(Closed) Credit card got compromised – might be connected to wedding?

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Helper bee
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First of all, I’m glad everything worked out! I used to work in banking and situations like this are fairly common unfortunately. From what I’ve seen, fraud of this type tends to be random so I would suspect you weren’t targeted because of the wedding specifically. When I had customers come in with these issues there really wasn’t a pattern. 

As for the advice to use a credit card online instead of a debit card, that is spot on! Not only are there more protections with a credit card, but it’s also essentially virtual money that’s held hostage rather than real cash in your checking account. Plus with banks, it can take a couple weeks for refunds to come through whereas credit card companies tend to be much quicker.

Good luck with everything! It sounds like your credit card company is handling this well.

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Sugar bee
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I feel for you. My credit card was compromised as well, but the charge never went through (Visa said NUH-UH!). I don’t remember how much it was, but it was under $100.

I’m so glad everything is working out for you too.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I dont really think there’s a connection with wedding purchases and the card being hacked.  How would they know you got engaged?  Or any theif for that matter?  People buy new computers every few years or so, I dont think it’d be cause to flag an account.  It’s possible that its not the amount that gets noticed, but also location or the business that charged it….. then again, I live in MA, and had a debit card that I never used, didnt even know the pin to, and was having 50-100 charged in BRAZIL over a month or two racking up over 4k in debits before they froze my account and notified me.  I’ve had my card frozen for using it in Hawaii, but then I had no problems with it this year in Turkey, Peru, or Munich.  Seems pretty random to me.

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Sugar bee
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I doubt it’s related to your wedding.  I had a card # get stolen that I didn’t use for anything related to my wedding.  The thief used it to pay a $150 utility bill in Britain.

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Honey bee
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The $4 charge at a random business is often how a credit card thief tests if the card is good. It’s a small enough purchase that they don’t mind covering it with cash if the card is no good. Covering it with cash makes you less memorable than canceling your purchase because people’s cards get declined all the time, and it’s just the guy/gal who makes the clerk call the manager for a void that everyone remembers. Crooks like to run the cards at gas stations because you do it all at the pump and can drive off undetected if the card is flagged. In fact, small purchases at gas stations is one of the red flags Citi uses to monitor credit cards (according to their CSR last year when my own card number got nipped). Most people who use card at a gas station are putting $70 to fill the tank or $15 to tide them over, not $3. So it’s suspicious because it’s out of place. Dropping a grand on a computer isn’t suspicious at all, so it goes undetected.

The crooks use small mom-and-pop type stores to test their purchases because they’re less likely to have sophisticated credit card terminals. The stolen card might be more likely to show up as Declined rather than Hold Card, causing less suspicion. FWIW Visa offers a $50 reward to any merchant who confiscates a card flagged as Hold Card. When I was a restaurant manager, we’d have arguments break out over who got to confiscate and get the reward,, like if it came from Waiter 1’s table but the customer handed it to Waiter 2. My only rule was, if you chickened out and asked me to tell the customer we had to keep the card, I got the reward, because people could turn very angry over that. Crooks like to avoid this scenario because they know Visa won’t issue the reward till the merchant fills in a form with 100 details about the person!

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Honey Beekeeper
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I agree with others that I don’t think this really has anything to do with wedding purchases.  I think a lot of criminals try to charge a huge amount early because they don’t know how long it will take for the owner to discover that their card has been compromised.

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