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That sounds like a stalker, not a coincidence.

But, I’ll bite. Getting into a car accident with someone that had the same last name as me.

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My husband and I met our freshman year of college in Bozeman, MT. We lived in the same dorm and there was a girl we were friends with who lived in my floor named Jeanine.

Husband and I both transferred to schools in Colorado after our freshman year and lost touch with Jeanine. Years later we were celebrating our 6 year anniversary and drove up to Fort Collins (which was 1-1.5 hours from where we lived so this was a pretty rare thing, only a couple times a year) to go to our favorite diner and visit some of our favorite breweries and who is seated at a table nearby?! Jeanine! Turns out she was going to vet school at the local college there and by some crazy coincidence we all ended up at the same diner that morning!

Even crazier story:

My dad had a college roommate named Steve. They were great friends. He and his wife hung out with my parents a lot, went to my parents wedding, but my parents moved away and they fell out of touch.

Years later (decades later – like 25ish years later) they reconnect on Facebook. They are looking through my mom’s page and see a picture of me and my husband that my mom had commented on. She calls up my mom and says is your daughter boyfriend’s (we were still dating then) dad named X? And my mom says yes, how did you know that? Turns out after my parents lost touch with them Steve ended up working with my Father-In-Law and actually became good friends with my in-laws! 

So Steve and his wife have two sets of good friends from totally different periods of their life, who never met or heard of each other. Those sets of friends end up having kids who both chose out an out of state college (I’m front Idaho, Husband is from Colorado, both ended up in Montana), who were then assigned to the same dorm, met on day one and eventually got married. I feel like the odds on that have to be astronomical.

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My crazy coincidence is that I’m from Fort Collins so that’s weird to run into on a random board. I live in a smaller adjacent town now! lol hikingbride :  

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alrobinson :  Sorry I know thats not your purpose of opening this thread but I agree with PP, it does sound like a stalker. They have ingenious ways and means of getting information you didnt even know you were sharing in the unlikeliest places. 

Ok here is mine, and also related to my last year of HS. I have to give a  bit of background so that the crazy coincidence makes sense later.

In my high school we were taught 6 subjects, all of which I attended the full 2 years. The final exams were upon us and university required every student to pass in 5 subjects to move onto uni.

At the last minute, like literally standing outside the exam hall, my best friend and I decided we werent going to take the maths exam. (After cramming the whole previous week together! yes I wasnt the most responsible 17 year old around).

So now I HAD to pass the other 5 subjects in order to continue my studies. Sitting for the maths would have given me an extra subject in case I fared  badly at the others. My parents were upset when they found out, but I didnt have time to think about them in the flash second my friend and I had the brainwave idea to SKIP an exam.

So anyhoo, I completed the exams for four subjects and was getting ready for the very last one.

I lived in student digs at the time with some other girls, none of whom were in my class or sharing any courses with me. My best friend with who I had skipped the exam lived with her parents at her home.

All of the exams started mid-day and I was just settling at my desk to study for the last subject, History, when a classmate turns up. She is in my history class. This girl is someone I am friendly with but we have never hung out, have different friend groups, have never shared a ride to school and I didnt even know where she lived. Lets call her Gina.

Its 8 in the morning and I’m wondering why she’s here, dressed in her uniform, when the exam isnt for another 2 hours and I asked her that.

She said, “Well I wanted to get to the exam hall on time and none of the other girls I usually go with are taking History. I didnt feel like going alone so I”m here to pick you up.” 

So early? I asked. She stared at me. “RayofLight, our exam is in half an hour.”

No its not, its at 10 like all the others. She said, “No, its right now. In half an hour. What, you didnt know??” 

Gina had no idea I’d skipped the Maths test. She wasnt in the Maths class with me. We stared at each other for what seemed like eternity and then she said, “GO get dressed in ten minutes, we’re going to be late!”

I literaly got ready and left in 5 minutes and on the way over we just kept staring at each other in shock. I’d lived at the student digs for the last 2 years, and Gina, who lived close by had NEVER come by even once to share a ride to HS with me or any of the other students that lived there. 

When I asked her what made her decide to come that day she said she really didnt know but she wanted to go with someone and remembered that I lived somewhere around the area. She had been to visit someone in our student flats a long time ago once but wasnt sure where it was and just decided to try her luck and see if she could locate the place again and ask if we could go together.

I’m forever grateful to her for coming that day.

