Covid 19. Anyone think they already had it?

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Honestly? Maybe.

I went to Korea in January, before things really kicked off outside of China. Shortly after the flight, I developed one of the weirdest colds I’ve ever had. Incredibly deep and chesty cough that sounded like an echo chamber in my lungs. And, sorry for the details, a truly bizarre running nose with tons of neon yellow mucus. Like, literal cups of it. It lasted for weeks.

I did get checked out at a doctor, but again, this was before things really started outside of China, so I was told I probably had some kind of infection and prescribed antibiotics. I don’t know if they worked (in which case it wasn’t coronavirus) or if my body was already starting to heal (which I suspect as by the time I got nervous it was Covid-19 I was already feeling somewhat better).

I know these symptoms aren’t textbook Covid-19, but it does seem to affect different people differently and I have never had anything like this before. Then again, it could have just been a really weird cold. No way to know now.


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I don’t think so unless I was asymptomatic.

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I had similar symptoms as you when my husband came back from training in CA mid February. I couldn’t get out of bed for 3 days. I lost 10 lbs & it ended with a respiratory thing. It came on really, really quick. Like within hours I was suddenly down for the count.  I’m only now starting to feel “better” 3 weeks later. I had the worst mucus/congestion in that weird neon color, too.

I didn’t think it was corona, just a nasty flu, but who knows.  

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gatsbymermaid : I question this myself. My SO traveled in January to Switzerland & Germany for work. Two weeks later, we got sick with the worst case of flu We’ve ever had. Soar throat, coughing dry at first then super thick mucus and phlegm. Fever that is on and off and the worst body aches I’ve ever known. It felt like being ran over by a truck. We also lost la lot of weight in a short span of time. It lasted about 2 weeks. I’m not for sure but  it makes me wonder because it was the nastiest flu ever.

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The flu season that hit the southern hemisphere in the middle of 2019 and the northern hemisphere over winter 2019-2020 was particularly severe. So if you had the worst flu you’ve ever had, it’s almost certainly that, especially if you caught it in January outside of China but within Asia or by mid-February in the rest of the world. Even now, the odds are that you have that strain of the flu… which is definitely nothing to dismiss! I thanked my lucky stars that I didn’t catch it after seeing people in bed for weeks with it. 

I think there are a few viruses going around at the moment which involve GI symptoms as well as respitatory symptoms. I had one recently, but I don’t think it was COVID19, given that I have literally no links to any clusters that have since been identified (and I live in an area where they are testing). 

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I genuinely started to believe that I already had it. 2 weeks ago I woke up one night with 39C fever, extremely fatigue, chills, and crazy caugh. Prior to that I had been coughing extremely but it had gone away for a couple of days. It came back pretty bad, like my lungs were gonna explode. 

Anyhow it went from having a cold to being told I had swine flu. But honestly they didn’t test me for it. I immediately passed it to my mother who has asthma and we both had the weirdest and worst sickness ever.

I never has any breathing problems but mother did, probably because of asthma. My fever didn’t go down for days and I never had such bad fever in my life. 

After my meds were done and I was somewhat able to get up I realized my hair was burnt. The ends were completely fried off, nothing like before I was sick. 

If that’s swine flu, it’s really bad. If that was coronavirus, then I don’t have words. 

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There are a lot of other really nasty bugs out there, so I don’t think it’s possible to tell unless you’re tested.  I had a horrible one over Christmas, soaring temp, was coughing so constantly I was struggling to get my breath, and I had to sleep sitting up for a month because I couldn’t breathe lying down.  But that was way before Covid-19 was doing the rounds, so I think it’s possible to be really ill with similar symptoms but not have the actual pandemic virus.

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misty2007 :  you had the neon muscus too???? So weird! I never even heard of it before this winter, but my best friend also had it. After traveling in Germany/Japan. 

I haven’t heard of it being associated with Covid, but I’m starting to wonder…

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Definitely possible! I was sick for about a week in January with chills, fever and dry cough. Didn’t eat for days. 

Christmas week we were on a cruise with many passengers from China.

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SO and I traveled a lot from November to end of January and we both ended up really sick with terrible coughs and achiness and general fatigue.  I don’t have a thermometer so I never checked my temp but had the chills for a while.

It makes me wonder.  

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If you were infected with CV19 in January in a country other than China, it would have begun to spread in your countries much sooner than it did. Think about how quickly it spread in New Rochelle, NY. Why didn’t the same thing happen in your community, at your doctor’s office? 

Please do not armchair diagnose bad illnesses you had 2+ months ago. It fosters a kind of conspiracy thinking that leads people to mistakenly believe that they have immunity and don’t need to take precautions. 

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No, but allergies will probably make me wonder if I HAVE it for the next few months. By testing so much in South Korea, they realized that there were a ton of young people who tested positive but were either asymptomatic or had very mild symptoms. That’s obviously bad, because it allows it to spread, so Darling Husband and I are doing our part and staying home until the CDC says it’s fine. But, in some ways, that is good…if there are tons of people with zero/few symptoms, we’ll never know exact numbers, but that means that the mortality and morbidity rate is lower than what they currently think. 

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I’ve seen lots of people speculate on this. But given it didn’t spread in the expected way until much later, and that it overlaps with regular cold and flu symptoms and season it’s highly unlikely. 

Ultimately we will never know how many people got it since testing in NA has been woefully insufficient

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glitterati :  Regarding this:

“If you were infected with CV19 in January in a country other than China, it would have begun to spread in your countries much sooner than it did. Think about how quickly it spread in New Rochelle, NY. Why didn’t the same thing happen in your community, at your doctor’s office?”

Remember that the first recorded case of coronavirus was on January 19th. And at the time of those first recorded cases it was already present in the country and spreading around. Severa of the earliest cases have no patient zero – by which I mean we don’t know where the peopel got infected. In the case of the man in New Rochelle, for example, he cleraly got it from some unknown person in the communty. He wasn’t “the first” just the first recorded. It was already spreading in the community at the time he got infected.

The other thing to remember is that symtoms take a while to appear. So although the first recorded person in WA got sick around January 19th – he likely got infected a week or two prior to that. And who knows when whoever gave it to him got infected. 

I wouldn’t ASSUME anyoen sick in January or early Feb had coronavirus, of course. But with no testing I also wouldn’t say “probably not” because the truth is we just don’t know. 

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