kristin Lee Whitehead Moore :  my cycle length fluctuated the first few months coming off the pill. There were months TTC I was CERTAIN I was pregnant and I wasn’t. Then when I was convinced I was out in December I got a positive test. 

The best advice and only advice anyone should give you here is to take the test. It’s the only way you’ll get resolution aside from your period showing up. Anything else is speculation and so many PMS and early pregnancy symptoms are alike. 

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I was on the pill for 10+ years. You have NO idea in the pill what your cycle actually is because it creates one for you. It may take several months when you come off the pill for your cycle to regulate. Therefore, if you came off in December you have likely not had enough time for your body to regulate, and you cannot possibly tell when you are “supposed” to get your period. 

When I came off the pill I had 45 day cycles, with my period starting on cycle day 35ish, over two weeks after I thought it would come on cycle day 14. Totally normal. I now know this is my body’s natural cycle when not on the pill.

Milky white discharge is also normal. So is slippery discharge, no discharge, yellowish dry discharge, etc. We forget this is normal because the pill eliminates most discharge while we are on it and because teaching women to understand their own bodies and menstrual cycles  is not a priority in most schools/cultures. 

I would recommend a) taking a pregnancy test and b) reading online or in a book about menstrual cycles so you understand your body better. Taking Charge of Your Fertility is a leading one. 

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You had unprotected sex, so yes you could be pregnant. Take a test.

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I quite honestly don’t understand these posts. Pregnancy tests aren’t all that expensive so why “check” to see if you could be pregnant on an internet board instead of just taking a test?

FWIW, I had a wonky cycle for a few months after going off BC and would bleed rather randomly. Again though, just take a test.

ETA: I don’t mean to sound harsh but any time you have unprotected sex you *could* be pregnant. And those *symptoms* could be pregnancy symptoms or they could just be your body adjusting to getting off the pill. There is absolutely no way for us to know.

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When I came off my IUD it took 51 days before I got AF! I convinced myself I was pregnant during that time. I wasn’t. 

You may be pregnant you may not be. But only time will tell. 

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Kristin Lee Whitehead Moore :  but…you’re not on birth control now, so what happened when you were on the pill has absolutely nothing to do with it. You don’t even have a real period on the pill, you don’t ovulate. Take a test so you can know for sure. 

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Did you have unprotected sex while ovulating?  If yes, then you could be pregnant. 

Please Google how oral contraceptives work as well as how your cycle and fertility work.  Download an app and start tracking your cycles so you can be more knowledgeable about your body now that you aren’t artificially regulating it with hormones.  The whole point of the little sugar pills was so you would get something that mimics a period on a regular cycle,  which was being stopped by the three weeks of non –  sugar pills.  It wasn’t some huge coincidence or the doings of your own body.  Now that it is up to your body alone – you may be on an entirely different schedule.  Go take a test,  read up,  and if you aren’t pregnant then start tracking asap. 

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When you’re on the pill it’s more accurately called a withdrawal bleed, not a period. You can’t base your cycle off the pill to what it was on the pill. 

You could be pregnant or you may not be, but a late period in this case may not necessarily mean pregnancy so you should take a test to get your answer. 

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