Creepy stuff: Reincarnation story.

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AAAHHH! That second story in particular gave me chills.

I don’t have any to add, but posting to follow!

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@JemmyGee:  omg that is freaky!!

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That’s creepy, but also kind of cool! The Donnie and Rachel thing made me lol..

I’m gonna ask my Fiance tonight if he’s heard any stories like this from some of the kids he’s taught in the past!

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I had a teacher who was talking to us about deja vu and how most people only get flashes of it. She said that she went to a village in France with her parents when she was younger and she KNEW she’d been there before. She knew the entire village – where the post office was, and where the shops were. Her family had never been to France before, let alone this village.

Another weird one, but 5 years ago my parents, on a whim, decided to look at a house. They’d lived in their current house for 21 years and had no intention of leaving. But they found a house and it was ‘the one’ and that evening my mum was telling her friend about it. “Yeah I know” he said “you’ve told me about it months ago”. My mum insisted that she hadn’t as she had only found out about the house that day. Her friend then proceeded to tell her which street it was, and which house – he was 100% correct. Weird.

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wow thats awesome, i would be so creeped out, but theres no way their imagination is that advanced, i believe in all that supernatural stuff. thats so cool


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I am convinced that most children are psychic, or at least very much in tune with their other lives. Most of those kids “lose” it as they age, but it’s always fascinating.


FI’s family has this really disconcerting pattern of a death before a birth. FI’s grandmother died maybe a year before his niece was born. The niece IS the grandmother. Same aversion to eating (she will hide food just like her great grandmother, but she always has room for dessert…just like her great nana), same temperament, same everything. I realize most kids prefer sweets…but it’s not like that. She just doesn’t have an appetite. We give her veggies, no go. Mashed potatoes, no go. Chicken fingers, no go. She throws epic tantrums just like her great nana.




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@JemmyGee:  that is crazy!

When I was a kid my friend and I were trying to hypnotize each other and ask about our past lives (because that’s a normal thing for kids to do) and I let my mind wander and I was telling her about a barn and a horse and then I came out with “I think I was a blacksmith in a past life”… I really love horses and feel deeply connected to them, so it made sense… YEARS later I went to a psychic and got a “past life” reading for fun and (without mentioning anything about my love of horses, I had even taken off the horse ring I always wear and left it in the car) she said started describing a barn and telling me how I was a blacksmith in a past life… it was creepy.  She was a really good medium, 99% of what she said came to fruition in some way. She also said that my middle sister and I (who were always very close when we were growing up) we related before in a past life and that I was deaf… Which is weird because I’ve always been strangely fascinated with sign language and deaf culture… coincidence? probably… but still cool.

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I love this kind of stuff. I’m fascinated by it. I read a book a couple of years ago about a boy that was reincarnated, he was a fighter pilot in his past life. It was insane. 

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Wow that is so awesome!


I don’t have much creepy stories but my mother told me that when i was 4 or 5 and I wasn’t paying attention much to speaking properly in Polish, I turned around to her and said that I won’t need a polish language becasue I won’t be using it when I am older as I won’t live in Poland.

Surely I live in Canada now and I moved by myself when 18.

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@JemmyGee:  Funny, I have always been told that I have a very old soul.

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@sealevels:  I completely agree. 

If my child tells these stories or talks about a previous life I will absolutely let her. I won’t get upset or try to supress it, I think the memories are there for a reason. 

When I was little I talked about dying in a train accident. I talked about it all the time and remember having very clear memories of it. I would prattle on to my with loads of details, feelings & memories & Mum never told me to be quiet. She eventually took me to someone (a psychic I assume?) who said children often come in with stories they are able to look up and confirm. I believe my Mum confirmed there was a train wreck and the details I talked about.  I should ask her about this and look it up myself. We didn’t have the internet back in the early 80’s so perhaps I can find out some more information. I don’t have any memory of it now 🙁

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