(Closed) Coworkers started RUMORS about me saying I'm a PROSTITUTE!

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Bumble bee

Call your labour board and file a complaint. Document and quit. Don’t even bother with HR. Hr won’t care, even if they should, and they cover their asses like everyone else. You will get fired for speaking up for sure. Just leave. You think you are going to move up in a company where they think you are a prostitute. Really?

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Omg!!!!! You have a major lawsuit against the company on your hands. Regardless of who started these rumors, the fact that management participated coupled with the fact that they were witnesses themselves to these verbal comments and did nothing is ground for a severe sexual harassment with emotional damage lawsuit. You have done nothing to egg them on in your responses nor should you deserve to be talked to you like this. You said 30 people in the course of your work day harassed you?

Ahh hell no! Now that is affecting your ability to get work done. Run, RUN! Not walk to a lawyer now!

There is no way that you should put up with this because these rumorsw will only get worse not better, hate to say it but it seems like this work environent is compromised for you and you deserve and environment that is productive and pleasant. This is not something for you to take lyig down or keep taking these horrifying comments.

A. You have witnesses

B. Management is doing nothing to help and is even joining in.

C. Compromised and unsafe environment.

D. Affecting your job.

E. If you don’t have the money you should know that these type of lawsuits generally have attorneys that will take on the case that will take take the percentage of money when they get the judgement at court i.e, they win, they get the money. You don’t have to pay them for taking on your case. You don’t have to pay them a cent if you lose, that is the way it works and trust me it sure seems like you have a hard case to beat.


-(Someone soon to graduate as a Paralegal)



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This is a site where this should be a safe harbor, where girls can write and feel safe. I mean, many of you are commenting on how much drama she seems to have in her life, well this is a post under emotional.  If she can’t share this situation with us, who can she? She is asking for help not disbelief, criticism or throwing words back in her face. How would you like words thrown in your face from one of your previous posts? I think in my opinion that that was wrong and shouldn’t affect this post because she was venting and asking for help.

I think we need to be kinder to our fellow bees, not judgmental. This is a safe haven and community.  Do unto others as you’d have done unto you.


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Just say.

“Oh well bless your heart honey! Look at me! If I was a prostitute, I sure wouldn’t be working here!”

and then go to HR.



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Blushing bee

Agreed that you should document this in some way. That way there is no disputing your harassment. PP might be right about HR not caring and covering their asses, so if that doesn’t work go to the labor board.

Also sorry about the doubters that are floating around. You don’t deserve drama on a safe sight like wedding bee. 


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hmm, must be something about you that people are really jealous of you and likely turn their insecurities around to put you down because they don’t feel too great about themselves, sounds like something you have to learn to deal with; women tend to be very mean and catty when they are jealous, maybe they see you as someone who has it all or feel threatened by you as the new happy bubbly girl in town newly engaged future’s bright and they feel overshadowed; unhappy insecure  people tend to want to bring happy secure people down

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Well I hope you’re sticking up for yourself and not just taking it. If people were ganging up on me calling me a prostitute I’d have a few choice words for them. I’d also mention that you’ll be taking this further if you hear another word from any of them on the subject. If it’s a bad joke, you need to point that out.

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I don’t want to have to close this thread, so I’m going to step in to remind you of our TOS:

i.      We don’t allow posts that are intended to be rude, sarcastic, insulting, berating, argumentative, condescending, personally attacking, or that otherwise harass users of the Weddingbee site. 

iv.      Please refrain from name calling.  Whether it’s directed toward another community member with whom you’re having a disagreement, or toward someone you suspect is only here to cause trouble (a.k.a. a “troll”), it’s never acceptable to call another member names on Weddingbee.

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This is revolting! It’s bullying, it’s harassment that like a PP said could even fall into the “sexual harassment” category. I do think, like your male co workers said and judging by your avatar that it’s most likely a jealousy thing, but that doesn’t make it ok in the slightest.

Is there anyone above management that you can approach about this? You need to really convey your feelings to someone who can resolve this, let them know how much this has upset you. I would also suggest, at least once, telling your co workers to stop because it’s upsetting you. The reason I say this is because if they continue after being asked to stop then they can be fired/sued for harassment or at the very least have some sort of disciplinary action taken against them. And it sounds like they thoroughly deserve it.

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Something about this is so off with me.  My employees take things to far sometimes with other employees but never in front of me.   They will say stuff not realizing that I’m there but then it stops.  I’m having a hard time believing this.  One of my employees is on a site that promotes prostitution.  She is a college student.  I heard some of the guys talking about it and I look at it and sure enough she was there.  This has been 3 months ago and not once has anyone said anything to her about it.  This is someone that they know and is comfortable around and not once has anyone mentioned anything to her about it.    I can’t see a manager telling someone that has been at work for 2 weeks that they gave you extra money because they know you like that and employees asking you to open your legs for $10?  Where the hell do you work?

I’m sorry but this is really hard for me to believe.   Anyway, in situations like this you always give written notice to the manager about the situation.  You can even give a copy to their boss.  If it doesn’t stop, use your phone and start recording some of  the stuff, get you an attorney, give them a copy of the letter you gave your boss and that company just might end up yours.

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Regardless of who started what, the things that were said are completely inappropriate and harassment. OP has the right to report what is going on.

I worked at a place where the women were very catty and called themselved the “mean girls” when it was my turn to be picked on it became ugly. It sucks being in the middle of workplace drama.

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I think it’s time to visit HR. That’s completely unacceptable!

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I would go to HR & report this immediately. 


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I definitely think it is pure jealousy. People like to be mean when they feel threatened by someone new. nicer, and/or more attractive.


Also agree HR is a good way to go.

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@MrsElopement:  I worked in a place (salon) where the girls were all super catty and clique-y…after they told me several times during my interviews, orientation, training that they “didn’t do drama.” LOLZ. They took me to a hair show and promptly ignored me for the entire weekend. I’d say something, trying to talk to them, make friends/get to know the girls I hadn’t really met yet, and they’d stare at me blankly and then start talking amongst themselves.

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