She was right, all the other subjects were set at 10 am but History was at 8 and I had no idea and would have stayed at the student flats revising for the exam as it was taking place. And missed my last chance to graduate HS.

Instead, I did make it to the History test and passed, got my HS diploma and then attended Uni. If I’d missed that last exam, on the very last day, I would have only sat for 4 subjects and therefore been automatically disqualified from continuing on. I would have had to re-sit the entire 6 subjects a year later.  The tuition and board paid by my parents would have been wasted. And I’d be a year behind everyone else. 

I think of Gina very often. I still dont know what compelled her to come looking for me but I’m so glad she did. I cant seem to explain that days’ events but because of the enormous importance of her turning up that day, and the impact it in saving my entire future, I still think about it every so often. When I think back, I get goosebumps from the whole thing.

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I work in quiet a small industry and one day a lady contacted me about a job. Then I meet with her for a coffee & then she never called me back. Awkward!

Anyway last year, she moved directly opposite my house & I live in a quiet street.  All the houses to live in!

Another coincidence, the girl who coloured my hair last week used to know my brother in law when he was a kid. They lived in the same street & played together as kids. I don’t live in a small town btw.

Lastly my dad’s cousin lived behind my mum when they were kids. So dad would visit his cousin and never met my Mum his future wife when she was next door. Years later, my grandparents moved 3 hours north and that’s when my Mum met my dad.

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hockeybee0104 :   hikingbride :  and I’m from Laramie (an hour north of FoCo) and we go down there all the time. Also, my husband is a Montanan and went to undergrad and grad school in Missoula. He loves to play up the Griz/Bobcat rivalry and as I was reading your post Hikingbride I was like “oh boooooo a Cat!” lol 😀

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I went to Egypt with my grandpa back when I was in college. We decided to take the train from Cairo to Alexandria. I got on the train and I recognized someone immediately. He was a kid I had gone to summer camp with back in high school. Just thought that was a funny coincidence that two kids from the US ran into each other on a train in Egypt!

I’ve also run into someone in Paris before, and Disney World. 

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I somehow always manage to board airplanes with people I know. Usually someone I haven’t seen in years. Go figure how it happens, but so far it’s like 5 times! 

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My family and I grew up in Texas, but moved away when I was 8. Two years later, we took a family vacation in Aruba. We were sitting on the beach and looked to our right, and our old next door neighbors from Texas were sitting right next to us! My parents had no idea they’d be there; they were even staying at the same hotel! It was so crazy.

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alrobinson :  I went to a high school right in the CBD of my large city. As it was easy to get public transport to my school, it drew students from far and wide.

My high-school best friend lived literally 35 kilometres from me and we never ever had travelled in the same circle as younger children so it was really weird when after 3 years of friendship I came across a photo of her and I together as 4 year olds. The photo has been taken at a charity function that our parents attended separately over a decade prior.

The funny part was that as a child I had a Disney colouring in book that my mum packed for me on that day to keep me occupied at the charity event. I’d put my book under my chair at our table for safe keeping and when I returned  from going to the bathroom with my mum, I found my book and pencil case gone. I was heart broken because that book was my favourite prized possession. Turns out that day, my best friend from high-school who was also four at the time, flogged my pencil case and book and snuck it home in her backpack without her mum realising. Her mum was very puzzled when she found it in her daughters backpack the next day and it kind of became a running joke in her family and her mum actually kept the book. When I found that photo of us together and showed my friend, she took the photo to show her mum and her mum told her that was the day she stole a pencil case and a colouring in book. My friend told me about her stealing incident and I soon put it together that she was the theif who stole my stuff! It was pretty funny and just plain weird how it happened that we’d end up best buddies a decade later! My friend gave me my colouring book back after that and it’s still on the bookshelf at my parents home as a keepsake. 😁

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A few months ago, I lost my grandmothers wedding ring at the laundry mat. It slipped off into one of the machines, I suspect when I spilled liquid detergent on my hands. As soon as I realized the ring was missing later that day, I went back to the laundry mat and was literally digging through trash cans looking for this ring. I couldn’t find it. At 1AM, I went back because I couldn’t sleep and started looking again. A woman noticed I was looking for something and when I explained the situation, she goes over to one of the machines and explained she used to work at a dry cleaner and all the things that are lost get stuck in this one place. She popped open a part on the machine and in the first machine she checked, there was my grandmothers ring. I would have never ever known how to do that. The fact that this woman was there at 1AM and had the knowledge and willingness to help me….I don’t believe in God but someone was looking out for me that day. I was so grateful! 



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