(Closed) Crest White Strips (ow, my TEEF!)

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  • poll: Did/Do OTC whiteners make your teeth super sensitive?
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    YES! My teeth starting to ache a LOT.  the best remedy is to space your use of them out more – 1 every few days.  Also using the lower concentration ones helps (vs. the more  concentrated Premium).  I ended up bailing on my professional teeth whitening because the strips hurt so much, and I didn’t want to pay a lot of $$ to have unbearable pain (which some people experience, although most don’t)

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    Yeah.. I had this problem too.. I am a major coffee drinker and my teeth are a pretty coffee color now. :/  I tired the strips about a year ago and they not only made my teeth sensitive, but also hurt my gums.  I may try this method again soon- maybe the product has improved?

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    I am planning on using the Advanced seal ones soon.  Try using Sensodyne toothpaste and see if that helps.  I just bought a tube and will probably use half of it before starting the strips since my teeth are already sensitive. Hope this helps!

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    The first time I used crest white strips I had to stop before I was done because my teeth were super sensitive. I then talked to my dad about it (who is a dentist) and he recommended brushing my teeth with sensodyne toothpaste for a couple of weeks prior to using the strips (and also while using them). You can also stray from the instructions by just using one strip a day, or even skipping a day, and you should still get the same results. I tried this method and experienced a little sensitivity at one point, but for the most part my teeth felt fine.

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    I tried to double up on them like the box says that you can, and didn’t have much of a problem, but I apparently have Super Enamel and have never had a cavity.  I think that if you’ve had fillings or other dental work similar, it might affect you more…

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    I’m right there with JennyBryde. I’ve used Crest Whitestrips in the past and never had a problem with sensitivity, but I too have wonderful enamel apparently and have never had a cavity. But my sister, on the other hand, has never really had issues were her teeth either and found the whitening gel she was using to make her teeth quite sensitive. So maybe it’s just luck of the draw…Sorry about your sensitivity to Crest Whitestrips. I would personally discontinue usage and perhaps try another brand or just contact your dentist about alternative whitening options.

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    My husband and my mom have used them and they had major sensitivity from doing it. I think part of the problem is that the whitener gets on your gums and thus up on the roots of the teeth. We have started using a sonic toothbrush in hopes of some by-product whitening. So far I don’t see much of a change, but I love how clean my teeth feel afterward.

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    Question: I have to assume since you mentioned your dentist that you did this very soon after a cleaning?  I did the same thing. OWWWWW!!  I had to go to Walgreens, mouth agape, tears streaming out of my eyes, for some Orajel.  You CANNOT (or SHOULD NOT) whiten your teeth right after a dental cleaning!!  Your dentist has already stripped a layer off your teeth, they are very sensitive!!

     If this wasn’t around the time you got your teeth cleaned, there are some things you can do.  You can buy Sensodyne or another sensitivity toothpaste and use that.  You can cut back to only once a day or once every other day.  Any toothpaste high in fluoride will help ease the sensitivity.  Also, you should avoid acidic foods and drink like: coffee, soda, alcoholic beverages, orange juice, lemonade, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, etc.  When you are bleaching your teeth they are vulnerable to attack by acid, and it hurts!  (As a general rule, when you are bleaching your teeth you shouldn’t drink or eat anything staining anyway!  Red and white wines stain EQUALLY, so don’t just avoid colored drinks, avoid staining drinks.)

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    I’ve been doing these  for the last few nights. I had mine cleaned about 6 weeks ago.

    I notice they ache mildly after they’ve been on my teeth for 20 minutes. It’s mild. 

    My front teeth are really white, but not necessarily on the sides or lower. Not as much as I want anyways. We found a medical spa nearby to whiten my Fiance and I’s teeth for $200 for the TWO of us. THey paint your teeth (yay no gums get bleached) then we sit with an LED light for 30 minutes. She said you can intensity the effect afterwards (when your teeth are porous) by swishing with that listerine whitening rinse which has hydrogen peroxide in it. 

    I’d rather get it over quickly and pay for it! I’ll let you al lknow how it works. It only goes a few shades which is all i want anyways. This *8 shades lgihter* business is too intense. 

    Looks like we’ll be drinking vodka-tonics all weekend long though =]


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    Stupid whitening strips.  I hated them for many reasons, one being the pain involved.  There was some posts on here recently about at-home whitening systems, and I am getting good results with what I’m doing, so I’ll share.  🙂  For the past… 2 weeks maybe… I have been swishing my mouth with some hydrogen peroxide twice a day before brushing with the Crest extra whitening toothpaste.  I also started flossing daily (instead of like every other day).  In the two weeks I’ve been doing this, I have seen a major improvement (probably 5-6 shades whiter) without any discomfort or side effects.  I also considered whitening at the dentist office, but considering that was 400 bucks a pop (with the discount), I just couldn’t justify spending that much money!

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    I just read the directions (go figure) and I found out that you’re not supposed to brush your teeth before using these!!  YIKES!  I’ve been doing it wrong!  No wonder if my teeth get a little sensitive sometimes!!

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    Gargling peroxide is the way to go. I have done that since I was about 14 or 15 and have really white teeth. I haven’t always been really dilligent about it but in the past 2 weeks,I got back into it and have been using it twice a day and then brushing my teeth w/ regular toothpaste..not a whitening one and my teeth are SOOO much whiter than they were. In the past 2 days, I’ve had 3 people comment on my teeth. So it’s definately working! None of them knew anything about my attempt to make them whiter. I would say to try that. It really is the best way to go and it’s super cheap. good luck!

     The white strips have hurt my teeth in the past. I am not a fan. No problems w/ the peroxide though.

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    Crest makes 5 minute strips that are more gentle, but you have to use them for longer periods of time.  I use them because I hate the feeling of the strips (and I start drooling when I have them in too long ). 

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