(Closed) Craziest thing a psycho ex has done?

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So many to choose from!!! I had one guy that contacted EVERY person he knew connected to me in the hopes that I would give him a call.. Everyone from my cousin to someone’s roommate!

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I was trapped in a public bathroom by one of my Darling Husband exes. She cried about how he was never interested in marrying her, accused me of thinking she was fat, talked about the divorce she was going through, how her ex husband was a failure compared to my Darling Husband, and kept reiterating how much she loved DH’s family. She then proceeded to show up for a couple public family events and at the bar where DH’s mom works to “visit”. At one of those “visits” she told one of the patrons there about how Darling Husband obviously has a type because of similarities between herself and me physically (the only similarity is that we’re tall). 

She started showing up all the time at the places we were out too. I just stuck to pretending like she didn’t exist and haven’t seen her for a couple months now. Hopefully it stays that way!! 

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@blushpinkbride:  My Darling Husband was on the same varisty wrestling team as some of my exes….Those stories are a little terrible Embarassed

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The girl my SO dated in high school flung herself onto the ground in front of his house when he broke up with her. She was screaming and crying and kicking and pounding the ground and basically being a crazy person. His mom told him, “Get in the house right now!” and locked the door. He dated her from 15-16, I think.

Here’s the really crazy part, though: She’s married with babies now and in her 30’s, but that didn’t stop her from contacting his sister a year or so ago. She told his sister that my SO used to beat her. Okay, crazy lady. Trust me, my SO is the gentlest guy you will ever meet…and who contacts a relative of the kid you dated 16 years ago? SO hasn’t talked to this girl since high school.

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After we broke up, he contacted the next guy I dated with a ridiculous story that I was cheating on that guy with him.

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I had a long distance relationship with this guy who turned out to be a compulsive liar, and completely insane. He made up all these crazy stories, had me to listen to guitar solos and claimed it was him. Anyways, I was in a “relationship” with this guy for about 3 years, and I knew he was lying, but I felt sorry for him and thought that he always said that he’d kill himself if I stopped talking to him. I eventually did stop talking to him, got a new phone number, blocked him from myspace, and went about 6 months without hearing from him. Then one day I got a text from him claiming that he had aids (or maybe it was cancer, he changed it so much, I cant remember) and was about to die, and he wanted to talk to me again before he died. Turns out he tracked down one of my friends numbers and pretended to be someone else to get her to give him my number.

It doesnt sound all that crazy, but there really was so much that went on with him, it was insane.

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  • Wedding: September 2014

He basically stalked me for a month after I dumped him. Parked outside my house, my work, showed up at my happy hour spot etc. He lost his job over it! He just wanted to make sure I didn’t have another guy. My dad had to threaten him with the police to get him to stop. Freakin nut case. 

Funny thing is, he was the one with the active march.com account after almost 5 years of dating (hence the dumping) I think it was about 14 months after the breakup before I even went on another date. 

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So I was dating a guy, and one of his friends broke up with this TOTALLY crazy chick in my rugby league (different team).

As it turned out, we played the same position! We were both props. She was #2, and I was #3 (so we literally clashed). Well, she decided that my Boyfriend or Best Friend at the time should be punished for HER ex’s actions, and tried to BREAK MY LEGS.

She made improper contact so many times they moved my position, and eventually took me out of the game for my own protection!

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  • Wedding: June 2014

@blushpinkbride:  on Fiance and My first concert date (1 month in) we saw his ex there! She followed us around and at point came up to him and pushed him. He was really angry so he grabbed my arm and we left for his car. Keep in mind he was still a sr. in HS at a private Christian school. She went back on monday claiming he pushed her down the stairs and it caused her to miscarriage. She then called Fiance and left this lovely message about how she buried Their child in the garden behind her house. She told other people the same story and the school eventually kicked her out and Fiance was given a warning about having sex before marriage… lol I mean she was crazy ya’ll and I will never forget that voicemail!!

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These stories just make me sad.  Heartbreak is terrible and it is worse that these exes were in so much pain 🙁

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When I was decades younger my crazy ex-BF continued to call me long distance (that was before free cell phone long distance) and he would yack on and on for hours. This was about 3 -4 years after we had broken up and I had moved 1200 miles away. So, when I got a new job much closer to where he lived I told him ” I won’t be telling you where I am moving and I’m not going to talk to you any more” and I told people at work not to divulge where I moved.

After having lived in my new place for a couple of years, one day he came into my place of work. Big Surprise! He had seen my car in the parking lot. Because he had worked on that car he knew immediately from far away that it was my car. He didn’t even live in this town, he was driving through it.

Fast forward 30 years later and he is still peppering me with emails, but that’s better than phone calls. And realistically I have to say that he’s not obsessed with me more than anyone else, he has an obsessive personality and has LOTS of obsessions and he stalks a lot of people. The internet is made for people like him.

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The ex of a roommate of mine, a few years ago, broke into our house one day while everyone was at work, and stole all her underwear. Didn’t steal anything else. Just the undies.

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@blushpinkbride:  my high school boyfriend of three years broke up with me and married another girl two months later. She looked pregnant in her wedding pictures so its pretty clear she was the “other woman”. How do I know about her wedding pictures, you ask? Three years later I had a blog (then called an online journal where you had a guest book page instead of comments in each post). She signed my guest book and left a link to her wedding album! 

I ignored that. A couples years later she friend requested me on MySpace. Ignored that. Then she did it again. Ignored that. The third time I messages her asking why and she basically said she had been MySpace stalking me and it would be easier to find me if we were friends!

i answered some of her questions like “I just wanted to be sure my husband didn’t have any other kids out there lol”, “Was he in love with you? How did you know?” Etc. It got weirder and weirder and for most questions I told her she should ask her husband because my opinion didn’t matter. 

it turns out she was only 16 when they got married and by her mid20s they were swinging. Then he was “let off the leash” for a while while she stayed home with their five kids. I think she just kind of saw me and my life as what might have been. 

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When I was in elementary school, my uncle (who was in high school at the time) came to live with us. His first girl friend ever was crazypants. When he finally broke up with her, she would break into our house and move stuff around. Then call him later and tell him what she’d done. I guess she had been in and out of juvie for fighting or something. We had to move in the middle of the night to get away from her.

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