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I’m not a crossfit girl but plenty of the pregnant women I know are/were and for each it was up to their specific doctor and comfort level. Many continue modified if their symptoms and pregnancy allow for it, and some choose to stop. Although not crossfit my doctor was comfortable with me continuing whatever fitness activities I did pre-pregnancy with no restrictions except listen to my body and nothing contact. 

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I think the only person you should take advice about this from is your doctor. 

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I was doing it when I was pregnant with #1. I ended up stopping shortly after my bfp though. Mostly I was just too tired and it made me nervous haha. My dr thoroughly encouraged continuing though. I knkw a few girls who continued quite far into their pregnancy. they just used much lighter weights and made changes to accommodate being pregnant. If you get your bfp just tell your coach right away pribably. Good luck 🙂

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alleycat1984:  I crossfit until 37 weeks. PM me & we can chat! Putting my son to bed now!

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I’ve heard that crossfit in general is really dangerous, so I’d imagine your chances of injury while pregnant would be increased.  I did P90X and P90X3 prior to getting pregnant.  Now that I am, I have been sooo exhausted during this first trimester that I’m lucky to get in any kind of workout at all once or twice a week.  Lately, all I’ve managed to do is prenatal yoga once a week.  There’s no way I can workout to the same extent that I could before.  I’m entering the second trimester now and starting to get my energy back.  I plan on continuing prenatal yoga and adding one cardio day and one strength day per week.  So I’ll work out about 3x a week.

The most important thing with working out while pregnant is that you can and should, but you can’t push yourself to exhaustion like you can when not pregnant.  You should never do strength training till total muscle failure.  I plan on lifting the same amount of weight (if I can) and just not working to up my weight every couple weeks like I used to.  So it’s more about maintenance than improvement.

Hope that helps!

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Busy Beekeeper

Only your dr. can make that reccomendation. 

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alleycat1984:  I haven’t done crossfit but I did a TRX/circuit class up until 28 weeks. It was high-intensity and used weights. I loved it and probably would’ve gone for longer but the class ended. As I got further along I used lighter weights and went easy on the high-impact stations. I’ve been an athlete my entire life so I feel very in tune with my level of exertion, I would back off a little when I felt I needed to. Being active during pregnancy is so awesome and I’m still going strong at 37 weeks!

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I did not work out before getting preggo for about 7-8 months. I used to work out a LOTTTTT and at one point was so addicted to working out that I lost TOO much weight so I decided to stop for a while. Then I got preggo. I tried starting some yoga and pilates but then morning sickness hit me like a ton of bricks! That lasted a good month or so. 🙁

FInally I started feeling ‘normal’ again in my 4th month and I did start working out. I actually started P90X and jogging simultaneously. I did some self modified version of P90x routines (like on my knees, smaller weights, skipping through some exercises, etc and I only did 10-15 mins) then jog for 20 mins or so on a treadmill with many different inclines as I felt comfortable. So a total of abt 30 mins of fairly intense training. I’m 100% fine and so is baby. My doc knows abt this. 

Point is, you know your body best and you have to know how far you can push yourself without hurting yourself. And remember, like me, you will have limited energy now anyway so it’s not like you will have the ability to go psycho on the working out. It’s not gonna happen. You will feel yourself getting tired VERY FAST. Lol!

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alleycat1984:  Of course as others said, talking to Dr. is best… However, I have many friends who did crossfit while pregnant. They informed coaches that they were pregnant and modified accordingly. I recently did a partner WOD with a friend who was 23 weeks pregnant. She did GREAT! Step ups on a lower box (no box jumps), pushups on a box (elevated due to belly), cleans at a lower weight, push press was fine. 

Personally I will continue whenever I get pregnant, as long as my body allows me to!

Oh and I wanted to add, one of my girlfriends was doing CF until 38 1/2 weeks pregnant! Again, modifying accordingly, but still was perfectly ok and had doctor approval. 

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Helper bee
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alleycat1984:  Always ask your doctor as everyone is different.

That being said, barring any unforseen issues, most doctors will likely encourage you to continue at the level that is comfortable for reasons like, recovery is quicker for fit people who eat diets higher in protein, delivery is easier for people with stamina and abdominal muscle control and strength, and it is easier to get back in shape after baby if you continue to work out at modified levels. *Added bonus of not gaining more than you should or is recommended.

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alleycat1984:   I know doctors are supposed to know “everything” but to be realistic… they just don’t. My doctor told me there just isn’t enough research on pregnant women for a very obvoius reason- no one wants the liability of researching/ controlling/ testing pregnant women. No woman would risk that ya know? I think still many doctors are old school so to speak, and believe you should just sit and “bake th baby” for 9.5 months. Fuck that!

Try reading Kristin Pinto’s book: “Fit and Healthy Pregnancy”. It totally changed my view of exercise and being pregnant (which is… it’s fine and wonderful and important …. as long as you LISTEN TO and know your own body)<br /><br />

As for me, when I asked my doctor if I should tone down my exercise (been doing it for 2 years, 6 days a week, triathlon training, half marathons etc) she was like, “Well hmmm, I mean.. if you don’t get pregnant quickly maybe tone it down?” I was like Oh ok, that really clears it up. I’ll just listen to my body.

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alleycat1984:  i am not. one of my closest friends did modified WOD a few times a week and she gave birth on june 29. i wouldn’t advise it personally. it worked for her but her fiance is also a crossfit coach so i think her support system was a little different.

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alleycat1984:  I don’t belong to a cross fit club or anything but have been training in a similar manner with a personal trainer for years. We have modified my training slightly by cutting out plyomatrics (due to the increased risk of injury as your joints gets softer during pregnancy) and also as of now anything involving lying flat on the floor and lifting your bum (like bridge lifts) as it was getting harder to breathe in that position.

I still do lots of step-ups, squats, lounges, deadlifts, chest press, supported pull ups, cleans, good-mornings etc without any issues though. For cardio I cycle at lower intencity than normal and do fast incline walks so that I get a burm but can still hold a conversation. I’m just short of 14 weeks pregnant and am 35 years old for reference. The key I think is that as long as you’re having a normal non-problematic pregnancy, you listen to your body, and you ease up a bit on the intensity – you’ll be fine.

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