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I moved away from the country I grew up in to go across the world to start a new life just for the adventure. I met my husband in my newly adopted homeland and 2 years later I took him back for a tour of my home. We started on the opposite end of the country from where I lived and worked. The man at the airport who picked to take us to our first B&B was a co-worker I knew very well from the last job I had before I left. He had totally changed careers to open the inn we were going to be staying at. It was so weird.

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My neighbors told my husband when he was born that they may drop by one day to meet him. For a week or so we made sure the house was in good shape but they never came by. 

Today I was randomly thinking about that and how they never dropped by but it’s been 6 months so it’s not going to happen. Then the doorbell rang a few hours later and it was the neighbors. My son is 6 months old! Crazy coincidence. 

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Mine is kind of hard to explain, since I won’t use my real last name.

Growing up, my grandma owned a fishing resort in Minnesota. We would occasionally visit to fish, etc, and I have a lot of fond memories of the place. Let’s call that town ‘Bob’.

I grow up, head off to the college, and ultimately land an internship in Nevada in a town that’s also named ‘Bob’. My family and I  get a chuckle over it, and it turns out there is actually a connection between both the Minnesotan and Nevadan towns. I even met someone who knew my grandma.

A year or so after that first internship I met my now husband…who’s last name is also ‘bob’. However, I met him back in college, which was in a different state than my internship.

Fast forward a few years, and I’m now working and living full time in ‘bob’ Nevada. After we were married I changed my last name to his.

I’m now known as Mrs. Bob from Bob. My contractors and consultants think it’ hilarious. 🙂

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KittyYogi :   hockeybee0104 :   hikingbride :  I was just in Fort Collins for a tattoo appointment! I live in Denver but my longterm goal is to move up there. Pretty funny to see such a small town mentioned here repeatedly. Haha maybe it’s more popular than I thought!

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I was in 7th grade in science class and we were doing a unit on earthquakes. We were watching a video about techtonic plates and the room started shaking. I thought somehow it was some kind of trick or prank, but no (how would you play a room shaking prank?), we had about a 4.0 on the richter scale earthquake. The video about earthquakes was literally on as we sat under our desks, experiencing an earthquake. Still a little bit gives me goosebumps.

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I have a very unique name. It’s already pretty rare, but the way mine is spelled (Irish spelling, so a random silent “i” in it) is very rare, there are only 4 or 5 of us (as far as I can tell) in the world. I’ve only met maybe 1 other with a different, more common spelling. Until this year.

I started my M.A. program and on my first day, introduced myself to a girl who repeated my name back to me. At first I thought she was just clarifying my name. NOPE!

But, it gets WEIRDER!!!

I’m engaged to be married, and this girl was newly married (not the weird part). I was scrolling through an album on her phone, with her permission, of her wedding photos. The name of the album was her and her husband’s name. Lo and behold, her husband and my fiancé share a first name.

Admittedly the guys’ name is relatively common, but the chances of us both having the same uncommon name only different by the silent “i”in mine, in the same grad program at the same school married/engaged to men with the exact same name…DAMN.

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Lol Fort Collins is insanely popular…. it’s why we can’t afford to live there when that’s our hometown. Lol. Which tattoo place?? lovelyruby :  

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I used to waitress part-time, as well as work in an office full time. I went on holiday with an ex 1,500 mile away in another country and we ended up sitting next to my favourite pub customers in a pub! We had a blast. 

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We ran into another couple we know in line for a ride at Tokyo Disneyland. Both of us are from California and we each didn’t even know we were in Tokyo at the same time.

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alrobinson :  I moved to a new apartment complex that was 15 minutes from my job. I had been living there for a few months. I got a promotion at work and was going to train the new person to take my spot. She started and we discovered while talking we lived in the same apartment complex. We lived directly across the parking lot from each other and had never seen each other at work or a the apartments.  Well long story short we became fast friends and are still friends 15 years later. 

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There is a boutique in my city with my first and middle names but spelled differently in reverse order – i.e. if my name was Casey Sofia her shop is called Sophia Kacey.

Both names are uncommon in my country (I have only met one other person with my same first name, and she’s my cousin lol) and I’ve certainly never seen or even imagined I’d see it with my also rare middle name attached to it. I always think about buying something there, but although our names are similar, our tastes are definitely not!

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I contacted a company to do some work on my house. The older man who called me back started off saying “I hope this isn’t too weird but I used to live in your house in the early ‘90’s”. He went on to describe some very unique features of the house that only someone who had lived there would know about. He came out to give me an estimate and we talked about all the changes that had been made since he’d lived there. It was so weird, but the guy was nice and said it was a great walk down memeory lane for him. 

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