(Closed) Could you live without your phone?

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Honey bee

Definitely. I actually moved to an area about a year and half ago that did not have 3G service, so my iPhone became a fancy iPod, and I was fine. We finally got 3G service in April, so I managed to survive about 10 months without a cell.

I defiitely use my phone but I’m not addicted to it. I actually didn’t even get a cell phone until I was about 23- I always had a land line and used MSN to contact people, LOL.

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Sugar bee
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Yep.  I don’t use my phone when we’re traveling.  I’m just fine without it (I do use it as a camera and an alarm though, but if pushed I could bring a proper camera and attempt to figure out the hotel alarm clock/call for a wake up call.)  

I am not attached to my phone.  It often sits in my purse at home until I realize I need to contact someone.  And it is almost always on vibrate/silent. (Which annoys everyone trying to get ahold of me when its sitting in my purse in the closet!)  

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Buzzing bee
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I could, but I would find it very inconvenient.  I use my phone for maps, Uber, banking, all sorts of stuff.  Mostly texting.  H and I keep in touch all day that way – much easier than talking on the phone.  

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Bumble bee
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Cannot live without a smart phone. Sorry not sorry. 

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Helper bee

Absolutely.  The only reason I have one is so my mom can reach me anytime I’m not at home.  My mom is one of those extreme worriers and since I lived 300 miles away, she’d be likely to call the cops to do a wellness check on me everytime I did not answer my house phone.  That being said, my phone is always on either silent or vibrate and is usually in my purse or car.  I work from home, so I’m almost always able to be reached on my home phone. 

My fiance has not had a phone since August 2011.  He does just fine, but he gets the same thing.  People just cannot believe someone can exist on this planet without being connected 24/7. 

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Bumble bee

ChocolateLime:  I say no.  I just moved and I not only use my phone for driving directions, but also for navigating the bus/train systems.  I also had to stop eating gluten and I’m still learning about what does and doesn’t include gluten and I have to use my phone pretty often to look something up or to find a gluten free option while out.  Also, we don’t have a landline and I wouldn’t be able to talk to all of my friends/family who are now nearly 1000 miles away.  So I definitely rely pretty heavily on my phone.  I hate when everyone sits together and just messes on their phones though!!  

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Bumble bee

ChocolateLime:  Also as far as being unobtainable – I think that’s really selfish.  I dated someone who didn’t have a cell for that very reason.  One evening he was supposed to get home at 4:30 so that we could go house hunt together (we had an appointment with a realator)  He didn’t show up until nearly 8.  He had a good excuse, but I had absolutely no idea where he was.  I was freaking out.  I called the realator and he hadn’t heard from him.  I called my parents and just started sobbing.  I thought he had been horribly hurt.  Not saying you would intentionally do that, but he didn’t intentionally do it either.  It just happened.  There was one other time he was very late coming home from work (stuck in a meeting) and I panicked and drove to the school, so afraid he had been in an accident.  

If you really don’t want a phone, at least get a cheap one without all of the data and give the number to your SO.

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Sugar bee
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I can go without my phone if needed…say I’ve left it at home when Ive gone to work but I don’t think I could live without it permanently. I did go without it for 4 days as a “fasting” exercise and it wasn’t too bad.

My colleague is obsessed with her phone and said if she left it behind she would have to go back and get it.


ETA: I like having my phone but that doesn’t mean I am always contactable. My phone lives on silent (unless I know I’m expecting a call) and at night, if Darling Husband is home it goes onto airplane mode. I fell sorry for those people on aeroplanes who, as soon as the seatbelt sign switches off they have their phones turned on…surely they could wait 10 minutes to get inside the terminal. The only people I want to be always contactable for are my Darling Husband and immediate family. Everyone else can wait. 

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Bee Keeper
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ImaStarr:  I hear you there. I would go crazy with worry if my Fiance did not have a phone and couldn’t contact me in an emergency. I get nervous if he doesn’t answer a text within a reasonable amount of time. 

Could I live without my phone? I mean, I don’t think I would literally die, but it’s not something I would ever do willingly. I don’t have a house phone or a work phone so my cell is really the only means I have for communicating (outside of the internet, I suppose). I also use many of the apps for banking, directions, calendar, etc. I suppose I could use my computer for these things, but it’s definitely more convienent on the phone not having to be somewhere with wifi. 

I will say that I do find it annoying when people are glued to their phone, especially when they are with other people. I don’t actually text much or use my phone a whole lot while I’m home, but Fiance does, he texts a lot for his job and has a hard time tuning out when he’s home sometimes.

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Bumble Beekeeper

If I had to, I probably could, but I do use it a lot out of habit.

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Busy Beekeeper
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ImaStarr:  I don’t find it selfish to want to be unobtainable. Your SO at that time should have found a phone and called you instead of letting you worry (just like people did before cell phones…).

ChocolateLime:  I love texting so I would hate to give up my phone. I live pretty far away from immediate family and it’s nice to check in with a couple of texts every day instead of calling every day. I also use my phone for navigation purposes. I am admittedly terrible with directions and love the ease of just punching something into my phone. Sure, I know how to read a map but I find that difficult to do if I’m navigating through a busy area alone. 

I wouldn’t want to be without a phone but I would be fine with a non smart phone and a GPS as long as I can text!

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Busy bee

I could obviously live without it, but I don’t see the point because it would be so inconvenient. Most of my friends live quite far away and if I didn’t have a phone to contact them, I’d never get to see or speak to them. I don’t have Facebook and some of these friends don’t either, so they’d be truly un-contactable, seeing as I don’t know where they live (we hang out on campus) and wouldn’t feel comfortable arriving un-announced if I did. 


My dad has has a phone but never uses it and often leaves it at home. If you realise you forgot to put something important on the shopping list, too bad because there’a no way to contact him. And when his mother was taken to hospital, we called his work repeatedly but no one answered and he had left his phone at home. Obviously he is surviving just fine, but it’s unnecessarily inconvenient. Why not just get an old phone on a cheap plan and keep it in your bag? It’ll make life easier for anyone wishing to contact you. I’d much rather send a quick text than go to the supermarket and search through all the aisles for someone. 

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