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I would have told him that I had a penis. 😛

When I was barely 17 years old, I remember a middle aged man at a friend’s family get-together that said I would look “so hot” if I lost weight. Yeah. that’ll motivate me to drop the pounds.


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So if we wear pants, we’re not real women? Fuck that guy.

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At the gym, for a while I had a creepy stalker woman always following me around whenever I would go on the machines or use the free weights.  Once she came up to me and told me I had really nice hair.  Um, thanks?  I then started to go with one of my friends and she stayed away and she must have changed gyms because I don’t see her anymore.  But for a while it was so weird.

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amb1030 :  wow, that’s bizarre! I was once at QuickChek and some man with a thick Irish accent complimented me and I thanked him and continued on. He then came up to me in line and was telling me that I would make him a beautiful wife and that my hips could bear his many children and proceeded to tell me that he owns farm land in Ireland where we can raise our children. He also asked for my phone number… I was just taken off guard like WTF just happened. Did some stranger just basically propose to me? So after a pause, I simply said no thank you. He continued to try and talk with me, I checked out and booked it out of there!

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I worked at a public library and I have never encountered SO MANY creeps. I would get asked out/hit on at least once a day (this was in college so I was usually rocking a greasy bun, glasses, and a hoodie). Men would just sit in the lounge chairs and stare down the women who worked there or would follow us around while we put books away.

The absolute worst was when a co worker of mine saw a guy jerking off in a book aisle (like just out there in the open!) – also, it was a maternity/pregnancy book :/

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I had a guy come up to me at the grocery store and ask me out. I told him I was married and his response was “well no one has to know”. Ew. 

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amb1030 :  I must have no self respect, I always wear pants or shorts. He’s a weirdo and I’m glad you told an employee about it.

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I’ve had all kind of creepy encounters at my shop.  Everything from religious fanatics / cult members trying to convert me (and they clearly know that I’m “trapped’ and can’t run away from my own shop) to a neo-Nazi, complete with SS symbol and sawastikas tattoos, who kept trying on vests and just wouldn’t leave (and I definitley didn’t want his money!).  I loved every minute of being my own boss, but sometimes it also resulted in some tricky inter-personal situations!

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I was running into the grocery store after work on day for two can’s of pasta sauce. I happened to see a younger guy struggling with a handful of stuff and he dropped a box of pasta. I went to help him pick it up and he looked at me and said “I think I just found the love of my life.”

I was married to my husband already and I quickly said “I think I already found the love of my life.” and he looked a tad upset. He proceeded to follow me around the store asking “So if you weren’t married would you go out with me?” & “Are you sure you’re happy, like how about some coffee?”

I went from nice to “If you don’t stop following me I’m going to throw this can of pasta at you’re head and knock you out…”


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fiver :  OMG no words…I’m so repulsed!!

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LMAO! I believe it all. When I frequent a high end mall in Toronto, there’s a hippie with the same gray knee length tshirt and super short baggy jeans torn on the ends, with his butt-length gray hair and beard, as well as coke bottle glasses, and super short. He’s around 45-55yrs.  He walks around the mall with a $ store plastic bag when there is no $ store in that mall at all, he follows any female with booty shorts, or a tight outfit or something that interests him. He will at some point stop and pretend he’s window shopping or he’s lost, looking up at the high ceiling, and once that girl he’s been following passes by, he immediately turns to stare at her go by. My SO and I saw it all.

We’ve also seen him in the same mall in Indigo where we get our Starbucks. That’s where I’d first noticed he was staring at me creepily from the moment I passed by him (he wreaked of nasty BO) and I had walked all the way across to the other side and noticed he was peeking from behind the magazine still which he’d been “reading.” Told my SO and he completely agrees he’s some rapist. Now we always recognize him because he’s never changed his outfit or molester appearance and behaviour. 

He still gives me the creeps when I see him around:/

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amb1030 :  I’m a nurse and I have lost count how many times I have had male patients expose themselves to me. I don’t know what they are thinking when they do it. Like seriously as if seeing a wrinkly penis and some grungy ball sack along with some dirty comment is going to make me jump on the hospital bed and shag them!!! Unfortunately this happens often to female hospital staff. 

One of the ladies who deliver the hospital food had this happened to her a few years ago on my ward. She dropped the tray on the man in shock and he ended up with some  very hot soup on his privates along with some serious burns. 

I also had a very old man approach me on the street and told me I was beautiful and asked me to have a coffee with him. I politely declined and he told me that it wasn’t a problem because he was lying about me being beautiful and he was just hoping to get laid!!! My husband  and I still laugh about it and when we compliment each other on appearance we always jokingly say after that we were lying about it and just want to get laid… Haha!! 😉

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amb1030 :  Oh dear lord. CREEPY! I have a few stories.

We just moved to our new house and I went to the meat market to pick up something for dinner. A man who was clearly high came up to me and says “hey there babe, you here to buy some sausage?” (they are famous for their bratwurst flavors) I say nothing. “Come on Babe, I’m asking you a question”. I say nothing start to walk to the next case and grab a pack of ribs, using my left hand. “Oh damn babe, you’re married, well f*** that blows.” Smile and walk away towards the meat counter. The man behind the counter just looks at me and says “Dont worry ma’am, I wont be a creep.” I chuckled and smiled.


I was at a department store with my Fiance. He went to go get a cart and a teenager walks by with his mother. He stops to look at something and then just stares directly at me while he itches his “gentleman business”. Thankfully my Fiance can back with a cart and saw him, gave him a dirty look and the kid ran off to his mom.

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