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I think you should write back “luckily you slapped some sense into me”


I had someone I went on ONE date with like 6 years ago email me the  other day asking to catch up. I didn’t respond, wtf?

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@MexiPino:  I had a crazy ex whom I broke up with after I caught him cheating on me with his ex-gf. We only dated for 4 months, and even while dating, he acted somewhat uninterested in talking on the phone or really talking to me at all if we weren’t actually together hanging out. When we were together things were fine, but I’d try and call him and he would sit on the phone in silence while I would talk and wait for a response for minutes that seemed like hours. I chalked it up to the fact that he was one of those guys who didn’t like to talk on the phone, and ditched his sorry a$$ after the cheating thing.

Months would go by, and he even dated other girls (this was in college and I went to a small D-III school with 3500 students, and we were friends with the same group of people so I knew about this without trying to dig to find out) but every so often he would call me out of the blue. The first couple of times I answered, because I wondered why he would be calling me, and he would say, “Hey, what’s up?? We haven’t talked in awhile!” I was so thrown off, since he never wanted to “just talk” on the phone when we were together, so why the hell did he want to now? He also seemed to call every time he must have found out I was dating someone else, and he would text or IM (this was still a thing back when I was in school haha) and say he missed me and wanted me back (dude, YOU cheated on ME). I more or less stopped responding to any attempts to contact me, and he finally took the hint.

Your ex sounds like a total creeper, not to mention an effing piece of shit who hits women. F him and let him “crave” someone else.

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Ugh, I dated this dude long-distance who just never made time for me. He rarely returned calls and texts and actually stood me up during the only week I was in town. He made lame excuses and fed me that bullshit line of “being scared” so that I wouldn’t break up with him. I broke up with him after three months. Sometime after that he texted me “Happy Thanksgiving” and I blew up on him. Oh, so you DO know how to text. Soon afterward he was constantly texting me (more than he ever did when we were dating) to try to convince me to take him back. Such a loser.

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@MexiPino:  “i still crave you”????  that is just creepy.  ewww.  i’d block his number.

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@MexiPino:  Something somewhat similar happened to me.  I had an on and off super passionate but toxic relationship with a guy for three years.  When I finally ended it for good and decided I wouldn’t go back for more, it was because I had just met current Fiance and really liked him and wanted to give it a fair shot (good thing I did!).

Anyway, six months down the road, Fiance and were blissfully happy when out of nowhere, I get a text from Douchebag saying “I miss you.”  I didn’t respond and it was so satisfying to know I was truly over him and with an amazing guy.

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My ex from sophmore year texted me when I graduated (we went to different schools) “Hey, I miss you. How are you?” My response, “Fat, pregnant, and happy.” Never heard from him again.

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i wouldnt say he’s my crazy ex cause we never even dated but yes, i have a crazy ex friend who liked me the whole time i knew him who constantly tries to get in touch with me. he knows i have been with Fiance for 8 years but he constantly tries to message or add me on facebook and he even found my twitter. creeper to the max! i just block him and ignore any attempts and a phone call or text i get. Fiance can’t stand him because of his continuous efforts to talk to me. even if i were single, he still wouldn’t get any time or attention from me. he doesn’t even live in the same city anymore and he is just as creeper. ew.

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Take a pic of yourself and your boyfriend and send it to him with you guys in some crazy awkward half naked position with your hands all over each other. That ought to fix that.

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@MexiPino:  Ugh the asshole exs are come crawling back!!

I went through the same thing was with my ex we were together for two years things go abusive and I ended things then met FH, six months in my ex had people reaching out to me to call him and also post this on his Instagram

Which started a big war where my cousin saw this and called him out which then turned into me having 1000 texts from him. Long story short never spoken to him after this. My FH and I are planning to get married next October. If it wasn’t for this sorry asshole ex treating me so horribly I would have never met my baby and known what a good man is like

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Haha, asshat! love that term.

Def dont respond. Ever. It will only encourage him and make it seem like a challenge to get you to interact with him.

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Don’t respond, a crazy ex will use any excuse to keep in contact. Try ignoring it first and if it continues just be straight forward no snarky comment needed to get your point across. Just say stop! I had an ex obsesses with me. We broke up for years and he would still contact me. I ignored it until he continued. I finally told him stop please. He did. I kept it super to the point. He got married a few months after the last time he contacted me. Maybe he was hoping for one last chance who knows and who cares but thankkkkkkk goodness he finally left me alone! 

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@MexiPino:  ….gross…you should tell him if the craving doesn’t subside to go to Super Walmart and slap all the hams…that way he gets his fix AND no one gets hurt.

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@figgnewton:  hahahahahhahahahahaha love it!

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