Crazy Ovulation Symptoms – does anyone else have them?

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Blushing bee

I had similar symptoms when I went off BC, I was on the pill for about 13 years and it was a doozy getting my body used to the change of hormones. I had alot of vertigo, at first I thought it was my anemia, but it turns out it was the shift my body was making that was causing such symptoms, the nausea wasn’t as bad though for me, but it did happen in spurts. I think it took about 3-4 months for myself to feel “normal” again. I went off the pill and gave my body a break and then was placed on the patch, which let me tell you, though I loved certain things about the patch, I’ve lasted a month and I’m now waiting for a next step from my doc about a different option, I’m in my 20’s and the pre-menopausal-like symptoms from coming down off the patch are INSANE. Either way, those symptoms will get better, I’m not sure about your diet/exercise regime, but I cleaned up my diet alot and started exercising and it really helped alleviate alot of those symptoms. 

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Busy bee

Hm.  That sounds distressing for sure!  I get vertigo and dizziness during PMS, regularly, and I’ve always assumed that it’s a hormonal thing.  I would wait another month or two, and if it’s still that bad make another appt with your doctor.  

On a related note, since you’re starting TTC, congrats!  As someone who has started this journey myself, let me tell you, it’s reeeeeally easy to freak out over every little ovulation symptom/PMS symptom/etc and think you’re pregnant.  You’re listening to your body very closely, which you’ve likely never done before.  So before you freak out TOO much, try to relax and wait a week – pretty much every sign/symptom will resolve itself with time, or will at least let you figure out your new “normal” pattern now that you’re off BC.  

Good luck to you!   🙂

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Bumble bee
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I’ve been using non-hormonal BC for the past 5 years (paraguard IUD), and right around O, I get “the swirlies”. The swirlies is not a medical term, but how I describe how I feel. It feels like my brain can’t keep up with my body, especially when turning, walking quickly, or moving from sitting to standing. It lasts about 1-3 days and is worse in the spring and fall. I just take things a bit slower, especially when I transition to standing or turning around. While I don’t think it is normal, I don’t think it is abnormal.

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KH :  I realise you posted this 4 years ago but this is the only comment that I’ve found any real relation to and I wanted to ask how you were doing now – if you’re still using the IUD and if you still get these symptoms. I had the copper IUD put in last year and about two months after that I’ve had this feeling exactly as you describe (I described it pretty much exactly like that to a friend yesterday – that my brain moves slower than my head) around the same time of month and it can last a week or so. My periods are also extremely heavy now which I’ve heard is a common thing with this IUD. Interested to know how you’re doing.

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