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Mrs_Amanda:  What is your daily alloted calorie intake?

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Mrs_Amanda:  What did MFP suggest for a daily calorie allowance for you? I started using it about 2-3 weeks ago and at first I was like I CAN’T EAT ANYTHING! But now I’m doing quite well with it and often have extra calories left over! Each day I eat: Bel Vita Breakfast Biscuits with Milk for Breakfast (320 calories) Lean Cuisine Lunch Meal (230-320 calories) And then dinner is sporadic depending on what Darling Husband and I are doing, normally we eat out and I don’t have a problem staying within my remaining calories or I have chips and cheese, another lean cuisine meal.  I know these aren’t the healthiest meal but I’m staying within my calorie allowance.  Altho I agree with you there isn’t a lot of room for snacks.  Yesterday I had a 100 calorie jello pack to get me over a craving hump!

ETA: My calorie allowance is 1200/day!

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Mrs_Amanda:  I would go exercise.   Its what I do when I want to eat more using MFP.  You get calories back for exercising. 

127 calories is hard to make a meal out of, but some of the small things I eat at that point are 90 calorie bars (Like Fiber One) 

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That doesn’t seem right. Is it giving you only 1200 calories a day? If so, you need to adjust that in your setting. I’ve been using MFP for 505 days straight, and I’ve lost eating 1700 calories a day. Your goal shouldn’t be so low that you are hungry at the end of the day.

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I find it helpful to plan ahead, that way I don’t generally get stuck at the end of the day, hungry with no calories left. If I were in your position, I’d go for a walk after work or go to the gym and burn off 100-200 calories so at least you have a little something to work with. If you can burn even 100, then you’ll have a total of 226. A that point my goal would be to use what I have on something that’s going to fill me up. Two eggs = 140 calories. Use the remaining 80 calories or so for a slice of whole wheat toast or a half a cup of brown rice.

And then sit down and map out your day tomorrow so that you don’t get stuck in the same boat tomorrow. I’m on a 1200 calorie diet (net) and this week my menu looks something like this:

Breakfast-Oatmeal (140 cal) with 1tbsp peanut butter (100 cal) mixed in. Coffee with 2 tbsp fat free half and half (25 cal).

Lunch-Boca burger (70 cal) on a potato roll (120 cal) with a slice of tomato and a serving of honey goat cheese (80 cal).

If I’m going to the gym, I have a 150 cal. Kind bar before I go – but then I make sure to burn those calories off during my workout.

That leaves me with about 660 for the rest of the night. 500 calories go to dinner, then I have about 150 left over for a snack.

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Mrs_Amanda:  Exercise, exercise, exercise.  When you’re trying to lose weight you’ll only get around 1,200 cals a day…which is NOTHING.  I always tried to workout so I could add back some calories.  Otherwise, I felt totally deprived.  I am just maintaining my current weight now, so I can eat 1,630 cals a day, which is way more manageable, but even still exercising lets me add in dessert or booze… 🙂

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BrookeBQ:  +1!! i didn’t lose weight on the suggested 1200/day that it gave me to start out… i had all of my success eating around 1500/day. and now i’m losing slowly at 1700/day.

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Go exercise for 35 minutes and earn back some calories!

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first of all it probably has your base calories too low. unless you are like 5’0” you probably need more than 1200 a day. I don’t count calories, but when I’m watching what i eat I usually do something like plain oatmeal with a little honey and a handful of walnuts for breakfast, big salad with chicken for lunch and then a lean protein and a ton of veggies for dinner. string cheese is my favorite snack ever. make sure youa re getting enough fats and proteins to keep you full. I don’t ever eat “low fat” anything, unless it naturally has no fat because otherwise they pump it full of sugar and crap to make it taste good. 


what I would do is find your basal metabolic rate ( google it) and then deduct 500 calories for a 1lb/ week loss ( the most sustainable and healthy rate)  my BSM is 2300, so to lose I need to cut down to 1800, also remeber that if you work out you can eat the extra calories you burned!

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Mrs_Amanda:  Hot yoga will give you plenty of calories!  1240 is definitely on the low end, especially if you’re doing exercise.  Make sure to drink plenty of water and eat something high in protein after working your muscles that way. I actually found that I had better results when I was eating more calories (like 1500) and exercising (weight lifting and light cardio).  And I feel you on the wine!  🙂

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Mrs_Amanda:  I’m way taller than average and it sets my 2/lb per week setting to be 1260 cals/day.  That’s insane and I don’t lose even if I manage to stick to it.  I aim to eat around 1600 cals/day, but I get up as high as 1900 some days.  Last week I lost 3 lbs (I do exercise, but I almost always eat back all the cals I burn.)  I generally lose between 1 – 3 lbs a week eating this way and exercising a moderate amount.  I think 1200 calories is way too low, personally.  That’s the mimimum you should consume and never drop below it.  For a lot of people it just won’t work. 

I track on fitbit as well (fitbit, mfp and endomondo all sync together if you enable them).  Fitbit has a much more realistic count, IMO.  It varies on my activity output, but its usually in the 1600 cal range.  

I try to minimize the amounts of processed meals I eat.  I find that makes it much easier to stay within my calorie range.  When I control how much of anything I put in something I find I can eat a lot more volume on the day.  

For today – I’d go get some exercise to be able to eat a bit more.  Then I’d have roasted asparagus and brocolli and lean protein like baked seasoned chicken.  Then I’d have either greek yogurt for dessert or some berries.  

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