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@mamasey:  I’ve heard plenty of stories from my husband, but I was not there for those, so I won’t pass judgement.  I was there, however, when she called my ass after we had been dating for nearly a year sobbing about what a piece of shit of he is.  And when she made up lies about my friends calling her, blah blah blah, and I lived 1500 miles away from the state she was in.

Granted, she was pissed because after being w/her for 6 years, he left her and basically proposed to me right away… I can’t really blame her.

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My husband has a crazy non-ex, well, HAD because she died. I know that is horrible!! This girl had a crush on him for like 50 years and she was rude to me when we first started dating. He didn’t believe me at first that she was secretly in love with him. It took her taking things to extremes for him to finally believe me. After a while they grew apart (mainly due to me not wanting her around) and then she died. It was horrible and I kind of felt bad that he was never able to have closure with her or spend the remaining years as her friend. It’s not like we knew that was going to happen though…..


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Yes!  Over the first few years of our relationship she would send him inappropraite FB messages about how she would always love him and upload photos of them kissing and tag him in them.. wth?! She came into my work and harassed me.  Needless to say he blocked her on FB and was not in contact with her.  Then out of nowhere he was ‘magically’ friends with her again on FB.  I was LIVID!  He swore he did not add her and was not speaking with her and I did not believe him.  Turns out (I found this out from an ex friend of hers) she was the one who created his FB account and would log in and add herself and random girls in order to piss me off, read through his inbox and look at photos of us…. really wth?! Since we found that out and changed his password there have no been any more incidents (and I feel horrible for doubting him!).

Funny thing is its not like we started dating right after they broke up.. We started dating about a year and a half after and he broke up with her because she cheated on him!  So clearly she did not care that much about him anyways.. weird!

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No. I have a crazy ex husband. I had to change my phone number because of nasty phone calls. He does not know I am remarried and there will probably be an earthquake when he finds out. He will never move and it was a bad marriage.

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i have a crazy ex boyfriend and his friends. He broke up with me because he didnt see a future, his friend (my now FI) remained friends and a year after the breakup started dating. Fiance even asked X for permission!!! After giving Fiance his blessing he slit his car tyres, sent me horrible texts and went weird.

His friends (who used to be FIs friends too just not that close) constantly tell Fiance that i am ruining his life ect and call me names like whore on FB.

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I have a crazy ex, Fiance does not. My ex is currently under a restraining order, FI’s ex wife could care less. She told their kids that they can call me mom since Im the one basically raising them. She is just not a mom. One crazy ex is enough. Its nice to know she doesnt care one way or the other.

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My fiance has an ex, none of which are crazy. I do have a crazy ex, but luckily he hasn’t been in my life in over a year (thank god) and I hope I never have to deal with his crazy self ever again! 

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This didn’t happen to me, but a male friend of mine broke up with a girl and had started casually seeing someone else. Girl 1 was batsh*t crazy. She went to his apartment at a time she knew he would be home to try and “talk.” He met her in the parking lot and told her he had nothing more to say to her so she started physically attacking him. Somehow he got her into her car, where she started beating up herself. She then went to the police station to press charges against him.

Luckily, his roomate was home and saw the whole thing, and some other neighbors did too when they heard all the commotion outside. She wasn’t able to press charges, but they did give him the option to get a restraining order on her. Which for some reason he didn’t. So she continued to harrass him for a while. Eventually girl 2 broke up with him because she couldn’t handle the crazy.

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My Fiance has a problem Ex. It’s so sad because we still see her around. While we were getting his stuff out of his apartment to move in with me 5 years ago, she came to the back of the building where we had parked the truck (I was in the truck waiting for him to come down with more stuff, he was upstairs on the 4th floor) She was wearing her work uniform and a …. hammer… and she beat me with it. She then proceeded to go upstairs to tell my Fiance she had beaten me up and disappeared!

Yep, we couldn’t phone 9-1-1 because cell reception sucked at the parking lot. So we left there to go to the police station and filed a report along with pictures taken for the bruises she left behind, (my back and front of arms where I blocked the blows) we didn’t charge her because she is mentally ill. But at least she was in the system (she is also known to the police anyways) so if it did happen again to me, I would charge her next time!

So far, so good, it’s been 5 years and she moved on with her life it seems…

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My husband has a crazy ex.  (Granted…I have a crazy ex too, but this one is about his…)  After we started dating, she would constantly ask him to do stuff for her..like help her move.  She even insisted he go w/her to her grandma’s wedding.  After a while it became too much.  She was texting every day, he told her it needed to stop.  She called crying and screaming about how he ruined her life, etc and called me a bunch of terrible names.  Then her parents and grandparents started messing my husband via facebook about how they were family and how he better stay in their lives, etc.  That’s why we no longer have facebook. Then on her wedding day, she texted my husband to tell him she was getting married.  WHY??!!!  Who knows. 

