(Closed) Creepy, do you believe in ghosts? 1st. Me, 2nd DH, now dog?!

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    Oh my gosh, that sounds so scary!

    I’ve never had an experience before(thank God! I’m too chicken), but my dreams involve the deceased all the time. For example, my maternal grandmother, whom I’ve never met because she lived in Europe, was in a basement of a HUGE house where I was watching her chase my father’s deceased cousins 5 year old son. They do not know eachother as they are related to me on different sides. After she was chasing my cousins little son, she turns around, grills me HARD, and just vanishes. I told my mother about it and she said that it basically means my grandmother’s with me. My mother always dreams of my grandmother, but my mom said that her back is ALWAYS turned to my mother and she never looks her in the face – we were thinking maybe my grandma was mad that my mother never told her about the things my father did to my mother and that my father did not let my mother go see HER mother when she was sick :-/

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    That is so freaky! 

    I’ve also had ghosts following us from the age of 12 when it started. In the first house it happened in we noticed that things would dissapear, and then a few hours later would be in the spot they had dissapeared from. Oneday my mum and granny were sitting in my mums room talking, when they heard someone in the kitchen lifting up the pot lids on the stove and then putting them back onto the pots. They laughed because they thought it was my stepdad, and joked that he is such a foodie that he can’t even greet them before cheking the food. They went to the kitchen to find that they were the only people in the house. In the same house, one night a friend and I were up late at 3am, and we decided to venture into the kitchen to make some sugary milo to keep us awake. We were standing outside the kitchen door, and my friend was near the front door. The door handle suddenly moved (we lock our doors at night-ALWAYS) and we didn’t hear footsteps on the deck outside, nor did the sensor light come on. Another night I was laying in bed when I heard the sound of someone running outside my window, and then heard someone making ” american indian” noises. All of a sudden my room became really bright for a second.

    In the next house we didn’t experience anything for a while, but rhen just had the sensation that someone was “watching” us, and the room would go cold all of a sudden. I started sleeping with my bedside lamp on because I heard ornaments moving around at night. The t.v would turn on by itself, and one night I heard someone jump in the kitchen directly above my bedroom. I didn’t hear anyone getting up to go to the kitchen, and you could hear people walking upstairs usually from my room. My granny used to look after my brothers friends after school, and all of the children would go downstairs to play in his bedroom, but one little boy would stay upstairs by himself. My granny asked him why oneday and he said that there was a man in my brothers cupboard. Another time, a family friend stayed over  with her children and they slept in my brothers room. The little girl woke us all up screaming, and was really upset. she told us she saw a man standing in the corner of the room. Another time, my friend saw a skinny woman sitting on a cupboard outside my bedroom, dressed in black, with long black hair. One night I was drifting off to sleep, and then saw the woman standing at the foot of my bed watching me. I know I was awake, and it wasn’t a dream. I also saw a man sitting on the couch one night when I went upstairs to get a drink. My fiance also saw a young boy walking behind him down the hallway when he was looking in the mirror and said to the boy “hey calvin (my brother)” and realised that it wasn’t my brother because my brother wasn’t home. The doors in the house were always slamming shut, and we all could hear people walking aroung when we were home alone. One night my bedroom window swung open. My cat would stare at the corner of the room and would hiss and growl at it, or would cower under a chair and spit at the corner of the room. We moved out of the house last April.

    In the new house we didn’t hear or see anything for a while, until my mum felt someone touching her cheek when she was lying in bed. The curtains flung off of the wire once, and did the same thing today. The doors have started slamming too, and things are dissapearing again. There are also cold spots in the house where I don’t feel comfortable, and feel like I’m being watched. One night we ordered pizza and were sitting in the lounge. The receipt was on the coffee table crumpled into a ball. The receipt then flung off of the coffee table suddenly, and it hadn’t been placed on the edge.

