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plannerbear520 :  right?!! Imagine being trapped on a canal boat with that for 4 hours! πŸ™ˆπŸ˜¬

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A teenager once asked me if I wanted to hang our with him (I must have been 10 years older than him). When I declined he asked me why, so I told him I’m way too old for him. He looked me dead in the eye and said ‘Well, on old horses you learn how to ride”.  

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One time I was looking for a book in a bookstore. This man approached me and asked if he could help me find anything. I replied yes actually, I’m looking for this book, where can I find it? to which he replies “Oh.. Um actually I don’t work here.. I just wanted to try and help you…” What? Most awkward attempt at a pick-up ever.

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Transit is generally an interesting time; once while waiting for the bus a man came up behind me and took my earphones out of my ears, put his headphones on my head, and asked me if I liked his music. I was baffled! I just kind of nodded, I wasn’t really sure what to do… Unfortunatly, when the bus showed up it was nearly empy and he sat with me. He continued to talk the entire ride about love and relationships, telling me how he had just arrived here from his country, and that he was happy he met me. He asked for my number just before my stop, but I refused and got off the bus. I bought a car a short time after that.

On another occasion, a couple girlfriends and I were walking downtown when way up high on a balcony a few guys started cat-calling and whatnot. We just ignored them, as none of us were interested and even if we were we weren’t going to yell up 6 stories. Well they didn’t like that, and proceeded to try and spit on us… There aim was terrible.

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I was in the lingerie department at Macy’s around Valentine’s Day and there was a man there holding two nightie sets looking confused. Plain old confused with furrowed brow and tilted head. Well when I passed by, he says “Excuse me miss, can you help me?” “Sure,” I say, expecting him to ask for a woman’s style opinion. Instead, he says, “You look about my wife’s size. Can you try these on for me?” 

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My husband calls me a “nut magnet”. Every strange person manages to find me.  I’ve been proposed to on the city bus, at a concert, and while buying coffee at the mall. It’s gotten so common it doesn’t really faze me anymore. I never take my wedding band off – and this is one of the reasons why! I had one really weird encounter at work.

I was working at the hospital, and we all wear name badges around our necks. One day a guy came to our area – he was a bit younger than me and quite nice looking. He had a heavy accent – I have no idea where he was from – Russia perhaps?  He introduced himself as Dr. XXX, and said he was on loan from another hospital.

He started telling me how he had seen my name on my name tag when we were in the elevator together one day, and, he immediately knew I was the girl he wanted to marry. It had taken a few weeks to track me down, but now he had found me. He pulled out a ring from his coat and handed it to me.

I was just stunned. Did I hear him right? He was asking me to marry him?

“But I’m married” I said, holding out my hand. 

“Does your husband make you happy?” he asked.  I said “Yes, very much, and I just had a baby.” He said, “Are you sure you don’t want to be married to a doctor? I’m sure I’d be better than your husband. You would have everything.”

Um, no. But thanks for asking.

Makes me wonder how many other women he proposed to? Did any of them say yes?

Darn – thinking back, I should have at least checked out the ring! πŸ˜‰


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aventurin :  At least he had a great line!

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vnat28 :   ristai01 :  Ewww I’m at Yorkdale all the time… I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out now lol

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I was standing in line at a store with my son

and the guy infront of me turned around and said “oh so that’s where all my tax money goes”

(meaning i was just raking in the government benifits because i’m a young mother) 

i was so mind blown i literally didn’t speak.. if i could go back in time i’d punch him in the throat.. or assure him my Fiance earns more than enough to support us 

but probably punch him in the throat

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I work as a restaurant manager and I was talking to a customer one evening. He all of a sudden just got serious and told me to hug him, I politely turned him down. When I handed him his bill he aggressively yanked my hand and just held it staring at me. It took a while but I broke away and quickly ran into the kitchen and grabbed the largest most intimidating looking employee to ask him to leave. Normally I would have handled it but that time I was scared. I’m  5’2 and this guy was well over 6 feet. I was also on the floor alone at the time because we were about to close up for the night. 

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A few years ago I was circling a parking lot in a strip mall searching for a spot. It sucked- there were NO spots to be found! Finally, I see someone pulling out so I speed down the lot and put my turn signal on to snag the spot. (We’ve all been there)

Well, apparently somebody else had their eye on the same spot but I didn’t see them waiting until I pulled into the spot. She waited for me to get out of my car, then sloooowly drove past me and snarled “you think you cute…” I was so scared she would mess with my car that I hopped back in and left immediately! LOL

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I’ve been alternating between laughing and shaking my head in disbelief over some of these stories.

STRANGER DANGER for realz Bees.

So one day I was at work when a person (not a coworker) asked me if he could see my hands. I was distracted so I was like wuuu, uhhhh yeah so I held out my hands. He held my hands in his hands and then brought them up to his face, closed his eyes and inhaled deeeeeeeeeeply. I stood there rooted to the spot like a deer caught in headlights thinking WTF?!?! So I kinda pulled my hands back and we had a little tug of war over my hands. He turned 50 shades of red and scrambled out of my office really quickly. Me? I went to the bathroom and washed my hands for a good 5 minutes with hot water and soap.

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