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Busy bee

Honey, that’s all in your head. I’m sure you know that, but remember, it was all just a dream. I get all sorts of crazy dreams quite often and I wake up amazed at what stupid connections my brain can make. I have had a fair share of cheating dreams, they affect you the most, I think. Just tell your DH you’re irritated and had a bad nights sleep, but don’t focus negative emotions towards him, even if you keep it all inside your heart. That’s not healthy for you. Just try to not think about it! Hope you have a good night’s sleep the next night!

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Helper bee
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I’ve had a dream that my Fiance cheated on me too, and I was kind of pissed off all morning but I got over it cause duh, it was a dream! They suck though! Lol.

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Helper bee
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Haha! I’m sorry but your post just made me laugh. I sometimes have dreams that my husband is cheating on me and ill wake up angry and hurt until I completely wake up and remember that is not reality. I’ve told him about it a few times so now it’s a joke if I seem irritated with him or am grumpy in the morning (for lack of coffee) he’ll ask if he was cheating on me again. My advice is to just laugh it off and move on. Not a big deal!

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Busy bee
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I have dreams where I cheat on my husband all the time even though I love him and would never actually cheat, or have any desire to do so.  I always feel so guilty in the dream and wake up relieved that I don’t have to tell him that I cheated, lol.  Dreams are weird.  

I think sometimes reading things about cheating on sites like this one or Facebook or whatever can fuel your subconscious.  I think it’s normal.  For me it’s a good thing because I always wake up appreciating my husband even more.

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Whenever I take melatonin to sleep, I have terrible dreams about my husband doing things, cheating, killing the dog, being abusive, etc. It’s very unsettling. I don’t really take melatonin anymore for that reason, but my husband would get all sensitive about it thinking that I really thought he’d do those things and that’s why I had the dream. Not true. I think dreams are just dreams and don’t directly correlate to your hidden feelings or anything like that. 

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Blushing bee
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A lot of people have those kinds of dreams. I have dreamt about having sex with a celebrity I don’t even find attractive. Plus, dreams where my husband has cheated on me. Check out some dream interpretations online. Sex dreams often have nothing to do with sex or wanting to cheat.

Ive even had dreams where a man proposed to me and I’m like, “Wait, I’m ALREADY married. Lol

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Helper bee
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llevinso :  I have very realistic, unsettling dreams too.  It really throws me for a loop because they feel so darn real.  I usually talk to Fiance about it if it’s particularly upsetting and then I feel better after a bit.  Sometimes it takes me a few days to get whatever it was out of my head even though obviously I know it wasn’t real.  I’m sorry you have crazy dreams too, it really stinks sometimes!

As a side note, it’d be really convenient to have everything remote controlled. 

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Busy bee
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llevinso :  man, our brains work in such weird ways! Since I started taking sleeping pills I started getting really weird but very real dreams, so sometimes in the mornings I need time to figure out what is memories of the last day and what was a dream. I once dreamt that I cheated and I was really upset in the morning, before I realised it was just a dream! ;)0

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llevinso :  I have SUPER realistic dreams and it always trips my husband out because he can’t remember his dreams. Before we got married I had several dreams where I knew him and was dating him, but for whatever reason we decided to date other people as well. I’d go on these dates (in some cases with my now-husband looking on!) and hate them. I think it was my subconcious’s way of confirming I was making the right decision commiting to him. 🙂 

I had another one where I had an affair with Aisha Tyler. But I’m pretty sure that was because a friend of ours was working on a project with her and kept calling her his “work wife”. The mind is a weird place. 

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Helper bee
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I once was dreaming that my husband was in a hottub with a bunch of beautiful women and I was in the hottub next  to it all alone. While I was dreaming, he apparently was just coming to bed and I kind of half woke up. I started cuddling with him and getting mad at him for being in the hottub with the “hot girls.” Then I kicked him in the calves. surprised

He told me all about it the next morning (I didn’t remember a thing). We laugh about it now.

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Busy bee
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A few nights ago I had a dream that my husband cheated on me with one of my sorority sisters who he has never met and I barely know but follow in Instagram cause she posts some cool stuff. In the dream he decided to leave me for her and run away to Vegas, and no mater how much I begged or punched her he wouldnt change his mind. I woke up in the middle of the night and unfollowed her 😂. Totally insane I know but I was half asleep in my defense! I’ve also had dreams where I have been out on dates with ex boyfriends and half way through the dream I remember I am married and freak out and wake up in a total panic apologizing to DH. Those are the really awful ones. I’m upset for like the whole day after even though I know in real life I would never ever cheat on him. 

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This happens every once in a while to me! Me and Fiance like to joke that thank goodness he isn’t my “dream guy” because then he’d be awful. He’s the best partner in the world but I think I’ve only had dreams of him being mean or cheating (that I remember at least). I always wake up angry and upset and I tell him all the rotten things the Dream Fiance has done, then we laugh about it and carry on. I did have a weird one where we were in a threesome with a college roommate though… he kind of enjoyed hearing about that one actually! 

I went through a strange phase when I was 18 and 19 having really vivid dreams – sometimes I’d wake up and not be able to tell what had been real and what was the dream. Every morning during my walk to school with my roommates I’d share my dreams and we’d all have a good laugh. 7 years later and we still joke about them when we get together! I think it’s best to try not to get too worked up about it once you know it was just a dream. If your partner is having trouble dealing with some of the emotions that come from your dreams, try to find the humour in them!

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