    Whenever I feel/see/hear anything I tell the spirit/s that I understand they are trapped, and that I hope they find their way soon, and that I will pray for them to find peace. But even though I know they aren’t harmful, and are just trapped souls I still feel really uncomfortable with them being here :/

    Sorry for the long post!!!

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    Hey yes a fair few. I think if people think it’s your imagination generally it’s because they don’t want to believe its true – and i can understand that!

    The first one I saw was when I was a child. My family was staying in an old beach shack (we were on holiday) and I was sleeping in the same room as my younger brother. It was like a ball of light I guess you could say and it was moving around the room and sometimes hovering over us. I was freaked and said to my brother “can you see that?”, and on purpose didn’t tell him what I was seeing, he said yes, and I asked him to tell me what he could see, and he described exactly what I was seeing. It stayed in the room for a fair while and kept coming over to us and hovering over our beds, eventually we saw it leave and go up the stairs into my parents bedroom.

    When we got back it haunted my brother and I. It would knock on the windows and walls of the rooms, I assume to frighten us. I had no idea the same thing was happening to my brother when I told my mum, she was shocked to hear the same thing.

    My mum’s a christian, so she opened up bibles randomly and layed them by our bedroom doors, and when she’d look in the morning it was opened to safety prayers. We started to feel safer but the ghost persisted. She asked my aunt’s advice on what to do (who is also christian). She told her a prayer to say while walking around the house three times, and it went after that.

    Since then I’ve seen two, both in the house I am currently living which is different to the one the previous ghost. One stayed in my room but didn’t do anything but hover in the one spot, that happened for months, and I just ignored it and  it went away. The other was hovering around my living room as I ate breakfast one morning, I just ran away into another room lol and I haven’t seen it again.

    My brother in his current house saw a hand appear when he was in the bathroom and saw it yank the towl off the towl rack.

    So many people I know have had experiences. My Grandpa saw an old lady brushing her long grey hair in his living room chair in her pink dressing gown. When he told his neighbour they said oh that’s Mrs…! Aparently she had lived in the house before him and died there, the neighbour said she was always brushing her hair and wearing that pink dressing gown. My grandpa had never seen her or met her or heard of her before that moment.

    My aunt has had them haunt her, jumping on her bed, have the phone ring over and over and no ones there etc. Probably started when she used a wiji board (or whatever they’re called) and it was really abusive towards her, and seemed to focus on her and not the others playing.

    One of my friends had it happen. She told me you just need to say firmly ‘You need to leave now’ (also that was in relation to ‘orbs’).

    My neighbours had one, it would knock glasses off bench tops etc. That couldn’t sell their perfect house, it was having no interest. They wondered if it was something to do with the ghost so they said to it ‘If you let us sell the house, you can come with us’, and then the house sold a few days later…

    My Mum and Dad have also used wiji boards that have worked and shown some creepy and accurate answers.

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    By the way,  theres a prayer I used that helped me. PM me if you’d like to hear it. I won’t post it because I know some people are sensitive to that kind of thing & I know you may not want it 🙂

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    I absolutely believe in ghosts, though I didn’t until a few years ago when I moved into a flat that turned out to be haunted.

    It started very subtly, books would fall off the book shelves and I’d think “It must be vibrations from the cars driving past.” And then in the kitchen, dinner plates would move across the table, and I’d think “how odd, I wonder how that happens”. 

    And then it became undeniable. A cork jumped off an olive oil bottle and stood in the air, spinning and levitating, for about 5 seconds. The doorbell (which the previous tenant had disengaged and I not bothered to fix) started ringing in the middle of the night. Which is impossible, and besides, there was no one outside. A pillow was thrown across the room at me.

    One morning Fiance (just bf then) was staying over, and he likes to sleep in, so I went and sat the kitchen with my lap top. Through the frosted glass in the door I saw him go past and opened the door to ask if he wanted tea. I was stunned to see he was still asleep in the bed. Whatever when past the kitchen, it wasn’t him.

