(Closed) coworker… not cool.

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@mayflowerbride13:  I think you can say something. You should tell her that you chose the window seat for a reason, and you want to be able to have some sunshine. Ask her why she’s so adamant about having the blinds closed. I assume she’ll say something like ‘because its how I like it’, so then you can come back with ‘well, I like them open, so we’ll have to compromise, won’t we? We’ll leave them half open. It’s the only fair solution since we share this cubicle.’ If she tries arguing about it, just say ‘no. We’re adults, and we’ll be compromising here – the blinds are going to be half open.’ Stick to your guns, girl!

seriously – some people are so ridiculously difficult to work with. I wish you luck!

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That would seriously tick me off. I am more or less in a fishbowl, so I have the blinds behind me closed since when the sun goes to that side of the building I can’t see my computer screen but all the rest are open. I have to be able to see what is going on outside. I hated cubicle land.

I would be passive agressive and open them back up.

Could you talk to your boss/supervisor about her going into your cubicle without your permission?

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Could you get her a half curtain so she can cover up her side and you leave yours open?

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@californiaraisin:  THIS!

If that doesnt work, suggest she move to a cubicle a little further away from the window.

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Does it glare on her computer or something?  If so, it’s actually affecting her work productivity and I think it’s pretty legit.  If not, that sucks and you should tell her nicely that you really value getting to see some sun during the day (especially this time of year!)


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oooooo I’d be so annoyed too! I love having sunshine 🙁 I like a PP’s suggestion, maybe she could get a curtain for her side???

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Yeah, that would annoy me, too… I miss sitting by a window. Do you think the angle of the sun makes a glare on her computer screen or something?


I’d just mention it casually… “Hey, Jane… it’s such a nice day, I’m enjoying having the blinds open, if you don’t mind.”


And if she sayd she DOES mind… then offer some sort of compromise. “Since we BOTH share the window, why don’t you choose whether they’re open or closed on Monday and Wednesday, I’ll choose on Tuesday and Thursday… and on Friday we’ll leave it half open.”


Maybe a little kindergarten, but it’s an idea? Good luck!

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@lolot:  I’m with you. We get hardcore glare here and we NEED to shut the windows when the sun starts coming through. Plus, it gives some people headaches because of the glare/squinting.

The way she’s handling it sounds a bit passive aggressive, though.

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you “chose” your seating? can she request to be moved? honestly, i’d probably a – talk to your supervisor and say that natural lighting affects your productivity in a good way, and if that didn’t work, b – go see your doctor and tell him/her you notice a difference in productivity based on your exposure to natural lighting. he’ll diagnore you with a mild case of SAD and write you a note to be placed at a cubicle with sunlight. so you’ll win 100% of the time, because you have a medical reason. then she can either request to be moved or suck it up.

annd half closed? how is that a solution? if there’s glare, the sunlight is still coming in where it hits her computer. let her close it at lunch and have an hour of productivity, and then open them when you get back. if she gets upset, suggest she find a seat further away from the window since the point of sitting by the window is to be able to get some natural light/vitD

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We leave ours open all day in the summer but in winter, the angle of the sun and the position in the sky is killer. On a clear day, the sun shines right in my eye  starting around 2pm and getting progressively worse until sunset around 4:30. It casts glare all over my computer. My cube neighbor doesn’t get the sun on his screen during either season and I have the cords so it’s up to me to close them. We have vertical blinds and usually I shut them but leave them slightly turned so you can still see out a little. Maybe look and see if it’s glaring in her face or on her screen. Since you guys share the window you might have to split the day, half open, half shut.

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I’d suggest that once you both have time, ask to talk to her about it and even request to sit in her chair. Sounds like there is probably some annoying glare coming off of her computer screen. I dislike how passive aggressive she’s being but if you let her know that you enjoy the window for getting in some light, maybe she can reposition her screen so the glare isn’t an issue.

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How do you know it is not for medical reasons?

I used to have  window cubicle and always kept the blinds closed, because sunlight bothers my eyes. If I go out in sunlight for even a few hours I get a bad headache. Are you sure she doesn’t have the same kind of issue?

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@kerensa:  I have always been hyper sensitive to sunlight as well. Even lights in offices, at home, anything bothers my eyes and I got horrible headaches. I found out I have something called Irlen Syndrome and now as long as I wear my specialized tinted glasses or contacts I am headache-free and able to live without pain or other issues. You may want to look into it – I know it sounds really hokey but I swear it saved my life. Irlen.org

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