(Closed) Coworkers/classmates coming in sick and contagious…ew!

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This happened with my SUPERVISOR last week. He came into the office with strep.


Needless to say, I sanitized everything he touched immediately after he stepped out of my office. 

He even has plenty of sick days, so no one could figure out why he was actually there. 

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I pretty much have to go to school unless I’m in the hospital. In many of my classes, I can’t miss more than two, and in my lab I can’t miss ANY or I fail (well, technically, there’s a system set up where you can talk to a professor and sit in on another teacher’s lab, but since mine is the last lab of the week, if I happen to get sick *that day* I’m screwed).

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@CandieC88:  YES AND I CANNOT STAND IT!!  Haha I had to use all caps for that.

Let’s see here:  Co-worker who sits in front of me….Came in Monday, even though she is sick, left early.  Came in yesterday, still sick, left early.  Came in today, STILL SICK, left early.  Gee, if you are going to leave early PUH-LEASE just stay home and quit spreading your germs!

Co-worker who sits in front of her, sick yesterday, today has no voice but stayed at work.  ‘I feel better’ she whispers.  ‘I’m on the mend’ she whispers again, all day.  NO MA’AM go home!

People in the work restrooms are coughing up a storm!!!  Hacking, sneezing, blowing their noses 🙁  I would use sanitizer AFTER washing my hands.

On top of this—I have this REALLY annoying friend, who is a guy but a little lame and desperate, who always wants to hang out.  He’s begging to chill, I go to see him and he is completely red faced, runny nose, voice is all different.  And he wants to drink at chilis?  I don’t think SO!!  I didn’t even finish my beer before joking with my friend ‘You look like shit, please get some rest’ lol….but I meant it and left!  haha!

If you are sick, do us all a favor and stay home!!  WE have sick days for a reason people!!  And most of all, don’t beg your friend to have a beer!  Stay in bed, on the couch, rest and get better!!  I promise to do the same.  

PS I have the rest of the week off and if I get sick bc ppl didn’t stay home when they should have I’m gonna be PISSED!!   lolz


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I guess it depends on the workplace. Mine tells us not to come in sick, but writes us up when we call out, so I can’t blame people for showing up sick, as long as they’re not lazy about infection control habits.

And if you’re getting sick every 4-6 weeks then you really can’t afford to miss work or class every time. 

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I have a crap immune system so if I stopped going out every time I had a cold, I’d be unemployed. I’m actually nursing a really bad cold right now and I’ve worked all week. I try to be polite as possible (hand sanitizing regularly, coughing into my elbow, wiping down with Lysol, not touching people etc). 

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I stay home if I’m REALLY sick – like stomach flu or fever… but if it’s a cold, I go in. I’m careful – I close my office door and warn people who come in that I have a cold. I also take cold medicine & cough drops so I don’t drive people nuts.

I’d rather stay home, but I don’t have enough sick time to waste it on a cold… I need it for when I’m very sick. For certain projects, my boss will let me work from home, but we’re a small office, so usually I have to be here.

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I work out of my boss’s home.. they have 2 school-aged children. They are always sick and use my desk/computer/pencils on the weekends when I’m not there. It drives.me.crazy. I hate hate hate being sick.

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I go to work unless I’m deathly ill or puking. For those who say stay home…how long? The entire time I’m showing symptoms of a cold (coughing, sneezing, sniffing)? A cold can last over a week sometimes. Most people can’t miss that much work/school.

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@CandieC88:  I frequently go to work sick, with a cough or a sniffle. I can’t remembe the last timeI took my temperature or how I would know I was contagious. But at my job, I don’t get sick days, just PTO. I sometimes will get a cough that lasts weeks or more, I can’t stay home every time I don’t feel well.

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@CandieC88:  Sorry, it is unrealistic to expect that people will not come in to work sick. Most employers are not that sympathetic and would rather you come in if they need something done. They are not worried about everyone else because they will expect them to come in too if they become sick.

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