(Closed) Coworkers started RUMORS about me saying I'm a PROSTITUTE!

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This is most certainly a case for HARASSMENT in the Workplace… including SEXUAL HARASSMENT.

Your post doesn’t give a clue as to where you live, but I’d be looking into the following process.

Normally one would be advised to write a letter to Management making them aware of the situation, but seeing as they are “part of the problem”…

I instead suggest that you contact the authorities in your State / Province to find out what the process is in this instance (maybe even contact a Lawyer)… and they will advise you on what you need to do next

And after that…

Then I’d file an Official Complaint !!

No one should have to tolerate this behaviour… if these are indeed lies (not that I don’t believe you… just that is what the legal system will want to prove without a shadow of a doubt)… Then you will be in a position for compensation from this untolerable workplace situation.

Good Luck


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This is a hostile work environment!  Go to HR!


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Please be sure you document EVERYTHING. And file a complaint.

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Is there an HR department you can go to? This is sexual harassment!!!! What kind of place is it you work in where people think it is okay to say these sorts of thing?!?!?! This is just WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!

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Oh hell to the no. Does this company have an HR department? If so, I would start there and file a formal complaint. You want anything you can get on record.

If it gets much worse, or HR doesn’t do anything, I would seriously consider (or at least threaten) a harassment suit. Also, if you can, document every time you have these interactions, who says what (names of managers, etc) dates and times, it will make any case you have stronger. HR typically will ask for examples and it helps to have specifics.

The problem with people like this is it isn’t about YOU – they are bullies, and they need to be stopped. Unfortunately you’re just the mark currently on their bullseye. Stand up to them, don’t let them treat you that way, you definitely don’t deserve it! And again, remember, it isn’t about YOU or anything you’ve done. There are just people out there who have to make themselves feel better by putting others down.


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Wow…that is deffinetly harrassment.  I would talk to a lawyer about filing a formal complaint.

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@This Time Round:  I’m pretty sure that even if what the OP’s co-workers are saying is true it’s still sexual harrasment. You can’t harass someone because they’re GLBT or pregnant or whatever, so I’m pretty sure you can’t harass someone because they’re a prostitute and/or stripper as a second job. You could get fired if your ‘extracurriculars’ create a conflict of interest (ie: a schoolteacher probably shouldn’t moonlight as a hooker/stripper), but your colleagues shouldn’t be able to harass you for what you do outside work.

Edit: forgot to include, it’s one think if a co-worker asks you about your extracurriculars out of concern (ie: “Hi coworker, I heard a rumor and I’m worried about you. Is it true you’re a prostitute and if so, do you want help getting out of that lifestyle and is there anything I can do to help”), but completely another thing to joke about stuffing singles in your desk!

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Wow. keep dates of comments, names, everything. You have a harrassment case on your hands and need to take it seriously. What an awful awful thing to happen at work.  take the advice of the other ladies! alert management, (email is great bc it documents everything…, and also bring it to HR.)

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File a harrassment claim, like PP’s have said.

And I’d bet money on the fact that you’re drop dead gorgeous and all the women are jealous, among other choice words.

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Not that it’s much consolation, but to me, things like asking you if you’ll open your legs for $10 and putting singles in your drawer make it sound like a prank everyone is in on rather than a rumor people really believe is true about you. Maybe it’s some kind of ritual hazing they do for new employees?

Either way, it’s harrassment and it’s extremely immature. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this high school crap.

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Keep in mind that HR serves the interests of the company first and foremost, though they are much more likely to be aware of existing labor law as it relates to sexual harassment. Therefore, it makes complete sense to talk with them and explain the situation as they may warn management that they are on thin ice with the law. However, do not expect them to stick up for you. It’s not their job. Their only job is to protect the interests of the company.

But, if you just started this job and you’re in an at-will employment state (or an area of the world where labor law sucks), the company has the right to terminate you at any time for any reason. If management gets the idea that you are a troublemaker for any reason whatsoever, they may dismiss you. I suggest talking to an employment law attorney ASAP.

I’m sorry you’re going through this. Aside from this type of bullying being completely unacceptable, management should be much more aware of the law at your workplace. This definitely qualifies as sexual harassment.

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one word: youtube. I would record it all!

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@RedAngelDreamer:  That may be true, but if they terminate her after she tries to come to them with a workplace problem, that becomes an Unfair Labor Practice which she can then file with the NLRB.

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OP that’s horrible!! As PP mentioned please keep names and dates of these incidents, report this to your direct supervisor AND hr! I would also look into filing a sexual harassment. Regardless if the allegations are true or not, this is unacceptable in the workplace! Best of luck to you!

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