(Closed) Coworkers started RUMORS about me saying I'm a PROSTITUTE!

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yeah I remember, doing an internship in this really small town, women co-workers were petty and mean to me looking back I think they were jealous of me from a big city and they felt insecure and  made themselves feel better by putting me down,I  took it to heart but then ignored it, I knew I was doing nothing wrong and they were small minded for being petty and wasting energy on negativity


I remember moving to my dad’s country as a kid from the States, in school, everyone was so cliquish, looking back I know now it was all about insecurity

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Personally I think no matter how much you like the job itself, you should never have to put up with that kind of environment. I would file a complaint, possibly speak to a lawyer, and find another job. That’s ridiculous and I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through that 🙁

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Stand up for yourself! You’ve received some great advice on this thread. Take action. It sounds like most of this is coming from jealousy. Or like someone said its a “hazing” thing. Doesn’t make it right. And I totally believe that a supervisor is capable of this, I have TOTALLY inappropriate bosses. I’ve had one stick a dollar down my shirt before!

Also, I think it’s SAD that women are so quick to blame the “victim” when bad things happen, especially when it is something sexual. This thread isn’t the first time I’ve seen this either. We don’t even realize how unsupportive we are as a gender. Please think before you accuse ladies. It’s a really hurtful thing to do. Ugh. 

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Wow, I came back to follow up and see what was happening with the OP’s situation, because I genuinely cared about her.

That is when I saw the other posts about “possibly being a troll”

That came as a surprise…

So ya, I went off and looked at the Poster’s History… does seem to be a lot of topics about situatons where others have treated her poorly or there is DRAMA (issues with her Sister having the same Wedding Day – Bridesmaids conflicts – Groom’s Bachelor Party – and even a previous job with a sexual harrassment issue)

That sure is a lot of negative stuff happening in one’s life in just 4 short months since joining WBee

To the OP…

You have gotten some good advice here in this topic, and IF the situation is as how you present it, then I honestly hope you take that well meant info to heart and take care of you.

BUT, I for one won’t be back again to follow up with this topic to see how you are doing… because I do feel like I may have been led astray.

Being called a Prostitute in the workplace, and co-workers making comments about spreading your legs for them so they can see you woo-hoo… (this topic) or pulling down your top to look at your boobs (past topic) certainly seem over-the-top from the norm here on WBee.



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This one is easy, go to HR. Harassment is harassment, you don’t need to tolerate it EVER.

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$10 Dollars? For people who talk so much about prostitutes I don’t think they are aware of what they are talking about. A friend was being ogled at work by an inappropriate colleague, she replied to him that looking was free but commenting would cost him 50 quid a time from now on, in this case he stopped and offense was avoided. 


Sometimes I think that people don’t understand what they are doing is horrid, they just think what a fine joke they are having. People think that just because being a dick isn’t in itself illegal that they can get away with anything. :/ prove them wrong

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If this is true, report and then quit.

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Go to HR immediately 

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If this happened at multiple jobs in a short amount of time as others have mentioned from your previous threads, do you mind sharing with us what type of work you do? I know that in some professions people act more inappropriate than others…not saying it is ok, but I am just curious.

And you need to report this.

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WTF?  Calling you a prostitute and cunt and allowing men to expose your breasts?  You could be a stripper or an office clerk, this is NOT normal for any workplace.

Go to human resources.  If you don’t think your workplace has an HR office (which it should), find a lawyer for sexual harrassment.

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If the picture you have here is you….then I can understand why women are jealous. You just need to learn how to be strong and not allow people to treat you this way. Where ever you go you will find someone like that. You just have to stop letting people walk all over you. I would tell these women to [email protected] off Laughing And tell them yes, I’m a prostitute don’t be jealous that men are willing to pay to be with me and they wouldn’t even do you for free! Sometimes we have to give people a taste of their own medicine. 

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Document everything and report it to HR. I would just lay low while it all gets processed. If your profile pic is actually you, you’re exteremely pretty and I’m guessing that the other women feel jealous or like you’re their competition. It’s sad when this happens but I usually find it goes away if you can stick it out long enough. I’ve become good friends with girls who were pretty b*tchy when I first met them. It turns out they are nice girls who don’t deal well with their own self confidence issues.

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So you got some really great advice here, what do you think your going to do?

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@Mrs. Doily:  You can only file an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board if the firing was related to collective activity, i.e. organizing a union. If you complain and are fired, in an at-will employment state there isn’t much you can do EXCEPT if you’re a member of a protected class. That varies by state. Sexual harassment is very serious and victims are protected under the law, but not under feberal labor law.

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