(Closed) Crazy EX!!share ur stories!bit**ing time:))

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Ooh, this should be fun. Looking forward to seeing all the responses!! Good reading so far!

One of my FI’s exes is good friends with my cousin. When Fiance and I had only been dating a year, I went to go see my cousin and she was there too. She told me she had dated my SO yeras before and took his virginity. I was like WTF. Who even says that? Keep that shit to yourself.

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An ex from waaaay back was extremely jealous.  He used to turn up on girl’s nights (usually we’d go for a meal), and sit at the bar and just wait and watch. Urgh.  Anyway one night we were all out in a big group, and my brother was a little bit worse for wear.  HE started shouting how ace I was and how much he loved me, I was his favourite sister etc etc (I’m his only sis – but whatever!) and giving me massive bear hugs and big sloppy kisses on my forehead and cheek.  It’s the way he was, still is and probably will be for ever Smile.  Anyway when he was done showing me the love, I went to the bar to get him some water to sober, whilst he started singing “Sister Sister”, and my BF at the time grabbed my arm, pulled me into the alcove, pushed me up against the wall and calling me a prick tease and slut for kissing other men in public whilst holding my throat.  He then stormed off when some guy asked him what he was doing.  Needless to say it ended right there and then.  I had a fantastic night by the way!

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my Fiance has a PSYCHO ex…about 3 weeks ago I was alerted by a mutual friend of ours (someone who is friends with Fiance and me and her) to go check out the girls fb page (which she has semi-private) She had posted the video to Adele’s Someone like You and underneath had written “I don’t want someone like you, I want you and I WILL have you” then she wrote our wedding date…WTF?!

Does she plan on crashing our wedding and objecting or something? they haven’t been together in 4 years and Fiance can’t stand her, they had a horrible breakup, she lived with Fiance and refused to move out when he asked her to leave, it was nasty!! Needless to say, we have alerted a few people to be on the lookout for her “just in case”


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When I started dating Fiance his ex used to message me all the time saying that she was going to get him back and that I better stop talking to her man.  We both blocked her after that. And every time I go back home (Massachusetts) my ex always tries to talk to me and tells me that he wants me back. 

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Sorry for bumping an old post but I was reading these to my SO & had to share one.


I have known my SO since I was 14 (10 years!) we dated until we were 15 broke up and started seeing each other again when we were 22 – we ended it on good terms and we started seeing eachother again back in March & have been living together for 5 months. When we started seeing eachother she went to his sisters and told them what a horrible person I am – because I am an atheist and one of his sisters called their dad “concerned” about our seeing eachother. Anyways in April his ex sent him a Facebook message on a fake facebook asking him how it felt to know he gave his ex Cancer… It was pretty messed up but we luckily haven’t had much contact since.


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I dated a lot of scorpio’s in my time~ haha, enough said!

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OMG!!!!!! My husband has a CRAZAAAAAAYYYYY ex. He broke up with her before we met and when she found out he was dating someone else (me) she texted him for 2-3 months claiming she was pregnant with his baby (he was born with a genetic condition that makes it impossible for him to conceive naturally). This crazy lady sent him a Christmas present even after they broke up, and then demanded it back. She showed up at his house in person to get the present back (even though he already told her he returned it and to NOT show up at his house). I should add, when she showed up at his house (while I was there) she was wearing an old school girl uniform she had, trying to seduce him after he broke up with her. It was a tiny skirt and she was a 250 pound woman. For months after that she emailed him, texted him, called him. It was a nightmare. I am soooooooo glad she is out of our lives.

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I don’t have a crazy ex. Hubby hasn’t really got a crazy ex. His ex does bounce from guy to guy though. My brother has an insane ex. She was really pretty, smart, kind. She was amazing. My brother wasn’t into her anymore so he called it quits after 2 years. She went ballistic! Constant phone calls, showing up at our house at 3am, egging our house then apologising for it, she told my brother she was pregnant at one stage so he’d get back with her. She then pulled a pregnancy scan from the net and told him it was cancer in her back. When he called her out on it, she beat him with a freaking cricket bat! She’d spread rumours all throughout town that he was awful in the sack, but he knocked her up and forced her to abort. Twice. She put on A LOT of weight and called him out for having anorexia – the kid’s got a ridiculously fast metabolism. After all of that, she got the police involved and told them she was raped by him. He ended up in court for physical abuse and other misdemeanors (none of which were actually true) and when everything was over, she threw herself onto the court steps and had a hissy fit. He walked away with not a single scratch on his record. She then tried to get me fired from my job because I obviously had everything to do with their breakup. 

Did I mention this girl was 16 at the time?

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