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I have one crazy ex. I dated him ohhhh about 10 years ago right before I met Fiance. It was brief, and he was a total jerk. I mean horrible. I was young and dumb and for some reason was like head over heels in love with him. example? one night he thought he hung up the phone and it was really still on and I heard him talking to another girl telling her she had pretty eyes and blah blah blah. So i drove to his house that instant and caught him with her, he jumped in the car with her and took off. His mom, dad, brother, and two of his best friends stayed there with me and comforted me and all told me to leave him because he just was not a good guy. if his own mom and family and friends can tell me to leave then one would think I would have left lol but no…. we broke up for about 2 weeks and then were back together. Here is the absolute most ridiculous break up I ever had, he called me with his long time ex on threeway and said that he had cheated on me with her and she was pregnant and over that past weekend had gone and gotten married. *crickets chirping*…..ok?  what do you even say to that?! lol so that was the last time we were together. oh and btw, that was all a lie, she was never pregnant and they were never married, he just wanted to get back with her and thought that would be a good way to cut ties with me. a few months later I met Fiance and we have been together for 90% of the last ten years. this ex of mine would drive past my house, call from random numbers, he would go to all the places I went out to and just stand around just keeping an eye on me, he would call drunk and beg me to please talk with him, he was just ridiculous. this went on for years. He was never dangerous or anything, just kind of sad and pathetic and annoying. To this day he will ask about me and he constantly tries to add me on FB. When my son was born he went around saying that it was his son lol and my son looks identical to Fiance, plus we hadnt slept together in a couple years at that point. I think he takes the cake…..

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My SO had a seriously crazy ex! She flew across the globe to visit him when she discovered he had a new partner (me).


They split up because he wanted to move back to the UK. It wasn’t a serious relationship in his opinion, they never even slepte together. He didn’t love her it was more of a friendship than relationship. He’s told me numerous times that she wasn’t exaclty attractive and she had no personality either. He used to find her embarassing to be around because she was socialy awkward and had no idea how to interact with people. But it was her first “type of boyfriend” despite being in her 20’s. Sos if you all remember that “first boyfriend ” crazy teenage love where you think your going to married and be together for ever sort of feeling… simply because you don’t know any better that was her.

He tried to remain friends with her and I didnt mind. Then she flew to the uk from Austrailer and she wanted to see him. I didn’t mind because I didn’t see her as an ex. She found out he had a Girlfriend and was furiuos with him because he “should of told her”. He explained that why would he? They hadn’t spoken in months as friends? It wasn’t a secret that he and I were together but why would he call he up randomly and anounce he has a new partner?Anyway he went on to meet her and they hung out of with a group of his friends for a couple of hours. His friends offered her a room for the night, (not my SO, just her as she was stuck).  SO other drove her to the station next morning. No big deal right?

Well she thought this was an invitation to start hounding my SO with sex texts, which he showed and was honest about. So I said that he should cut contact with her. She’s gotton the wrong message and it’s cruel to lead her on and I wasn’t too happy with her behaviour.

So he sent her message saying politely he was deleting her fb as it wasn’t appropriate anymore, it was making me uncomfortable.

So then she went on a slagging me off campaign -_- aparantly I have no evidence of her feelings and it was natural he visited her when she came to the uk, they were only friends blah blah.

I had plenty of “evidence” with all the sex texts she sent him which was creepy, this girl was a virgin it was just so ridiculous and desperate.  Yes it would of been natural for SO to visit her in London after flying to the uk but it’s not natural to fly to the UK because your crush as a SO.

She was just full of sh*t and then she had the nerve to send me messages saying “Lets get something crystal clear , Me and Stu are JUST FRIENDS” I tried to message her back along the lines of   ” Let me make something crystal clear, if you come near my SO again or even make contact with him, I’ll make your life a living hell. So I suggest you go back and sit under your bridge and stop embarassing your self.you to talk to me like that after sex texting my boyfriend. Who the hell  do you think you are? You silly little girl you have no idea who your talking too. If you was in the UK you wouldn’t be walking love. F*ck off and carry on with your niav pathetic life.”But I couldn’t message her as she had changed her settings so only friends could message her. What a bloody coward.

So I told SO and he went mental and emailed her saying that he didn’t appreciate the texts, she had no buisness messaging me and for her to stay out of his life.

Still when I go to the oz with the SO if I ever come across her I’m deffitnatley giving her a piece of my mind. Stupid troll.

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