Couples who live together without children, how often do you cook? Fav recipes?

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We just started meal planning and having a set menu for the week, and it’s been so nice to come home after work knowing that I already planned a meal and have all the ingredients (shout out to Sunday morning grocery shopping routine) and that all I have to do is make it. So far some of our favorites have been as follows (with recipe links smile)

Bacon Cheddar Waffles –

Chicken Bacon Spinach Pasta –

Stuffed Peppers (I add ground turkey) –

Baked ziti (again, I add meat for DH) –

White chicken chili –

Beer Garlic Chicken – 

Chicken Pesto Sandwiches –

Caprese Chicken –

Steak Fajitas (DH’s FAVE meal) –

Sorry for the overload of recipes, but they’re all SO good so I love sharing them  smile


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lowkeybridetobe :  I cook 1-3x per week and cook enough for leftovers and my lunch. I don’t live to cook but I do occasionally enjoy it. My go-to dishes are:

  • Baked chicken breast in my favorite marinadate (Italian vinaigrette) with chopped onion and sometimes marinated artichoke hearts  
  • Southwest chicken with rice and corn – coat chicken breast in favorite taco seasoning then layer on salsa, top with cilantro; this can also be used for tacos or fajitas
  • Tacos with either ground beef or ground chicken 
  • Pot roast (in crockpot) with rice or potatoes and kale or asparagus (really any green vegetable) 
  • Pork ragu (made with pork tenderloin, crushed tomatoes, and seasonings) with pasta of choice 
  • Pasta of choice with my homemade meat sauce or MIL’s homemade meatballs 
  • Pork tenderloin with rice and veggies 
  • Gluten free pizza (Udo brand crust) with toppings of choice (marinated chicken, banana peppers, pepperoni, etc.) 
  • Omelettes or breakfast for dinner (eggs, turkey bacon, English muffins, etc.) 

Those are the staples that I can think of off the top of my head. I’m always looking for new recipes to try that work with our dietary restrictions and preferences. My husband has a gluten sensitivity and we both are lactose intolerant so I make a lot of rice and Barilla makes great Girlfriend pasta. 

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Buzzing bee
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We use Blue Apron and cook together 3 x’s/week. 

I prep meals for my work days (3 x’s/week) so hubby is on his own those days.

I pick up carry out for the 7th day. 

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I cook every night for us. I’ve done so for a few years now so I know what amount will feed the two of us. We don’t do leftovers because we never really have any


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Blushing bee

I cook 3-6 times a week, other days are delivery or restaurant. We used to do delivery much more often, but we both want to lose weight and feel healthier. 

I mostly do simple things:

I marinate then stirfry beef or chicken in whatever is about – citrus, soy, or red wine based, for example – and try to make some nice vegetables like oven roasted tomatoes, or green beans with a touch of butter and pepper. The remaining marinade can be made into a sauce.

I bake fish and combine it with roasted root veg and either a yoghurt lemon sauce, a home made basil pesto, or an avocado-based pesto.

I also roast aubergines (needs at least 40 minutes) and combine them with tinned tomato, minced beef and spices for an excellent stew thing.

I fry up green lentils and zucchini, then add loads of fresh basil and balsamico dressing and chopped mozarella.

I think the key is really to try lots of recipes and remember what works and what doesn’t. And choose simple recipes because honestly, complex ones are not necessarily better.

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Busy bee
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We usually cook 2-3 times per week. I’m not a huge fan of leftovers either, but these recipes are staples for us and get my stamp of approval for still tasting good when reheated the next day:

Firecracker chicken – I usually serve with fried rice and whatever veggie 

Taco bubble-up casserole 

Skillet pizza gnocchi

One pot beef stroganoff

Buffalo chicken pasta bake

Enchilada casserole

Mozzarella stuffed chicken parmesan – I serve this with spaghetti 

One pot cheesy chicken pasta

I actually really enjoy cooking but I also enjoy watching TV (lol) so most of these are quick and/or one-pot recipes. 

