Credit card advice?

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buzzerbeater :  where are you located?

If you are in Canada, the RBC Avion Visa Infinite is amazing for points if you travel!

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I use a card with lots of travel points and put EVERYTHING on it, and just pay it off at the end of the month. You’d be surprised how quickly you can accumulate free trips! 

If you don’t intend to spend that much, maybe look at a cash back card. IE 3% cash back on groceries and gas. And then just use it for those. 

If you have a home bank, I would just call them up (or goto website) and see what they have, since it doesn’t seem like youre looking for anything too specific. 

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buzzerbeater :  Almost all credit cards offer rewards… What kind of rewards do you want? I’ve never been impressed by cash back as it seems to be an insignificant return on what you spend to get it. Do you fly a lot or stay in hotels when you travel? Are you loyal to a brand of clothes, gasoline, groceries, makeup, etc? Almost every company offers a reward card that will give you more perks.

Always pay it off and don’t carry a balance unless you’re willing to pay interest!

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Definitely pay attention to yearly fees. If you aren’t going to use it a lot, then you don’t really need to look into the rewards cards. Just get a basic one with no annual fee. and are both great places to see what credit cards will work best for your situation. 

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buzzerbeater :  I really like the Chase Freedom card and the Amazon Rewards Chase card. The Amazon card is especially good if you’re a frequent Amazon buyer but can be used like any other card at any establishment that accepts Chase (I’ve never been denied using a chase card, it’s one of the largest credit card companies). I like them because they are relatively easy to be accepted, they both have cash back between 3-5% depending on purchase and I’ve had no issue getting credit limits increased because I have a history of on time payments. I use mine to pay my bills and regular purchases (gas, groceries) then immediately pay them off and reap the cashback. I’ve also used them for emergencies, school, or when I suddenly became jobless for w months (that was fun). 

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the best card really depends on your spending habits.

We have a few cards with different perks.  I’ve found our Amazon Visa is the one i reach for the most because its 5% back on amazon purchases… well, I purchase basically everything on amazon so…

Just make sure you pick a card with no fees.  Don’t get me wrong, some cards with fees are well worth it, but since it sounds like you won’t be a heavy user of whatever card you get I doubt its worth it for you.

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No advice on which card to get but as soon as I got my credit card I started using it in place of my debit card and then used my debit card to pay it off completely every month and for transactions that don’t accept a credit card. My credit is great and the limit has tripled from when I got it. It’s the only credit card I have and it’s with my bank but I’ve used Credit Karma to start doing research on cards that offer frequent flier miles because my sister just moved across the country.

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It doesn’t really matter what card you get. What matters is that you make payments on time and pay off the balance in full each month. I’m actually surprised you have gone this long without a credit card. Having a credit card is one of the fastest ways to establish your credit history and build good credit. The only other ways to build credit are big-ticket purchases (student loans, car loans, house loans). 

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Chiming in to agree with PPs — I love my Amazon card. It does have a higher interest rate than some of my other cards, though, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for an emergency where it couldn’t be paid off quickly. That said, if you pay it off fully, it’s great. 5% back at Amazon and Whole Foods, and I think 2 or 3% back on other things. I tend to buy most things on it, and I quickly accumulate Amazon points that I can put toward purchases.

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I love my Chase Freedom card. No annual fee. You get 1% back on everything. Then there is always a category that that is 5% back and changes every 3 months. Some of these categories are grocery stores, gas, Costco/Sam’s, etc. 

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Citi Cashback is pretty good if you want to earn points without an annual fee. I also like Capital One venture card because depending on your credit, you can get a relatively low APR. My favorite card by far is my AMEX which gives me random offers. I can only think of 3 occasions in the past 3 years where a merchant didn’t accept my AMEX.

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Definitely a big fan of my Amazon card, as well. If you use it for amazon purchases, you get 5% cash back applied directly to your amazon account. It’s also a great way to build credit if you use your amazon card on amazon only (yay 5% cash back where you’d normally get none!), pay it off each month, and otherwise save the card for emergencies. 

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