Cramping 1.5 years into IUD?

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Bumble bee

I had random cramping maybe 4 or 5 months in, but nothing for the past 2 years. Check to feel the string in case it maybe was expelled. 

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Busy bee

I have Skyla as well and it’s been like 14 months since insertion. I have period like cramping off and on but not enough to take an advil or anything for it, I think its more so ovulation cramping or gearing up for my period type cramping… at least for me. 

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I’m 20 months into my Skyla experience and my cycles still haven’t really normalized. I get cramps all the time – sometimes during my period (which I still get but can last anywhere fro 2 to 12 days), sometimes not… I wouldn’t be too concerned but if you really feel something is off you can always go for a check up. The strings can be hard to find, especially as time passes, so I wouldn’t place all your bets on whether or not you can find them on your own.

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Busy bee

piper628 :  It took me 6 months with Skyla to start getting a period again and I think I am ovulating again given that I get EWCM around the time ovulation should be happening. However I started getting EWCM during that time before I even had my period back. I think a little bit of cramping with the IUD is normal for a side effect but if you are concerned you should make an appt with your Dr! 

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Blushing bee


I have the copper IUD (paragard) – so not quite the same but I did have an experience with bad cramping after about a year, two years of having it. The copper IUD worsens cramps anyway and you still get periods but during this bad patch I was getting really acute pain during my period but also the week before and when I was ovulating!! (mittelschmerz).

I had the position checked and had an ultrasound to check for anything strange – all came back normal. I was close to having it taken out but then it started to settle down again. Ive found that regular vigorous exercise massively improves it and at the moment it is no different to how i felt before the iud, with minimal pain, just a few twinges in the few days before and during period.

I don’t know what caused it for me but it seems to make sense that something about having the device could irritate your body and cause pain to flare up. It could be pressing on your intestines or nerves or similar and causing this even if it’s in a good position. Your body could also be trying ( unsuccessfully) to expel it.

My advice would be to see what difference if any exercise makes during the bad patches (i know it’s possibly the last thing you feel like doing!)

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Worker bee

I had mirena, so not the exact same; however, still an IUD. I was 3 years in with my second when I thought what I got was a period with cramping a couple days prior. The next week I had a miscarriage. I didn’t even know I was pregnant! I was 6 weeks along by the time I miscarried.

My advice is to grab a quick pregnancy test. I thought for certain I wasn’t pregnant and if I would have taken the dang dollar test with the initial cramping I may have been able to save the baby.


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I’ve had Mirena since February of 2015 and still get random severe cramping every month. The only thing that slightly helps is taking four advil every four hours and laying completely still until I eventually fall asleep. When I wake up, the cramping is usually gone. 

Everybody’s body is different, but if you feel like something is off I’d at least consult with your doctor.

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