For even quicker and easier options, we also do a lot of naan bread pizza, stir fry (of whatever veggies and protein I have laying around), and IKEA meatballs. If we do steak or rotisserie chicken one night, we’ll do quesadillas or a nice big salad the next. 

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I only cook a full meal twice a week (FI goes to the gym Mon and Wed and only has a protein shake for dinner and we eat our Fri/Sat)

Fiance is a vegetarian. Easy meals are nachos or taco night, raviolli or tortellinis with salad.

Easy go to meals he loves (since his mom makes dinners like these) are these little modular meals…Formula is a protein+carb+veggie. An example is soy chicken nuggets+mashed potatos+peas. Or soy chicken wings+mac and cheese+ green beans.

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Busy bee
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Darling Husband is a god send and has been doing most of the cooking for us most of our relationship. Weather permitting, he will generally toss something on the grill, and we will come up with some sides (Usually something green, and some sort of rice or potatoes) 

When I cook, it is usually on weekends since I work 10 hr days. I generally will go for something Pasta based. I picked up a bunch of recipies from Blue Apron and Hello Fresh that I love and I will try and do some variation of these even though we do not order the boxes much. 

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Helper bee
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We usually cook 5-6 nights a week on average – we usually have one meal with one of our parents, and might or might not go out another night. It’s only really dramatically different if I’m travelling with work. I really enjoy cooking and fi is also starting to enjoy it too.

We kind of got in a rut previously and when we feel like we’re in a food rut, we order a box from Gousto (don’t know if that brand is in America, but it’s the food ingredient delivery boxes with everything to cook your dinner included). We have two folders – “do again” recipes that we enjoyed or felt worth the amount of effort/dishes, or ones we wouldn’t do again. Once a week we meal plan using those recipe cards, or the cook books we have (I’m partial to Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals for midweek). I don’t think we’d cook anywhere near as often if we didn’t meal plan!

We tend not to do leftovers – usually we do separate sandwiches, salads, grain bowls etc depending on season/what we fancy, and will do them for the week ahead so we can grab and go in the morning. There’s a few recipes we have that I think would make good hot or cold leftover lunches, but we’re so used to cooking for two we tend not to think about it.

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Helper bee
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Typically we order out once, MAYBE twice per week at the most. For monetary and health purposes, we really try to cook the majority of the time. 

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We cook dinner at home 4-5 times a week, eat leftovers 1-2 times a week, and go out to dinner at least once a week. My husband isn’t big on leftovers either, so I tend to take most of them with me for lunch during the week.

Some of our favorite meals are:


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Busy bee

I probably average 6 days a week cooking.  But it varies, sometimes we have a lot of events or whatever and sometimes I’m bored with cooking. 

My husband basically wants to eat tacos every single day of his life.  So I make them once every 1-2 weeks. Same with meatballs. 

I enjoy trying “cult” recipes, eg., Zuni Chicken.  And I enjoy stretching my skills in general. Other things I enjoy making are old favorites, it feels like an act of love 🙂 I like savory baking – bread, galettes, tarts, pot pies, etc., but I suck at pizza, I make the dough and my husband makes the pizzas.  I aim for more vegetarian dinners than animal dinners. I like ethnic food and I love recreating stuff we discovered while traveling.

Managing leftovers is tough.  I often eat leftovers for breakfast and lunch. Hubs will only eat leftovers once, if that.  I eat them all week. Unless the dish wasn’t great then I don’t feel bad about tossing it. Stir fries and pastas are easy to make in meal for two portion. So just some grilled or broiled meat/fish + roasted veg.  And other things can go in the freezer.  I portion out freezable leftovers in single or double portion sizes and freeze in one quart freezer bags.

Here are three meatball recipes I like a lot, I have a stash of at least one of them in my freezer at all times. 

Ginger braised pork meatballs in coconut broth:

Turkey and zucchini burgers with green onion and cumin:

Turkey +  Ricotta meatballs:

And two of my favorite fall recipes, both of which I’m happy to eat all week long for lunch:

Butternut squash and caralozed onion galette:

Perisimmon-pomegranate salad:


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