    At first I was mostly curious about it and not scared at all. It was weird, but sort of exciting too. Hey, I have a ghost, how cool. But then the atmosphere in the place changed. I don’t know how, but I just didn’t feel safe any more.

    The tv started turning itself on and off and the night before I moved out the front door was rattling like someone was trying to get in. I don’t know why, but it scared me. I was very glad to leave and my new flat is peaceful (at least from the dead).

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    Okay I too have a few experiences with ghosts/spirits.  FI’s brother who passed in 2001 knocks over glasses, changes stations in cars and just generally is into all kinds of fun stuff.  One of my male Shih-Tzu’s will wake up from a sound sleep and stare at the stairs in my house and caulk his head like someone is talking to him, then he goes back to sleep.  

    You can talk to then and ask them to leave, be firm or some won’t go.  when I felt like too much was happening in the house (odd smells, noises and random lights flashing) I went through the house with a lit sage stick and asked all of the negative energy to leave the house now.  

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    I believe in ghosts.  I’ve had several experiences in my life.  Non of them have been recent.  But the ones that stick out in my mind are below:

    When I was in 6th grade we moved into a house in my parents hometown. There were rumors that someone had died in the house but I know that sometimes being the “new kid” people will make up stories to see what you’re made of so I just ignored it.  After living there a while I would hear things but nothing that really scared me or creeped me out.  Mostly just like a bump, or knocking or something that you couldn’t figure out if you really heard it or just imagined it or even where it was coming from.  One day after school I was home alone watching TV and I heard the door in the garage (slamming screen door) open and close and then the closet door in the mud room (which slides open and makes a loud rolling noise) open and shut.  I thought it was one of my parents and went to say hi…no one was there. I even walked around the house to see if maybe I somehow missed my parents and no one was there.  So I went back to doing what I was doing before, pretty soon I hear it again, once again I go to the mud room and don’t find anything so I open the screen door to the garage and there are no cars there.  By this time I’m freaked out so I ran up to my room and read a book until someone came home.  My parents room is below my bedroom and their doors also slide open and shut and are really loud so after a while of being in my room I hear their door do this.  I figure “Ok my parents are home now” and go downstairs to tell them what was happening in the house…only again no one is there.  I was shaking and had tears in my eyes by this time so I ran up to my room, turned my radio on REALLY loud to cover the noises I was hearing and sat by my window looking out so I could see when someone actually came home.  After that day I made sure I wasn’t home alone, always had a friend over or went to a friends house after school.

    Another experience I had was when I lived in an apartment above a bar.  I had my oldest son at the time and it was a large apartment.  In the kitchen if you opened a door that looked like a closet door it actually had stairs that went down to the bar.  Years ago the bar below was actually a bakery and the owners lived in my apartment.  They would get up early in the morning and make their breads and stuff and one morning the wife fell down the stairs and broke her neck and I guess died.  Everyone in town new the story because its a small town.  So I live there now with my young child and sometimes at night the closet door would open.  I had a latch to lock the door because I was afraid my son would open the door and go down the stairs but occassionally when I’d wake up in the mornings the latch would be off the hook and the door would be open.  Sometimes I’d wake up in the middle of a dead sleep to loud banging like someone was falling down stairs in the kitchen.  And a few times electronic toys would go off on their own.  When we moved a few years later the electronic toys that would constantly go off on their own stopped doing that.

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    Ghosts creepy me out. Stories about them creep me out but I have had one experience that actually scared the %$& out of me. 

    It was maybe 7 at night but it was the winter so it was dark already. I was living off campus and cut through a high school yard across the road from me to meet my friend at the university library. I was walking along with my head down along the track around the football field (the area had tall street light type lighting, so it wasn’t creepily dark or anything. Anyway, i was walking towards the gate that leads to the next street and I looked up and saw a girl walking across the field about 50 feet away. I looked down for a second and looked up again and she disappeared. Completely. There was nowhere for her to go because she was in the middle of the snow covered football field. I looked around for about 5 seconds thinking, this is crazy there must be an explanation for this, she had to have kept running or something right? Nope. She didn’t. Totally vanished. I turned around and ran back home, lol. I didn’t want torisk the rest of the walk or the walk home later to be scared again! 

