COVID Putting A Damper on TTC

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Helper bee

I know people think it’s crazy… but we’re still trying! I’m 32. If you go ahead with it, just know you are not the only one. 

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@cb2020 Yeah that’s good to hear that your area wasn’t hit too hard with the virus! I think it’s really important to keep the area you live in into consideration with the TTC decision. I’ve read some other threads where people just assume that everyone lives in the same area and really different regions are experiencing totally different things as far as severity goes. I would be lying though if I said that I wasn’t worried about a potential second spike especially without a cure or vaccine.. that’s why I’m just trying to keep an open mind even though i really have my heart set on January. 



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I posted about this on the other thread on this topic – but here’s my 2 cents. I think all times are good times to have a baby! I’m 27 weeks pregnant now, live in NYC, and I’m doing just fine being pregnant in a pandemic. After 3 back to back early miscarriages, I realized early on that there’s *always* something to freak out about in a pregnancy so from the beginning I’ve had to make a conscious effort to manage my emotions, keep myself from excessive googling, and trust that both my body and the Lord know what they’re doing! I’m getting laid off soon (but thankfully still will have health coverage) and have been working remotely, so I’ve had lots of time to do reading, baby preparation webinars, fun online baby clothes shopping, nap whenever I need to, and wear unlimited sweatpants, all of which have been unexpected blessings during this time. My husband is also working from home so he’s been able to be so involved in this pregnancy (although he can’t come to appointments) – under normal NYC working circumstances he wouldn’t have had the luxury of time like this. Keep in mind that nothing is guaranteed in the TTC game – this could happen instantly or be a much longer journey (as is the case with many, many women). So if you have good health coverage and feel up for the challenge, I’d say don’t let this change your plans! Best of luck! xo

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We were TTC since October when this whole COVID thing started. At that point, I talked it over with DH as to whether we should put our plans on hold until things calm down. We agreed NTNP. Two weeks later, got my BFP! So I was like, ok then, I guess this baby had other plans…


I am now 6 weeks, this is my first pregnancy. I work in healthcare, but should be able to avoid patient contact once I see my doctor (our union has negotiated that pregnant women do not have to interact with any patients once they have a doctor’s note). 


Am I feeling that this is putting a damper on the excitement? That I won’t be able to have my first time experience as I hoped? Definitely! We’re hoping to be able to announce it in person to our families in two weeks, maintaining social distancing of course. Our area is only very lightly hit so I am not overly concerned, but it is on my mind. I hope my DH will be able to come to some appointments, but am coming to terms with the possibility that he won’t. My parents are retired, so it would be possible to arrange them to not have any outside contact and then come visit once we have the baby (in December, I hope rules will be less strict!).

They’re saying that this will probably take 18-24 months to calm down… I do feel that my timing isn’t great, but at the same time, I don’t think I would have waited two years either. I hope that things will work out for the best.

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We decided to continue TTC in April despite the pandemic, and it turned out to be our lucky month. I live in Canada which seems to be doing a relatively good job of dealing with the virus. None of our hospitals have been overwhelmed and things may start very slowly opening back up in one month. Also even if we both lost our jobs, universal healthcare pays for everything medically pregnancy/birth/baby related. I’m hoping when I give birth in December things will be much closer to normal. But as it stands now DH can still be at the birth, and although it’s too  bad he can’t accompany me to prenatal appointments, it’s a very small price to pay in becoming a mother. I am very glad we continued to TTC but my experience is also specific to where I live. 

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I was one of the people that responded to that thread saying I would absolutely not recommend ttc right now, but in the two weeks since my opinion has shifted. For reference, I’m 10 weeks along with my second child and not much is really different from last time so far. In my area we haven’t been hard hit so I think that’s definitely a factor. Most of the things that have changed (not having my husband there for appointments, telling family remotely rather than in person) are just small inconvenience really. Two weeks ago I was thinking of the current situation as a temporary crisis, but now it seems more the new reality. If we weren’t already pregnant I think we would probably be keeping to our plan to ttc this spring/summer even though I don’t have any particular rush due to age (I’m 29) or fertility.

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Sugar bee

I’m in NYC. My husband and I had been ttc since last summer and we stopped in March once coronavirus started hitting our area. The death toll has gone down, but over 350 peole are still dying a day here, and it’s hard to imagine things returning to normal or it feeling safe to visit a hospital for a routine check anytime soon. So we’re still holding off. My biggest fears are a) contracting the virus and during pregnancy and it harming the baby, b) being at increased risk of having a serious case of the virus due to pregnancy, and c) having complications and having difficulty getting adequate medical care. 

That said, I am also having a really hard time with this and feeling really sad about the idea of waiting a year or more until there’s a vaccine. So we may decide to resume ttc at some point before then (and I certainly hope we’ll feel comfortable to do that), but I don’t know when that will be. My best case scenario right now is that the downward trend continues and we feel better about it in a month or two. 

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I’m 11 weeks and we had talked about switching to NTNP but we’ll, here we are.

It really hasn’t been that bad in terms of what we’ve personally been experiencing. Dh can’t come to my appointments, but I’m able to video chat with him during ultrasounds so he can see the baby. I can have all my appointments face to face of I want, or I can do the ones that aren’t testing or ultrasound related through video. The practice is not located in a hospital and they only allow one patient in the office at a time. Dh can be with me when I deliver and I hadn’t planned on having anyone visit me at the hospital to begin with (we just want to spend that time bonding as a new family) so that plan isn’t altered by what’s going on.

Both our jobs are secure and since I’m working from home I’m saving money by not needing to buy gas and not going out for lunch. I hadn’t planned on having a baby shower to begin with (just not into that sort of thing) so I’m not missing out on that front. The only thing that bums me out is not being able to have family come visit once the baby is here, but I know that that will change at some point so it’s not that bad.

I’m happy. Dh is happy. We feel very fortunate to be pregnant after a miscarriage last year and a year of on/off trying before this pregnancy. It’s not ideal, but last year was ideal and it didn’t end with us bringing a baby home. So full steam ahead for us.

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cb2020 :  Its such a personal choice!! We had to do ivf to have our first baby. If all this was going on before we had our first I would have defiantly moved forward! We had been trying off and on for 2 years before that so I dont think it would have stopped me!

Fast forward to now we planned to try for baby 2 and do a transfer this summer…with everything going on now we plan to push this back until fall. That said I am concerned about a possible second wave so I really dont know right now what we will do! I do wonder if how things are now will just he the new normal for a long time so maybe it doesnt make sense to push things back a year which I have considered.  I think ill wait and see how things are in a few months. Maybe we will have new information.  Right now I honestly cant wait until our stay at home order is lifted and we can visit family!!  They plan to open my area up in a few weeks! Hopefully that happens!

Its definatly difficult not to know when things will settle down….and it does put a damper on ttc right now…hopefully we get some more answers soon! But you arent alone! Its a tough decision and you have to do what feels right for you and your husband!!

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I’m continuing. DH and I had a long talk after this last cycle ended in MC. Like… do we really want to try again in this climate? and honestly.. yes. Our hospitals are not overwhelmed and my OB/GYN practice said they dont see a reason to stop. we are 31/30, I’ll be 32 in September. This would be baby #1 and honestly, if we wait another year for a vaccine (thats being GENEROUS) I really feel like I’d be creeping up into advanced maternal age for #1 and would without a doubt be 35+ for #2… so, we are pushing forward.

Don’t let it steal your joy! Being home for the 1st trimester IMO was ideal. 

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