    I told my roommates when I got back to the house and they were freaked out too. To this day I don’t know whether my mind was just so stressed with cramming for exams or if it actually happened and it was a spirit. 

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    Saving for later! Although I don’t think I’m going to read these when I’m home alone, Fiance is not going to be home until later!

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    Omg okay y’all. I was woken up early this morning out of a dead sleep to the sound… of my old music toy going off. It’s a wind up toy but I haven’t even TOUCHED it in months! And suddenly, it just started playing a tune for about 10 seconds before stopping. It felt like a longer time than that though.

    It was crazy creepy you guys. I had to get up and turn the light on for the rest of the night, I was so creeped out.

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    At the risk of sounding like a total nut job, I’ve seen and encountered ghosts all of my life.  Too many stories to tell, but most recently we’ve lived in a rental house for a year. The house was built in the 1920’s.  I always see a little girl in our guest bedroom.  And recently I’ve been seeing a man crying in our bedroom late at night. 

    When my Mom helped us move in, she spent the night the first night she was there.  I told her a couple of weeks later about the little girl.  She told me that she had heard a man crying that night and didn’t want to tell me because she didn’t want to scare me.

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    Omg, I shouldn’t read this thread when I am alone. I don’t think I believe in ghosts, but when I hear stories like this, I just don’t know how to explain it!

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    My parents’ house has a female ghost living there. I’ve shared some of the stories before but i’ll share them again if no one minds. I moved out 5 years ago and I haven’t had any encounters since.

    When I was around 18, I was on the computer which was in an office on the ground floor. The upstairs bathroom is located on the second floor, over the computer room.  I was using the computer when I heard water splashing behind me and I turned around and there was water pouring out the ceiling. Not like a tap but like pouring out a pot of water. Thinking that it’s our old bathtub or toilet, I holler up to whoever’s in the bathroom to stop using the water. The water stopped. Only my mom and my younger sister were home at the time and they were both on the ground floor. So I went upstairs and nothing was on in the bathroom and nothing looked out of place. I went downstairs, and cleaned up the water thinking we must have an issue with the pipes. I got on a chair and removed the ceiling panel which was wet. There were no pipes in the ceiling over the computer room that I could see and all the wood surrounded that area was completely dry. No idea what happened or how but we never figured it out.

    When I was around the same age, I was sitting alone in my room when a religious icon that my grandmother gave me was forcefully thrown from its place on the shelf.

    We got a picture of the ghost on the day of my prom. My family and I were outside taking pictures. My dad asked my date and I to stand in front of the livingroom window so he could take a shot. Later on, once he got the pictures developed, we were looking through them and in that shot, you can see the figure of a woman with blurred features standing behind us in the window. I like to think that she just wanted to be included in the fun of seeing one of the kids go off to their prom lol.

    Those are the big ones. We’ve all experienced things that you sort of explain away like humming and singing at night, footsteps in the hall when no one else in home, a loud moan coming from the basement (I blamed the furnace), closing a door and coming back into the room minutes later to find it open, that kind of thing. I used to occasionally smell incense really, really strongly in the stairway. Anyway, we didn’t really talk about it with anyone other than each other.

    About 5 months ago, I was on the phone with my mom and she mentioned that her friend had been over for a visit. Her friend is quite intuitive and sensitive and as she was leaving, she asked my mother if we knew there was a female spirit living in our house. that kind of confirmed it.

    I know that the man who built my parents’ house in the 50’s had a heart attack and passed away on the lawn. Maybe it’s his wife, since technically the house was built for her. I’m not sure but either way while it can be creepy, she’s never tried to hurt any of us and the most aggressive thing she’s done was swiping at the icon on my shelf. other than that I believe she kind of just moves throughout the house and watches us.  


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